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Dongfeng Duolika washing and sweeping truck

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Duolika washing and sweeping truck

Euro 5 Dongfeng road vacuum sweeper

Dongfeng Duolika cleaning and sweeping truck adopts Dongfeng Duolika Class II chassis modification, adding auxiliary engine, fan, high pressure water pump, clean water tank, dustbin, left and right vertical sweep, wide suction nozzle with water spray rod, low pressure washing system, dustbin Self-cleaning, sweeping dust suppression system, hydraulic system, special device electric control system and sub-frame etc. are refitted.

Chassis configuration: wheelbase of 3.8 meters, optional engines of Chaochai, Yuchai, Yunnei, 6-speed gearbox, 245/70R19.5 or 8.25R20 steel tires, air brake, with direction assist, ABS, air conditioning, electric Glass, central lock.
Special configuration: Cummins 140-horsepower auxiliary engine, stainless steel water tank dust box, Luoyang North Glass fan, Xiamen Nanchao clutch, German Pinfu high-pressure water pump, water tank 4.5 cbm dust bin 4.5 cbm , cleaning width 3.5 meters, high pressure washing height ≥ 21 meters, The maximum cleaning capacity is 70,000 cbm meters per hour.

Cheng Liwei CLW5110TXSD5 type truck wash sweep the main technical parameters
Product trademark Cheng Liwei product name CLW5110TXSD5 washing and sweeping truck
Chassis model EQ1110SJ8BDC Dimensions 7000x2200x2700 MM
Vehicle tonnage 11450KG Water tank volume  4.5 cubic meters
Tonnage 4850 KG Garbage compartment volume 4.5 cubic meters
Curb quality 6405 KG High pressure washing width 3.5 meters
Number of axes 2 High pressure washing height >>21 meters
Wheelbase 3800 MM Tire specifications 8.25R20
Fuel type Diesel five countries Maximum speed (Km/h) 103
Engine: optional Chaochai 156, Yuchai 150, Xichai 142, Yunnei 130 horsepower.
Exempt Atlas Have


New face Dongfeng road vacuum sweeper

1. Cummins 140 horsepower auxiliary engine.
2. Sanyo Motor.
3. Taiwan hydraulic solenoid valve group.
4. Hangzhou Weilong low pressure water pump, wide hedge.
5. German Schidesheng door control switch, high-pressure pump imported from Germany
6. Stainless steel dustbin, water tank, dustbin self-cleaning device.
7. The box body is raised and lowered, and the reverse automatic protection device and the rear door switch safety protection sensor device are installed.
8. Integrated control, one-key start, multi-function voice prompt alarm
9. Engine oil, dustbin and water tank are equipped with anti-overflow or low alarm devices
10. Low pressure water circuit pneumatic ball valve control
11. Dual cameras-in-cab monitoring in reversing and washing state.
12. 18m high pressure washing reel. The sweeping width is 3.5 meters; the cleaning pressure is 10MPa; the suction particle size is φ110mm.

High quality Dongfeng road vacuum sweeper Euro 6 Dongfeng road vacuum sweeper Dongfeng New style road vacuum sweeper
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