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Dongfeng DLK 6-7 cbm kitchen garbage truck

Product Introduction

Dongfeng DLK 6-7 cbm kitchen garbage truck chassis configuration: DF D7 chassis DLK single row cab, wheelbase 3800, 156 hp diesel engine options towards / Yuchai 156 hp, speed gearbox 5, 7.50R16 spare tire steel belts, power steering, clutch booster, air conditioning, ABS, exhaust brake, electric Dongfeng ows, central locking.

  Dongfeng DLK 6-7 cbm configuration were fitted kitchen waste: Tank volume 6 to 8, the thickness of the tank 4.5mm, with 120L / 240L hanging barrel lifting reversing mechanism, hydraulic system and electric control system, solid-liquid separation, the push plate pressing function, hydraulic locking cover open, the dump body can lift the tail with gravity valve; with to transport liquid waste, which is characterized by simple operation, good sealing, no leakage, no smell, and with a solid-liquid separating function, commonly used in restaurant waste. Dongfeng Duolika truck tanks with 4mm quality of food waste Q345 manganese plate, a circular tank, tank head front end socket with arc, the the trailing end of the tank and tank head plus 25 ~ 30mm thick flange, the the closure head body and a hinge connecting portion, the head may utilize hydraulic discharge opening; right front body part provided with the lift mechanism bucket hanging garbage handling drums, lift the front side of the tub hanging means A circular level gauge; hydraulic cylinder mounted implement lifting body rear dump body sides.Rear hydraulic locking, outdoor operation manual hydraulic.

  Food waste vehicles into portions have installed, Unloading garbage high degree of automation, reliable, good sealing, large loading capacity, easy to operate, work process is airtight, no sewage leak and odor distribution, environmental protection and good characteristics.It may be loaded with different specifications of the standard trash, having broad applicability.Food waste efficient truck s, clean garbage collection, transportation special vehicles. Food waste not only optimizes the truck sanitation residents, reducing food waste odor in the air, reduce breeding cockroaches, bacteria may improve the sanitation work environment, reduce pollution caused by garbage scattered around.

  Food waste truck practices: Is bottled “swill” truck by the transmission belt slowly poured into the cabin at the top of the truck (truck and a tank compartment can be divided), is delivered through the garbage strong push plate pressing, then the solid-liquid separation, the separated liquid into the bottom of the water tank body, the tank is compressed solid waste, the volume becomes smaller, and so forth to be filled to the food waste is stored in the resource optimization processing plant.The whole process, automation.Food waste collection, centralized processing, the latter not only hhook arm less, resource processing equipment, also need to collect, transport of special vehicles.Food waste due to high water content, complex composition and other characteristics, require that vehicles confined good, safe and easy operation, high efficiency and easy handling, and resource requirements and equipment for the late.

  Truck equipped with: lorry with vehicle certification, chassis certification, conformity certificates, invoices unified Euro motor vehicle on households, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty booklet, service stations nationwide directory.

  Dongfeng DLK food waste truck nine technical characteristics:


  1, nice appearance: hopper frame cylindrical transverse cross-section, the longitudinal frame trapezoidal cross section, the sides and the top surface of a circular arc shape, the whole look nice.

  2, strong attachments capacity: and can achieve a preliminary separation of oil and water inwardly food waste and garbage volume reduction, and equipped with a large capacity recovery tank.

  3, high reliability and safety: the use of electrical, hydraulic joint control, and a safety switch is provided to ensure the operation of each mechanism is accurate and reliable.

  4, between the hopper and the rear door assembly closely models: the use of special reinforced rubber seal between the hopper and the rear door assembly, sealing, to prevent secondary pollution.

  5, automatic control of engine power output: engine power output to achieve automatic control, when the non-operation, the engine idling state, the job, the engine automatic machine acceleration, power to meet the requirements of the job, to avoid power losses and heating systems, reduce fuel consumption, the economy is good.

