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Dongfeng Duolika small high-pressure cleaning truck

Dongfeng Duolika small high-pressure cleaning truck

Vehicle technical parameters
Tank volume 3-4 cubic High-pressure pump Italy HPP
pressure 16MPA flow 130L/min
High pressure pipe 60 meters Sprinkler 10
Total mass 7360kg Rated quality 3830kg
Curb quality 3400kg Number of passengers 3 people
Tank size (mm) 3500×1650×1150.3 Dimensions (mm) 6200×2000×2200


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Dolica Chassis model EQ1070SJ3BDF
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 7 (including spare tire)
Wheelbase (mm) 3300 Tire specifications 7.00R16 steel wire tire
Gearbox Wanliyang 5th gear Front and rear bridge 1.8/3.5 tons
Fuel type Diesel oil brake Air brake
engine model CY4BK451 Engine manufacturer Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai
Displacement (ml) 3707 horsepower 102


Basic configuration
Standard configuration

Dongfeng Duolika small pipe dredging vehicle is mainly composed of automobile chassis (national warranty), water tank, water system, hydraulic system, hose reel, flushing pipe, high-pressure nozzle, etc.
Waterway system: including water tank, high pressure water pump (imported from Italy), water inlet pipe, drain stop valve, water filter, water level gauge, water inlet stop valve, water pressure gauge, pressure gauge switch, high pressure nozzle, high pressure three-way valve ,reel.
Hydraulic system: including oil level gauge, oil tank, filter, gate valve, oil pump, relief valve, throttle valve, oil pressure gauge, one-way valve, oil motor, reversing valve, one-way valve, switch.

Optional configuration

It can be equipped with sprinklers, green sprinklers, front flush, rear sprinkler, side spray, green sprinkler, spray, dust pressure, high-pressure washing of the road surface, and can also be equipped with dirt suction function, which integrates cleaning and suction.


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