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Dongfeng Duolika 5 cbm sewage suction truck

Suction sewage truck (Suction sewage truck) to collect smoke pollution vehicles, transit transport cleaning sludge, sewage, avoid secondary pollution of the new sanitation vehicles, suction sewage truck self priming from the row, fast operating speed, large capacity, easy to transport, suitable for collecting and transporting manure, mud, crude oil and other liquid substances.Suction sewage truck using the technology leader vacuum suction sewage truck, suction, suction away, is particularly suitable for pumping the sludge in the sewer, shipping and disposing, in particular smokable sewage mud, silt, gravel, brick large block other objects .


Dongfeng Duolika 5 cbm sewage suction truck

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng D7 using large DLK chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab attachments Chaochai 156 hp, 130 Mali Guo five Yuchai diesel, Wanliyang six speed gearbox, the wheelbase 3800mm, 7.50 steel tires, brake breathe, the direction of power with the original ABS, air conditioning.



Dongfeng Duolika 5 cbm sewage suction truck apparatus disposed: Dedicated portion of the power take off, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage pump, pressure tank, the hydraulic part, systems, and vacuum gauge, depending on the dung window, hand washing and other components, vehicle configuration and power vacuum sewage pump quality hydraulic systems, die casting tank closure for the first time, the tank can be opened, the top of the dump-bis.Dirt directly poured through the tank cover, having a high vacuum (greater than suction truck suction), large tonnage, high efficiency, and so more versatile.Water separator, moisture separator, the hydraulic dump means dedicated vacuum sewage pump, the volume of the pressure gauge, suction catheter material, gravity valve, a vacuum tank, connected (depending on the dung window), automatic anti-overflow valves, hydraulic kit.Leading technology using a dedicated sewage suction pumps, suction, suction away, particularly suitable for sucking in sewer sludge municipal sanitation, factories, mines, and other cells, shipping and disposing, in particular sewage sludge smokable , mud, stones, bricks and other larger objects, less water content and other substances.Full pumping sewage (feces) tank Time: ≤5min, suction: ≥10m.Since absorption self-discharge, long life, work fast, easy to transport.Suction sewage suction truck and truck with the same principles, but also with sewage suction truck suction truck has different uses.The difference is that the vehicle body circular suction sewage tank, the structure is more compact, higher pressure resistance can provide greater suction can be used to collect cleaning transport sewage, sludge.



Dongfeng Duolika 5 cbm sewage suction truck

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Dongfeng Duolika 5 cbm sewage suction truck

Suction sewage truck works:

Since the suction manure hose is always immersed in the liquid level, air is sucked manure tank, not added because more and more thin, so that tank pressure is below atmospheric pressure, i.e., the use of liquid manure at atmospheric pressure by fecal suction hose into the receiving tank.Since the tank bottom or close to the siphon, the air is continuously discharged into the manure tank, because there is no way to be compressed, so that the tank pressure above atmospheric pressure, i.e., liquid manure under action of compressed air, through the siphon discharge fecal suction hose outcbm the tank.

Suction sewage truck having a high pumping efficiency, self-absorption, self-discharge and direct irrigation, etc..Pumping manure tank full time: ≤5min, suction: ≥8m.It has a long life, work fast, easy to operate, easy to transport, etc..

1.Vacuum pump to maintain a suitable number of revolutions

Pump speed is too high, heat increase data rotor; rotational speed is too low, causing the shipping unit, the additional impact member, affect the life.In order to achieve the best position suitable working speed, in advance depending on pump type throttle adjustment players.

2.In turn can dump a flat ground;

Twisted in turn can dump the inclined road surface deformation will lead to failure of the components, and may lead to a rollover accident.

3.Dump to open the door when the tank after the tank turn can:

Dumping dump turn can be preceded locking bolt loosened, the door can be lifted to the required angle, the lifting body is prohibited in the closed tank when the tank is full when the door to avoid the risk of rollover.

4.PTO pump and vacuum pump engine idling, and the clutch pedal is fully stepped on, the power take-open slowly release the clutch pedal the switch.

5.When trucks, vacuum pumps and oil pumps stop working in state.

6.The truck may not have inhaled large diameter hose than the material and transporting waste oil and hazardous materials.

7.Entering the bottom of the tank or access Tipper turn can lift state, and the support rod must be safety stopper.

8.Transport dirt, and the vehicle speed must be slow speed, and braking can not be a sharp turn, due to the gravity tank no higher swash plate.

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