  6, special chassis: using MASSIVE Duolika new cab D7, atmospheric beautiful appearance, to strengthen the chassis system, strengthening the bearing capacity, manoeuvrable.Is currently the best-selling light truck models, easy maintenance, complete accessories.Its high cost and safety of the majority of users love.

  7, driving comfort: the first time as a cold light LCD instrument display, the layout is simple, visual clarity, easy to view.Adjustable steering wheel, a seat air-permeable knitted advanced, before inverting the cab, with the original direction of power.

  8, a strong driving force: 4102 Series 136 towards diesel engine horsepower, increase the EUP technology, the intake turbo technology, greatly improved performance, lower fuel consumption.Reduce fuel consumption by 15% than the same engine, power increase of 8%.

  9, the transmission: the first gear and the reverse gear sliding sleeve, 2-5 speed synchronizer using.Direct manipulation can also be remote from the single, HOTAS.Mechanical synchromesh gearbox, five forward gears and one reverse gear, a shift having a light and flexible, stable performance, good reliability advantages,

  Dongfeng DLK 6-7 cbm truck matching the configuration of food waste: 1, vacuum sewage function; dual pump; Veyron pump; inlet pump (pump BP Italy) 2, cab operation; 3, inlet hydraulic control valve, pneumatically manually (domestic); inlet air with the manual valve; inlet solenoid valve with manual control valve.4, solid-liquid separation.5, without lifting optional.

  A, can be installed inside the tank liquid separator: separation apparatus equipped with a push Tuitou, garbage from the tank can bePrecursor tail portion is pressed to the body, the separation plate 304 stainless steel mesh.

  Second, can be equipped with vacuum sewage functions: the vehicle can not be restricted due to space into the working environment or a largeGarbage case feed tank may utilize vacuum sewage suction means directly to the food waste tank.

  Third, the tank heating means may be installed: a diesel combustion engine, stainless steel flue, set high, low value for auto-ignition,Suitable for winter and cold zone, so that the tank kitchen waste will not be too low solidification.

  Dongfeng DLK truck food waste, is input via the barrels swill slowly conveyor truck , the roof poured into the compartment (compartment can be divided into the tank and the tank) the entire process, automate.Food waste truck t feature section with a fitted, high degree of automation garbage dump, reliable, good sealing, loading large capacity, easy operation, closed during transport, no sewage leak and odor distribution, environmental protection and good characteristics. Plastic trash MASSIVE Duolika food waste inside the vehicle can serve to 240 l or 120 l.

  Food waste can choose different types of vehicle chassis according to different requirements on the loading of the garbage can be loaded vehicles 2-10 tons of waste food waste, food kitchen swill truck rying capacity of circular tank (cbm box), the effective volume 90% points on the inner body (or casing), two layers, the lower layer of solid-liquid separation sewage collection tank, water tank high, middle and low, with the lowermost end outlet, to ensure that the water drained.

  By loading vehicle food waste bin lifting system having a bin locking structure, safe and reliable loading and unloading.Trash and garbage linking the inlet to ensure the loading and unloading of food waste does not overflow Caesar, do not miss.There is sufficient distance between the refuse inlet and the push plate, the push plate and the inner surface of the tank is provided with sealing means to prevent food waste input process and the separation process rearward overflow into the push plates. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and sequential valves, and a variety of functions, composed of high and low pressure line.Choice of imported key components ensure reliable operation of the product, safety.



Food waste truck Encyclopedia

Food waste garbage vehicle, also known as meal kitchen garbage trucks or truck s more than swill truck , the truck is a kind of food waste in the garbage trucks, special vehicles are used to collect and transport garbage, food waste (swill) and urban sludge.With the development of China’s catering industry, our existing hotels, restaurants nearly 3.5 million, the number of food waste generated every day is amazing, collected transport and diverse, targeting food waste to food waste truck s fast development.


Food waste truck features


1, with loading, unloading garbage high degree of automation, reliable, good sealing, large loading capacity, easy to operate, work process is airtight, no sewage leak and odor distribution, environmental protection and good characteristics.It may be loaded with different specifications of the standard trash, having broad applicability.Food waste efficient truck s, clean garbage collection, transportation special vehicles.


