Dongfeng DLK spraying trucks with fog cannon system


Dongfeng DLK spraying truck with fog cannon system

Dongfeng DLK spraying trucks with fog cannon system

Flush with the front portion of the road spray device, the spray device rear fan dust, both sides of the spray device, with the rear work platform installation green sprinkler gun (gun adjustable spray shape) on the platform, adjustable straight-shaped, heavy rain, moderate , drizzle, continuous adjustment, the maximum range of up to 28 m, vertical suction 6.5 m, lift 14 meters, plus a vehicle-mounted high-efficiency air sprayers, spray gun atomization effect, remote spray, horizontal range up to 25 m.Interface with the fire, gravity valve, self-priming from the discharge.

Companies manufacturing of spraying vehicles, also known as multi-functional dust suppression landscaping vehicles, multi-purpose green truck with a new dust suppression spray into the Dongfeng the way, is a high range, high efficiency, good maneuverability new generation of plant protection machinery, with The spray means may be moved up and down, the pressurized liquid by the pump and fan can be a secondary atomization of garden trees, green belt, landfills, collection point or the like insecticide spraying, atomizing distance up to 50 m; the object has a strong penetrating power and chemical adhesion, dosage can effectively save and reduce pollution, to solve the conventional mechanical spraying plant protection range is not high, atomization is poor, working loose, a serious loss of liquid, not only affects the killing insect dissipation rate, but also the problem of pollution of the living environment.

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng DLK chassis, engine Yuchai 115 horse power euro 5 , five-speed gearbox, 3308mm wheelbase with the direction of power, central locking, electric Dongfengows, ABS, 7.00R steel tire, single row cab.Optional sprayer range: 20-35 meters

sprinkler Pediment (spray) and sprinkle with side spray, after the tank with a working platform, platform installation green water spray guns, spraying water cannons may be full rotation into a continuous tone straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, with safety barriers , with the Euro quality assessment of Hangzhou Veyron dedicated sprinkler pump power, the pump self-priming from the row, the filter installed, interface with the fire, through fire hydrant water, with gravity valve, optional vehicle 20 m green reel, can be sprayed pesticides, metallic tank.

sprinkler pump note: High-power dedicated sprinkler pump, a leading inter Euro Italian technology in the domestic production of the series dedicated pumps for over 50 years, mature and reliable product quality, advanced design, reasonable, convenient, than similar sprinkler pump pressure, suction far, long life, easily overcome other debris entangled sprinkler pump, pressure is small, absorbent slow shortcomings, leading domestic and sprinkler pump industry standard, the market share of 93%.

Dongfeng DLK spraying trucks with fog cannon system

Dongfeng DLK spraying trucks and the reason appears Features:

Appears reason: in the past when technology has developed, people cultivated crop pests can only occur with governance swat, capture, burning and bait this most primitive way, sick only a simple treatment based on the accumulated experience, most of the time mercy of the.With the development of technology, the progress of the chemical industry to promote the development of pesticide industry, spraying device is closely related with artificial fight drugs barrel appeared, until now still in use.But rapid economic development today, the face of large-scale farms, large areas of pasture, forest, green belts, time-consuming and laborious manual to fight drugs barrel has clearly not kept pace with the fast-paced times, then the emergence and development of spraying trucks also it is the inevitable result of taken for granted.

Dongfeng DLK spraying trucks with fog cannon system

Spraying trucks Features:

1, the body structure is generally oval or cbm, made of high-truckbon steel plate Wuhan, a tank compartment.A separator 5 m, with anti wave of anti-swing.Corrosion preventive treatment may also be requested by the user professional, the outer tank can be used to install the insulation foam or rock wool insulation from the function.

2, mounted on the platform truck spraying pesticide spraying special gun and green watering guns, pesticide spraying function can be used only with the green crops, but also for urban afforestation, high and low crop spraying both truckrying water, drainage function, can be described as It is a multi-purpose vehicle.This truck is definitely your ideal choice for a truck in hand, multi-function, you can save a sum of money to buy sprinkler , peace of mind save time and money.

Dongfeng versatile fog artillery, the Euro five green sprinkler , equipped ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. developed the production of fog machine guns, both green spray, fire emergency, dust dust, spraying disinfection and other functions, remote control, use Convenience.

(1) Dust versatile vehicles for Sprayer Dongfeng, fog known guns, skill, high spray points, long range, coverage, good dust suppression effect; high efficiency, high spray rate.And compared to similar products, at the same power consumption, higher lift, longer range, wider spray rate.

(2) the control device is simple and flexible, safe and reliable, automatic control, wireless remote control operation, easy operation.It less water, dust and mist coverage area is much larger than other similar dust suppression sprinkler apparatus.Can save a lot of time and money for users, so that enterprises with strong competitive ability.Low failure rate, easy maintenance.It has a reliable, safe operation, machine stability, simple and compact structure, flexible, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, environmentally friendly features.

Dongfeng DLK spraying trucks with fog cannon system

Dongfeng DLK spraying truck with fog cannon system


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