Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck


Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste is a very popular truck models, 4.5 cbm capacity to meet the restaurants, hotels and daily production of food waste.In terms of functionality, a high degree of automation, practical, garbage collection more convenient.Food waste has been a more intractable garbage, not only pollute our living environment, there is a certain air pollution, food waste truck appears to solve the intractable problem of food waste.If the owner of the vehicle food waste collection and transportation of food waste, with good sealing, easy operation, safety features.


Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 chassis of food waste Selection Dongfeng truck chassis, 3308mm wheelbase, two tons front axle, rear axle 4 tons, chassis strong bearing capacity, reliable quality.Yuchai YC4FA115-50 models equipped with 115 hp / Chaochai horsepower engine, power strong, climbing more powerful, five-speed gearbox, to meet the different needs of chauffeur-driven.Tire with 7.00R16 steel tire, steel tire having a high bearing capacity, cushioning properties and wear resistance, safe and secure, long service life.

 A 4mm plate made of high-manganese Q345, a material having a strong strength and service life, the circular tank using a combination of silver and green colors, beautiful fashion.Refuse vehicle body left side lifting means, the trash is placed on the lift rod, driven by a cylinder, the trash can enhance the material down the barrel automatic garbage poured into the tank, a high degree of automation, the hoist can be linked 240L plastic trash inter Euro .Lever hoist with an automatic safety locking mechanism, may be tightly locked trash, garbage bucket does not overflow when the spreading operation, not left, trash can during pouring speed, can effectively prevent splashing spam.

4-5 cubic meters volume envelope garbage, food waste volume Park truck rier body, the sub-tank body, and lower layers, the lower layer of solid-liquid separation the the sewage collection tank, water tank high, middle and low, the lowest end is provided water outlet to ensure that the water drained, and the discharge port is a hydraulic rear door seal, to enhance the feed rod type, the dump tank with a lifting function, so that a more thorough drain cleaner.Food waste transport vehicle in addition to a single collection, further optional solid-liquid separator, sewage suction function, tank cleaning function.The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and sequential valves, and a variety of functions, composed of high and low pressure line.Choice of imported key components ensure reliable operation of the product, safety.There is sufficient distance between the refuse inlet and the push plate, the push plate and the inner surface of the tank is provided with sealing means to prevent food waste input process and the separation process rearward overflow into the push plates.

Product multi-faceted pictures chart


Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 high degree of automation of food waste truck , more convenient to do gymnastics for food waste treatment oil, contaminants in the water, do good vehicle sealing, to avoid spreading spill, splash, effectively improve people's lives environment, reduce garbage odors in the air, but also reduce the cockroach, the breeding of bacteria.


Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK D6 truck advantage of food waste

1, the chassis truck rying capacity strong, strong power, reliable.

2, strong power, climbing more powerful, five-speed gearbox, to meet the different needs of chauffeur-driven.

3, the vehicle is equipped with a large tank, large capacity, can maximize meet the transport needs, improve transport efficiency.Strong corrosion resistance and the ability to combat tank, better safety performance.

4, the vehicle battery is necessary apparatus, the main role is to supply electrical equipment of the vehicle, to ensure normal use of the vehicle functions.

5, with two cylinders, and is discharged together, mainly to the brake system, and other components powered air horn, using a strong under pressure tank made of a material, more secure and reliable.

6, the urea tank is discharged Euro s five essential configuration of the vehicle, to reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas contaminated liquid vehicle.Urea solution may be added, good sealing performance Guankou urea tank, greener.

7, the tire 7 using.00R16 steel tire, steel tire having a high bearing capacity, cushioning properties and wear resistance, safe and secure, long service life.

8, truck Dongfeng fence Duolika D6 food waste, the main function is to protect the inner part of the configuration of the chassis, and therefore the fence is exposed is sized according to the outer member of the body.Fence uses a mix of red and silver-gray and white, more visible.

9, a single row may Dongfeng DLK cab before the turn, a small space, but not crowded, equipment is complete.

10, a door designed to be simple, hand-cranked Dongfeng ows, door hook arm rest, central locking, etc., a taste should be arranged, the door can be opened at 90 °, on and off more easily, uncrowded.

11, hollow-type pedal, easy to get on and off, can be reduced into the soil foot cab.

12, the four wheel type, more stable operation, there are two speakers buttons on the steering wheel, the driver operates convenience, use is made of a hard material, a raised portion on the steering wheel, it feel more comfortable grip, it is possible to effectively prevent the steering wheel slippage to avoid the risk of.Dongfeng middle of the steering wheel is a classic sign of LOGO.

13, the instrument panel multi combination dial, a display screen from left to right, speedometer and tachometer, concise, clear-cut.

14, the center console on the right side of the steering wheel, radio play button, a spin button air conditioning, air conditioning vents and other regular key arrangement, made of hard materials, to facilitate scrubbing.

15, the shift lever 5 is used in speed gearbox, and the driver's seat on the right hand brake placed together to facilitate the operation of the driver, the shift lever of the ball head portion 6 denoted stalls, five forward gears and one reverse gear to facilitate the operation of greener.

16, the co-pilot can take a person is, in front of a storage box, the air conditioning vent far right, up and down, right and left Dongfeng direction is adjusted.

17, standard rear-view mirror of the vehicle, according to the driver's line of sight, manually adjust the rearview mirror, rear view of the vehicle where.

18, the clutch, brake, accelerator pedal contact area, while driving the stepping solid.

19, the entire cab configurations are complete, large steering wheel, clutch, brake, accelerator, small enough to all the buttons, truck parts, etc., are reasonably designed, the whole cab design intimate, more reasonable, multiply driving more comfortable.

