Dongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinkler


The National VI Dongfeng Duolika 4-ton fire sprinkler is a simple fire truck modified with Dongfeng Duolika 3308 wheelbase chassis. The tank volume of the vehicle is 4.2 square meters. It is a cost-effective fire truck especially suitable for emergency fire fighting in enterprises, factories and communities.

Dongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinklerDongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinklerDongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinklerDongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinklerDongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinklerDongfeng Dolica 4-5 ton fire sprinkler

The main technical parameters

product name Dongfeng Dolica 4 ton fire sprinkler Tank volume 4 cubic
Chassis model EQ1075SJ3CDF Tank shape Square and round tank (with 3 door equipment compartment at the rear)
wheelbase 3308mm engine model Chaochai 130 hp / Yuchai 140 hp / Yunnei 126 hp / Xichai 130 hp
power takeoff Sandwich PTO Emission Standards country six
Dimensions 4775X1690X2710mm Tire specifications 7.50R16 steel wire tire
Fire Pump CB10/20 type Limited Data 20L/S
fire monitor PS20W type range ≥ 45m
Water absorption depth 7 meters Sprinkler width 14 meters
Feature 1:
The car is equipped with a rear-mounted fire pump with a working pressure of 1.0Mpa. In the event of a fire, the fire pump can be started instantly, the sprinkler function valve can be closed, and the fire monitor can be operated. The range is more than 45 meters. Fire out.
Feature 2:
The car is equipped with a front flush and a rear sprinkler. When used as a greening sprinkler, the front flush valve can be opened to flush the road; at the same time, the rear sprinkler can sprinkle water to reduce dust.
Feature 3:
The rear of the vehicle is a three-door equipment compartment with a fire pump inside, which can place a small amount of fire fighting equipment, and can protect the fire pump at the same time.

The difference between fire sprinkler and fire truck :

1. Appearance : The fire truck is a square tank with a skeleton frame structure. Multiple storage compartments are allocated according to functional needs, and aluminum alloy rolling doors are used. The fire sprinkler is a round tank with a pump room and a simple equipment box at the rear. It can be licensed like a fire truck and is exempt from vehicle purchase tax.

2. Configuration : Fire trucks are equipped with fire-fighting equipment (up to 19 items of fire-fighting hoses, fire-fighting axes, etc.) in accordance with national standards. Fire sprinkler fire equipment is optional (water absorption hose and special wrench are standard).

3. Function : The fire truck can only fire extinguishing and water supply. Compared with fire trucks with similar chassis, the fire sprinkler has a larger tank body, the same range of fire cannons, and has all the functions of the sprinkler (equipped with front flush and rear sprinkler functions).

4. Purpose : The fire truck can only be used for fire fighting and emergency water supply. The fire sprinkler can be used for fire fighting, greening sprinkler, mine dust reduction, emergency water supply, spraying and insecticide, and realizes multiple functions in one vehicle.

5. Price : The fire truck is a standard fire truck. Compared with the fire sprinkler truck of the same tonnage, the price has doubled.

6. Scope of application : The fire truck is a standard special fire truck, mainly equipped with fire brigade and full-time fire brigade of large enterprises. The fire sprinkler is a multi-purpose vehicle, mainly equipped with: enterprise fire fighting, township fire fighting, community fire fighting, large markets, docks, highways, forest fire fighting, etc.

Fire Fighting truck testing show:

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