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Dongfeng DLK road sweeper



Dongfeng DLK sweeper front side orientation map


Dongfeng DLK sweeper is the former orientation map


Dongfeng DLK sweeper front left side of the chart position


Dongfeng DLK sweeper side orientation map


Dongfeng DLK sweeper side orientation map

Dongfeng DLK sweeper description:

Dongfeng also called sweeper DLK DLK road sweeper wind, wind Duolika sweeping vehicles, road sweeping vehicles is the use of special wind Duolika EQ1080SJ8BDC modified vehicle chassis, Chaochai CY4SK251 156 horsepower engine, with the cold booster, shaft from 3.8 m, 7.50R16 steel tire, the truck is a Euro initiative, is our self-developed environmental protection, combined with sweeping suction type road sweeping vehicles special vehicles, mainly used in city streets, municipal cbm high, large factories and mines mechanized sweeping and cleaning operations, vehicle operating efficiency , advanced technical, reliable, handsome in appearance, practical.

Dongfeng DLK sweeper positive side orientation map

Dongfeng DLK sweeper configuration instructions:

1, using the sub-engine Jiangxi Isuzu 57kw, automatic clutch maintenance-free, high-quality maintenance-free fan.

2, joint HUIBO solenoid valve, hydraulic cylinder wear, electronically controlled switch Siemens.
3, Q345 low-alloy corrosion tanks, bins, left, rear right front sweep dust suction pressure spray system.
4, before the automatic avoidance function scan, the maximum sweeping width of 3 meters, the maximum particulate?110mm, maximum operational capacity of 45,000 cbm meters per hour-90000㎡.
5, with two-way operation button and the attendant high-pressure washing function, the sprinkler can be installed downfield.


Dongfeng DLK sweeper on the right orientation map

Dongfeng DLK sweeper vehicle configuration:
Isuzu secondary engine (JX493G, 57KW), Eaton (USA) cycloid motor, stainless steel tanks, hanshang solenoid valve, a control switch (Schneider), power fans, hydraulic tubing wear.Sprinklers electronic water pump, a hydraulic pump cylinder Italian imported; imported from Germany solenoid valve; hydraulic line using standard techniques Germany seal structure, the key parts are original Schneider control technology, long life, reliable, low failure rate ; superposition design with integrated hydraulic components, electro-hydraulic central control cab, easy to operate; automatic scan disk with anti-collision avoidance function, the cleaning mode can be selected according to the severity of the scan disk and the driving speed floor sediment; nozzle for the rear float type, can be adapted to automatically adjust uneven ground conditions; mist spray pressure adjustable dust, eliminating secondary pollution while in the water.
Dongfeng Duolika sweeper operating speed: 3-25km / h, the maximum working capacity (the work area): 45,000 cbm / hour; the maximum particulate: 110mm, cleaning efficiency greater than 95%.
Dongfeng DLK sweeper lorry vehicle list: a spare tire, a jack, a warning sign, a sweeping brush, set of special vehicle s, engines use a manual, a warranty booklet share.

Dongfeng DLK sweeper details of the plan

Chassis Configuration:Dongfeng DLK D7 large chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab, optional Chaochai 156 hp, 130 horse power Guo five Yuchai diesel, Wanliyang six speed gearbox, the wheelbase 3800mm, 7.50R16 steel tire, breathe brake, the direction of power with the original ABS, air conditioning.

Tops Configuration:2.5 cubic water tank, 5 cubic stainless steel bins;In scan disk device 4, the rear sucker, Sanyo motor, JMC Isuzu secondary engine, Schneider control switch, solenoid valve Heipp Reith, infinitely variable automatic clutch, centrifugal fan maintenance, stainless steel bins, Polaris electronic water pump, lifting trash l dump, the tail lamp LED arrow, emergency manual pump systems.After the optional pediment sprinkle, trash self-cleaning function, reverse image monitor operations,Front snow shovel,Snow roll.




Dongfeng DLK sweeper features:



1, control box in the cab, each of the electrical centralized control system, easy to operate.

2, four scan disk and suction nozzle is scavenged binding sweep excellent absorption capacity; sweep plate cleaning speed according to various conditions, high selectivity to adjust, medium and low, to ensure that there are at various Pollution good cleaning results.After the scan is automatically reset disk has Obstacle avoidance automatic protection and automatic reset function, automatic retraction after encounter obstacles, over obstacles.

3, can work simultaneously scan both sides of the disc, one side can work independently.

4, the hydraulic system core components using imported.


Dongfeng DLK sweeper chassis configuration:
①, 3800mm wheelbase, Chaochai CY4SK251 engine nameplate power 115kw / 156 horsepower, variable cross-section 192mm frame, 2.2 tons front axle, 4.2 t rear axle, 5-speed gearbox, 7.50-16 tires, single row cab 2030mm reversible, 24 volt battery, power steering, power clutch, brake air brake, without air conditioning, no brake breathe.

②, 3800mm wheelbase, the engine nameplate power YC4FA130-50 Yuchai 95kw / 130 hp, double frame cross section 188mm and the like, 2.7 tons front axle, 5.5 tons rear axle, six-speed gearbox, steel tire R16, single row cab 2030mm reversible, 24 volt battery, power steering, power clutch, brake air brake, breathe brake, without air conditioning,.

③3800mm wheelbase, Cummins ISF3.8s5141 engine nameplate power 105kw / 141 hp, 192 variable section frame, 2.7 tons front axle, 5.5 tons rear axle, six-speed gearbox, 7.50R16 steel tires, single row cab 2030mm reversible, 24 volt battery, power steering, power clutch, brake air brake, breathe brake, air conditioning.东风大多利卡扫路车车  Model 细节展示

东风大多利卡扫路车车  Model 细节展示图













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