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Dongfeng Duolika Road Sweeper ( Euro VI)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Duolika Road Sweeper ( Euro VI)

Euro 5 Dongfeng road vacuum sweeper

Dongfeng DLK sweeper Dongfeng DLK D7 series chassis modifications, trash volume 5 cubic meters, the volume of 2 cubic meters water tank, sweeping width of 3 meters, Dongfeng Duolika sweeper is widely used in small city streets, highways, living area, Airports, seaports, factories and mining companies and other areas, the body is light and handy, the working environment is comfortable, and the operation is flexible and convenient.
High quality Dongfeng road vacuum sweeperNew Dongfeng road vacuum sweeper

Item unit Parameter
product name Dongfeng Duolika Road Sweeper
Dedicated model CLW5120TSL6 road sweeper
Chassis model EQ1125SJ8CDC
Total mass kg 11995
Curb quality 5750
Vehicle length, width and height mm 6700×2200×2730
Wheelbase 3800
Tyre quantity/specification 6 bars/245/70R19.5,8.25R20
Displacement/power L/kW 2.97 / 121
Maximum speed km/h 103
Diesel engines YCY30165-60 ( Euro VI emission standard), optional Chaochai 170 horsepower or Yunnei 150 horsepower
Dedicated performance Sweeping width/m 3.0 Cleaning speed/km.h-1 3~20
Water tank volume/m3 2 Maximum cleaning capacity/m2.h-1 60000
Garbage compartment volume/m3 5 Maximum suction particle size/mm 120
Dedicated configuration With 4 sweeping discs, Jiangling auxiliary engine; Italian motor; Schneider control switch; Taiwan solenoid valve group; maintenance-free self-separating clutch; maintenance-free fan; stainless steel water tank dustbin; rear LED arrow light, manual pump emergency system. The suction sweep width is 2.8-3.2m; the suction particle size is φ120mm.
Use performance 1. Adopt the method of suction and sweeping to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic tipping and unloading operations to clean the road.
2. The auxiliary engine is used to drive the fan and hydraulic system. Ensure that you can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
3. The structure arrangement of “four-plate brush + rear suction nozzle” is adopted, which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction nozzle, and the whole vehicle can pass through when changing.
4. The transmission setting between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic separation of the auxiliary engine from the fan when starting and stopping under no load, reducing the impact on the auxiliary engine and improving the working reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine . 5. The scanner has automatic avoidance protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles. It automatically retracts after encountering obstacles, and automatically resets after crossing obstacles.
6. The rotating speed of the sweeping disc can be adjusted according to various cleaning conditions to ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.
7. It adopts advanced and efficient dedicated fan and a fully floating suction nozzle that can be automatically leveled with the road surface, with good cleaning effect and long service life.

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