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Dongfeng DLK small sweeper truck



Dongfeng DLK small sweeper front side orientation map


Dongfeng DLK small sweeper left side orientation map


Dongfeng DLK small sweeper rear side orientation map


Dongfeng DLK small sweeper right rear orientation map

Chassis Configuration:Dongfeng DLK D6 small chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab attachments Chaochai 102 hp, 115 horse power Guo Yuchai diesel five, five-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 3308mm, 3.5 tons rear axle, 7.00 steel tires, brake air brake, with the original ABS, power steering, air conditioning.
Tops configuration:In scan disk device 4, the rear sucker, Sanyo motor, JMC Isuzu secondary engine, Schneider control switch, solenoid valve Heipp Reith, infinitely variable automatic clutch, centrifugal fan maintenance, stainless steel bins, Polaris electronic water pump, lifting trash l dump, the tail lamp LED arrow, emergency manual pump systems.Optional pediment sprinkle, trash self-cleaning function, reverse image monitor operations, front snow shovel, snow roll.


Dongfeng DLK small sweeper positive side orientation map

Dongfeng DLK small sweeper vehicle configuration:

Dongfeng DLK small sweeper chassis with Dongfeng shares original EQ1070SJ3BDongfeng, sweeper Vehicle Dimensions: 6200 X 2000 X 2590mm
Dongfeng Duolika small sweeper Engine: CY4BK551 towards diesel engine, a single row cab, engine power: 75 kilowatt, 102 hp, Wanliyang speed gearbox 5, 7.188 steel tire sectional frame 00R and the like, power steering, ABS, front axle 1.5 tons, rear axle 3.5 tons.Stainless steel tanks 1.Tank 5 side, side trash cans 4.
Dongfeng DLK small road sweeper hydraulic pump imported from Italy, long life, stable and reliable, low failure rate; hydraulic valve imported from Germany, the solenoid valve; hydraulic pipe sealing structure using standard techniques in the form of Germany, anti-vibration, good sealing high reliability can be realized without seal leakage; electrically controlled key technology components used Schneider.Cleaning system powered, non-interference by the sub-engine powered vehicle.Control box in the cab, each of the electrical centralized control system, easy to operate.Computer design appearance, high side skirt, the curved surface transition, the overall coordination of symmetry; by the chassis of the vehicle, the sub-engine, fans, solenoid-controlled valve, hopper, tank, suction cups, broom, sprinkler system, hydraulic system, electric control system composition.Four scan disk and the chuck is scavenged binding suction, sweeping excellent absorption capacity; broom can work simultaneously on both sides, one side can work independently, the cleaning mechanism is simple and reliable apparatus, it is difficult to damage; cleaning operation width of about 2.6m, sweeping speed 5-20 km, fuel consumption as low as cleaning operation is less than 2 per ten thousand cbm meters per hour.5L.High dumping garbage discharge, for ease of dumping garbage, trash tank disposed at the bottom, so that the maximum discharge angle up to 54 degrees, so that more thoroughly clean dump.It can be cleaned by spraying with water when fully prevent secondary environmental pollution.After inspection, high performance.

Dongfeng DLK small road sweeping vehicles on the right after orientation map


Dongfeng DLK small sweeper left side orientation map

Sweeper worth eight features you buy:
1, wind Duolika suction sweeper uses a mixed manner sweep garbage collection, wet dust, electro-hydraulic tipping practices unloading road surface cleaning operation.
2, Dongfeng Huancavelica road sweeping vehicles using specialized sub-engine fan drive and hydraulic systems.To ensure that the process can continue to travel to work, to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
3, a “mid four rear brush nozzle +” or “+ brush center two wide suction nozzle center” arrangement structure, easy to adjust and maintain the nozzle cleaning device, when the vehicle transitions through good.
4, the sub-transmission is provided between the engine and fan with automatic clutch, the engine idling can guarantee sub out automatically start and stop the fan, reduce the impact on the sub-engine, and improve the operational reliability of the engine sub-life.
5, scan disk protection function automatically avoid obstacles and automatic reset function, automatic retraction after encounter obstacles automatic reset after over obstacles.
6, scan the disk rotation speed according to a variety of cleaning conditions, adjust the speed, to ensure that in each state of contamination have good cleaning effect.
7, the use of advanced, high efficiency fans dedicated road and self-leveling with full floating nozzle, good cleaning effect, and long service life.
8, Dongfeng Duolika sweeper can be equipped with monitoring, before spraying, after spraying, pediment, sprinkle, snow shovel, etc..

Dongfeng DLK small sweeper left side orientation map


Dongfeng DLK small sweeper positive orientation diagram on the left


Dongfeng DLK small truck Sweeper Right after orientation map

Buy sweeper benefits?Let your heart cause!
1, save labor, reduce costs;
(What is currently the most expensive?The original labor force, a 1 km road requires a minimum of 2-3 individuals, more than an hour to clean up 60 per person per day, one day cost 180, time spent, money spent, and the efficiency is lower; equal to: per kilometer the daily cost of $ 180 sweepers only 20-30 per day)
2, improve efficiency, safety truckried out;
(Our regular street sweeping, if it is manual cleaning, you require the following steps: first sweep in the collection, and finally truckried away; if inclement weather is more difficult to complete; a big waste of time, and insecurity; the current injury is the manager the most difficult thing for business, we promote safe construction; road sweeping vehicles a truck a man, fast, quick, short time)
3, add image, improve taste
(Sweeper is the municipal enterprises to improve the image of one of magic, whether it is people, or important guests, or employees, you will see the original manual cleaning replaced with sweeper to perform, you imagine!!!!!The first people to feel the government has the ability, and the second all the way to leadership and other guests feel powerful, and employees see that the company is shy, the district’s owners feel relieved; sweeper is the hottest industry equipment derived from this)

东风小多利卡扫路车车  Model 细节描示

东风小多利卡扫路车车  Model 细节描示图














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