2, food waste not only optimizes the truck sanitation residents, reducing food waste odor in the air, reduce breeding cockroaches, bacteria may improve the sanitation work environment, reduce pollution caused by garbage scattered around.


Hubei Cheng Li truck manufacturer of food waste food waste to provide you with truck size, truck how much food waste, food waste truck Which is good, good truck Dongfeng Which food waste, food waste truck video, kitchen Quote garbage truck, truck ten tons of food waste much money, 2 truck wholesale CBM food waste, food waste a truck how much money, the price of food waste truck 8t


Can produce different tonnage and brands to meet the different needs of users,

Accordance with the tonnage points: Small truck food waste, food waste 8 cbm truck , three tons of food waste truck , eight tons of food waste truck , Cheng Li truck food waste, food waste 5 cbm truck , truck 5 tons of food waste, 3 Cube food waste truck , 3t food waste vehicles, large-scale food waste vehicles, pure electric vehicles food waste


According to sub-brand: Isuzu kitchen garbage truck, Dongfeng DLK food waste trucks, truck s Zoomlion food waste, food waste FYC truck , truck Hubei food waste, food waste Foton truck , truck Xiamen food waste, Kama 2 truck side of food waste.

Factory Corner

湖北程力garbage truck 厂家多方位图

The company is located in Hubei Cheng Li Yan Emperor Shen Nong, the ancient music of bells Township, historical and cultural city – Suizhou in Hubei Province, where there are eight wonders of the ancient world – bells, now has a dedicated domestic auto manufacturers – Hubei green special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd..”In exclusive licensing clean truck ” for five consecutive years were rated as “consumer satisfaction with products in Hubei Province”, Hubei Province to obtain “Credible Enterprise” title, was the tenth of Hubei Province, “customer satisfaction” title, passed Commercial Bank of China AA corporate credit rating.Special Purpose Vehicle Company products throughout the 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and repeatedly exported to Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Burma, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Congo, El Salvador, Iraq and other countries.Higher market share.Companies adhere to the “quality of survival, reputation and development, technological innovation road, a service brand” business philosophy, “integrity, pragmatic, innovative, progressive” for business purposes, and constantly improve their product quality, develop to meet market demand Wumart price Lim versatile special Purpose Vehicle.


选择品牌garbage truck 厂家的理由

购买garbage truck 的流程

购买garbage truck 的分期方案

garbage truck 厂家分期付款流程

garbage truck 厂家售后服务综指

Service commitment:


We follow quality policy is: “products is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our commitment.”To this end, we make the following commitments:

Free maintenance program and the time limit

1, free warranty: one year.

2, time tracking service: life.

3, customers pay from the date of the vehicle’s use, in normal use, free repair within one year, more than six months, and only pay part time charge.

4, 24-hour service: Our customer is always right for the purpose of service, customer truck e, truck e for each trolley service.


Service Guarantee:


I hereby solemnly promise: Where the sale of the Company’s products, are guaranteed the Euro on the truck d, such as a company truck because I can not issue the license, a full refund and compensation for loss of customers.All models are made of original chassis, the company strictly on product quality, the -sales by the company responsible in the end.Upload part free one-year warranty, the -sales service within 24 hours to reach outside the province 48 hours to arrive, to provide technical guidance for life, lifetime cost of parts supply.


Repair service mode


First, the chassis by the chassis part of a joint warranty service stations in the Euro , are lorry chassis warranty booklet, contact directories and other service stations nationwide.

Second, the upload part borne by the company or thirty thousand kilometers a year of free home repairs.All tops questions directly coordinated to send staff home maintenance and workshop of the plant by the company.

Third, for users in remote areas can not be timely home maintenance, we will authorize a special service point in the vicinity of the user, all warranty repair costs paid by the company.

Fourth, for a small customer’s own broken down can handle, I can first pay maintenance costs, like maintenance by the customer to the point of processing solutions.


success case


湖北程力garbage truck 厂家 batch delivery 案例



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