20, in terms of power and truck rying capacity aspects can meet the needs of small-scale food waste truck work, is a practical high-value models.

Dongfeng DLK D6 high degree of automation of food waste truck , easy loading and unloading

1, the cover opening and closing system interacts with the lifting system, the hoist trolley lift the bin to a certain height, the top cover is opened, the refuse container is automatically poured into the tank, bin hoist reset operation, the upper cover closed convenient, the whole operation.

2, inside the tank optional solid-liquid separator, the tank filter plate divided into two layers, the upper solid trash, the lower the precipitation tank for oil and water mixture the the precipitate was collected.Band separating means further pushing the push plates, multi-section telescopic cylinder is pushed by the push plate four weeks with seal.Actuating the switch, the pushing plate compression tank body waste, oil, water and other liquids through the filter plate will precipitate into the underlying tank, to achieve solid-liquid separation.When dumping, the push plate can be introduced from front to back of garbage, dump cleaner, more thorough.Filter plates and pushing the push plates made of stainless steel, acid salts and other corrosive materials ability, no rust, no deformation, long life.

3, designed to optimize the operating system, a key with PLC operating system, controlled by the operating lever, the operating lever may be driven, via the hydraulic control, work, a joystick, a rear door control switch respectively, envelope lifting, lifting the bucket hanging, hand the cover plate and the in-truck switch push plate operation, easy to operate, fast.Below the operating lever corresponding to the display operation prompt, easy to operate novice.

4, the left side view of the vehicle body with dirty Dongfeng ow, made of a transparent material to facilitate observation operator tank level, prevent liquid overflow trash.

5, between the body and the rear door with the characteristics of enhanced corrosion resistant rubber seal, hydraulic rear door lock, ensure sealing of the tank cover, to prevent secondary pollution.Misoperation prevention operation setting switch cover means, each mechanism to ensure accurate, reliable.

6, the bottom rear door is a large diameter outlet, the tank during the unloading trash, may be precipitated first water tank, the tank oil mixture is discharged, which can effectively avoid the solid waste dumping, scattered water, pollution of the environment.

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Cheng Li truck food waste practices:

First, the bottled "swill" truck by the transmission belt slowly poured into the cabin at the top of the truck (truck and a tank compartment can be divided), is delivered through the garbage strong extrusion thrust plate;

Then, solid-liquid separation, the separated liquid at the bottom of the tank into the sewage tank, solid waste stored in the tank is compressed, smaller size, and so forth to be filled the the food waste to the resource optimization processing plant.

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Dongfeng DLK 5 cbm kitchen garbage truck Select configuration:

1, solid-liquid separator: separation apparatus equipped with a push Tuitou, garbage can be pushed from the tank to the front portion of the tail of the tank, the separation plate 304 stainless steel mesh.

2, vacuum sewage Function: In the case of large garbage feed tank case means may be utilized directly to the vacuum sewage suction tank food waste.

3, the tank heating means: a diesel combustion engine, stainless steel flue, set high, low value for auto-ignition, flame heating; for cold winter areas, so that the tank will not kitchen waste solidification temperature is too low.

Dongfeng DLK D6 food waste tank truck

Food waste truck Encyclopedia

Food waste garbage vehicle, also known as meal kitchen garbage trucks or truck s more than swill truck , the truck is a kind of food waste in the garbage trucks, special vehicles are used to collect and transport garbage, food waste (swill) and urban sludge.With the development of China's catering industry, our existing hotels, restaurants nearly 3.5 million, the number of food waste generated every day is amazing, collected transport and diverse, targeting food waste to food waste truck s fast development.


Food waste truck features


1, with loading, unloading garbage high degree of automation, reliable, good sealing, large loading capacity, easy to operate, work process is airtight, no sewage leak and odor distribution, environmental protection and good characteristics.It may be loaded with different specifications of the standard trash, having broad applicability.Food waste efficient truck s, clean garbage collection, transportation special vehicles.


2, food waste not only optimizes the truck sanitation residents, reducing food waste odor in the air, reduce breeding cockroaches, bacteria may improve the sanitation work environment, reduce pollution caused by garbage scattered around.


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Can produce different tonnage and brands to meet the different needs of users,

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According to sub-brand: Isuzu kitchen garbage truck, Dongfeng DLK food waste trucks, truck s Zoomlion food waste, food waste FYC truck , truck Hubei food waste, food waste Foton truck , truck Xiamen food waste, Kama 2 truck side of food waste


I plant all the garbage trucks are in strict accordance with the Euro Development and Reform Commission automobile Notice manufacturing, can be legitimate on households.You can communicate with us before purchase, we will configure and best according to your needs to your most appropriate model price.I plant all the garbage truck series, can provide the user (full or installment loans to purchase two kinds of ways) to your cash flow problems to solve practical truck .


Now factory outlets, professional custom Dongfeng, FAW , Foton , the Grand Canal, Kiama, Chang'an and other chassis, 2-3 cbm small hanging bucket garbage truck, 5-8 cbm hanging barrels garbage truck, bucket hanging side 10-15 multi-purpose garbage truck to meet your needs, in short, all-purpose garbage truck we can do!A large number of truck s are waiting for you to buy!


Garbage models all dedicated chassis, strong vehicle stability, security, and easy to use, durable.Special patented chassis powerful, safe and reliable; installation reasonable, stable performance, ease.Vehicle production technology skills, quality, use: high efficiency, flexible, easy to operate.


Our company is a factory direct, no set up distribution points on the outside, so the direct costs of eliminating intermediate agents distributors, we hope you to personally visit our plant production capabilities, products, technology, business, allowing you to learn more about, let You do heart bottom, buy peace of mind, with the assured.Dongfeng DLK hanging bucket garbage truck

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