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Dongfeng DLK 8 tons -9.2 t sprinkler

Dongfeng DLK 8 tons -9.2 t sprinkler

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng DLK chassis, the white may be turned before the cab, Chaochai, Yuchai, cloud, five countries XiChai engine, six-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 3800mm, rear axle 5 tons, the original ABS, with the direction of power, the clutch booster, braking air brakes.


Dongfeng DLK 8 tons -9.2 tons sprinkler

Tops configuration: High quality truck bon steel tank (of Q235B), with 40-45 sprinkler dedicated power pumps, self-priming from the row, diversion time <15min, flow rate of 40m3 / h, head 45 m.Standard: pediment, sprinkle, side spray, the work platform, with green 360 with an adjustable water cannons, vertical suction ≧ 7 m, m ≧ 14-16 sprinkler width greening water gun range ≧ 25 meters, gravity valve , filter, fire interface (hydrant water may be connected, may be used for emergency fire).After the installation of WF30 platform type spray unit, 6-18L / min, effective range: ≥20-25m.Vehicle not overweight, worry-free Euro on the truck d!


Dongfeng DLK 8 tons -9.2 tons sprinkler

High-power domestic sprinkler with dedicated pumps, self-priming from the row, diversion time <15min, flow rate of 40m3 / h, head 35 m.DF DLK sprinkler other specific part of the standard: pediment, sprinkle, side spray, the work platform, 360 with an adjustable monitor green, vertical suction pump ≧ 7 meters downfield sprinkler width ≧ 14 m green water gun range ≧ 35 meters gravity valve, filter, fire interface (connectable hydrant water, can be used for emergency fire).Tank before metering tube (observation tank level), the ladder can, with simple guardrails Guankou tank, the tank-side double barrel, 6 m long plastic tube two 4-inch steel, double tank surface painting process, rust , corrosion-resistant, remaining manufacturers have standard.Alternatively the installation of the installation of the drug, pneumatic control valve, spraying device, and the like-can preservation.


8-10 tons sprinkler Dongfeng

Because of the short wheelbase, turning flexible, user groups so much, so this tonnage sprinkler relatively easy to sell, the following sprinkler manufacturers to give you a specific configuration introduced, according to different users on request also matching their own, conventional with Chaoyang diesel engine.


1, 156 horsepower diesel engine towards:

MASSIVE chassis using single row DLK 2030 invertible cab, wheelbase: 3800, 8.25R16 steel tire, 5.5 tons rear axle, six-speed gearbox, breathe brake, the direction of power, ABS.


2, 150 hp engine Yuchai:

Dongfeng single row 2030 can be flipped the cab, wheelbase 3800, the original air-conditioning, ABS, 6 speed gearbox, it is exempt from strict accordance with the size of the production announcement.8-10 tons of sprinklers in high-end models.


3, the cloud 130 horsepower engine:

Chassis Dongfeng Furui Ka, 3800mm wheelbase, the cloud 130 horsepower, single row cab, air brake driven turn, 8.25 steel tire, Miles Young 6 speed gearbox, there are exempt from strict accordance with the size of the production announcement.


4, 140 hp engine XiChai:

3800 wheelbase chassis Dongfeng Fu Ruika single row cab, air brake driven turn, 8.Steel tire 25, six-speed gearbox, 8.25R20 steel tire, 4.5 tons rear axle, six-speed gearbox, breathe brake, the direction of power, ABS.


Our sprinkler advantages: 8-10 tons of Dongfeng sprinkler tank tops small truck d using the Euro standard type of high-quality sheet production Wuhan Iron and Steel.Automatic welding, United formula downfield, sprinkler thickened bottom of the tank, is bearing water spray guns,.



DLK Dongfeng 8-10 tons sprinkler spray mist artillery vehicle-specific functions to: pediment sprinkle, side spray, after the tank with a working platform plus fence, green water spray gun mounted on the platform, a range of about 28 m, can be adjusted a variety of forms (rain, rain, mist), with dedicated sprinkler pump power, pump suction from the discharge, with gravity valve with a fire connection with filter means, two suction pipe.Further optional truck A, with the rear arc spraying and LED indicator arrows; B, rear arrow with LED indicators; C, with curved rear spray device.


Vehicle issue: chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified Euro invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.


Sprinkler Encyclopedia


Dongfeng sprinkler main D9 is suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler, pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truck eer.


Dongfeng sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage:Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler, 10 tons sprinkler Dongfeng, Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler, 8 tons sprinkler DF, DF 140 DF 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler, sprinkler and other Dongfeng Duolika d9.


Hubei Cheng Lidong Dongfeng sprinkler manufacturers to provide you with Dongfeng sprinkler price, the price of sprinkler Dongfeng, Dongfeng sprinkler quotes, Dongfeng sprinkler factory priceDongfeng 8 tons sprinkler price, offer Dongfeng 12 tons sprinkler, sprinkler Dongfeng much money, Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler prices while production of a variety of brands for users to purchase, including Dongfeng sprinkler, sprinkler Fukuda, the FAW of sprinkler , heavy truck sprinkler, sprinkler Yuejin, JAC sprinkler, sprinkler and other Qingling.


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