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Dongfeng DLK 5 cbm fecal suction truck

Suction truck (Fecal suction truck), the main application to the next septic tanks, sewer and gutter cleaning and other environmental clean-up of special vehicles, and water truck, garbage truck, known as the three models sanitation.Help and trucke has long been associated Euro support policies, such vehicles without having to pay purchase tax.Suction truck mainly composed of automobile chassis, body, manure suction device, etc..Furui Ka models commonly used Dongfeng, Dongfeng DLK, after the 6×4, the former forty-eight other models.Suction truck composition: water separator, moisture separator, special vacuum suction pump manure volume gauge, systems, and was suction catheter, gravity valve, a vacuum tank, connected (depending on the dung window), automatic anti overflow valve.

Dongfeng DLK 5 cbm fecal suction truck

Chassis configuration: Use of small wind D6 DLK chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab, 3308mm wheelbase, optional Chaochai 102 hp, 115 Mali Guo Yuchai five diesel engines, five-speed gearbox, 3.5 tons rear axle, 7.00 steel tires, brake air brake, with the original ABS, power steering, air conditioning.

Dongfeng DLK 5 cbm fecal suction truck tops arranged : Dedicated portion of the power take off shaft, the vacuum suction pump manure, moisture separators, oil separator, multi-valve, boom, fecal tank, put manure valve, fecal suction gun, the solution tank, depending on the dung windows, vacuum gauge, a network of pipes consisting of.



Dongfeng DLK 5 cbm fecal suction truck

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东风多利卡5方吸粪车 (6)

With a suitable suction truck before installation of the rack, angle irons, the hoop is mounted at the truck position of the pump beam, the level of the pump, the left and right, front and rear, is determined by the power take-off output shaft axis line, and the member is not in the automobile frames as close as possible without interfering the beam and PTO.PTO shaft is connected to the output shaft is inclined not more than 7 degrees.

Non intake port system piping leaks, or affect the degree of vacuum, the exhaust pipe should be no leakage of oil to avoid vacuum exhaust, pollution, energy waste.

Because this pump is a pump seal, the normal dynamic change must retain sufficient numbers of N32 machine oil, northeast, northwest cold winter season should use 32 frozen oil, oil from the sealing gap and lubrication, but also because of the oil in the pump It is brought out of the exhaust pump.Thus one must be installed on the outcbm of the exhaust port, two sufficiently separated from oil and gas separating means, for recycling oil pumps, gas discharged into the atmosphere, polluting achieve smooth operation of the pump, and the energy.

Suction truck properly installed vacuum suction pump manure, the use of maintenance matters should be noted:

1, the pipeline does not allow leakage phenomenon exists, otherwise it will not work suction truck.

2, suction truck vat spill must be installed, will be very easy waste water and vacuum suction when suction truck use, destruction of the entire system.

3, the one suction truck oil separator and an oil return port two oil separator and an oil return port connected to the suction pipe must be oil resistant rubber tube or pipe (steel braided hose) as permitted by the heat deformable plastic pipe.

4, when a new pump suction truck used, should be added directly to 1-2 liters No. N32 machine oil pump, refrigerating machine oil 32 is added when the northeast and the northwest in cold districts.

5, the intake port of the pump should be installed in the moisture separator.

6, I plant with one, two oil separator, a four-way valve, with check valve and a moisture separator anti-overflow apparatus for supporting the use of an independent valuation.


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