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Dongfeng Duolika advertising vehicle

Dongfeng Duolika advertising vehicle


Parameter configuration of Dongfeng Duolika advertising vehicle
Upload configuration

LED advertising vehicle compartment configuration (optional according to customer needs) 1: P8 or P6 full-color outdoor waterproof and shockproof screen on the left side of the truck body. You can play advertising, video materials, and non-profit videos. Two: The right side of the screen is a monochrome subtitle LED display. Three: 3 scrolling light boxes on the lower right side, you can place 5–7 frames for scrolling playback. LED color screen four is also optional: the back side is a monochromatic LED display, which can display subtitles, and the back door is side-opening. Five: The whole vehicle is equipped with a ventilation and heat dissipation system and power generation equipment. Six: The standard version comes standard with an international brand Omar 8 kilowatt remote-controlled extremely ultra-quiet generator. Seven: 4 large outdoor waterproof sound columns and a strong-sound power amplifier. Eight: The advertising compartment is equipped with a control system, a broadcasting system, and a cab console. Nine: The truck is surrounded by a large body, with a built-in refueling port, luxurious interior, beautiful and practical. 10. Hydraulic lift on one side of the screen. The lifting height is 1.5 meters. (Optional) Eleven: Play system: special industrial control computer for vehicle or asynchronous control box (plug in U disk directly)

Chassis configuration

Using Dongfeng original chassis, single row 2030 cab, Yuchai engine YC4E140-42 power 103 kW, 6-speed gearbox, 188MM double-layer frame, front axle 2.7 tons, rear axle 5.5 tons, 8.25R16 steel wire platform, 24 Volt battery, without air conditioning, power steering, air brake, air brake, clutch boost

Vehicle description

Vehicle model CLW5070XXCD4 curb weight 7205KG side screen area P8 size: 10 square meters P6 size: 10.13 square meters tail screen area 2.56 square meters engine power 103KW tire 8.25R16 steel wire platform

After-sales service

Three guarantees of after-sales service for chassis and bodywork for one year or 30,000 kilometers

payment method

Prepaid deposit for production, pay the balance in installments before picking up the truck


Down payment ratio 30%

Mode of transport

Come to the company to pick up or deliver the truck to the company’s logistics department

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