Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane


Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane

Introduction: Dongfeng Duolika folding arm small truck-mounted crane, the smallest crane in history, two tons of folding arm crane, market reference price of ¥119,000, used in the factory area, small-scale use of sharp tools, can be installed in installments, zero down payment to go home, free service charge.

Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane

Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane

Vehicle configuration Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane

Dolica D6S single-row cab, 1730/single row, wheelbase 3308, Quanchai Q23-115E60, 85 power, Wanliyang 5GT32, 7.00R16 tires, 1.8/3.5 axle, 192 double frame, air-conditioning electric Window, ABS, air brake, top-mounted Changxing 1.8 ton folding arm crane.

Dongfeng Duolika small folding arm Changxing 1.8 ton crane adopts horizontal stripe form, the cargo box is 2.45 meters long, 2.15 meters wide and 0.4 meters high, the bottom plate is made of 5mm thick national standard material, the side plate is 2mm thick, and the bottom of the cargo box is the same as the Changxing original The connection of the auxiliary beam of the plant is made of square tube material to enhance the carrying capacity of the cargo box.

Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane

Dongfeng Duolika truck with crane parameters

Vehicle announcement AAA5045JSQE6
total mass 4495 (Kg)
Rated contained mass 765,700 (Kg)
curb weight 3600 (Kg)
Dimensions 5998*2098*2900 (MM)
Cargo size 3300*2000*500 (MM)
number of axes 2
wheelbase 3308 (MM)
Chassis model EQ1045SJ3CDF
Tire specifications 7.00R16
Emission Standards GB17691-2018 euro VI
engine model Q23-115E60
engine manufacturer Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd.
Displacement 2300 (ML)
power 85 (KW)


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