Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck


Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

Function Description:

Vacuum truck configurations: a dedicated portion of the power take off shaft, the vacuum suction pump manure, moisture separators, oil separator, multi-valve, boom, fecal tank, put manure valve, fecal suction gun, solution tank, depending on the dung windows, vacuum gauge, a network of pipes consisting of.This product is used for suction truck pumping manure, sewage, sludge, and pulp mixed with small debris suspended liquid having a high pumping efficiency, self-absorption, self-discharge and direct irrigation, etc..

★ suction truck imports of anti-overflow device to prevent faeces, sewage, smoke filled the intrusion to a vacuum pump system.Turtle tank design, the permanent deformation.Installation Euro quality assessment of Hangzhou Veyron manure vacuum pump (Italian technology), fecal suction guide property management can be rotated 360 degrees, the discharge pressure and the discharge from the row, mounted float level controller with electronic alarm device.

★ self priming from the row, to facilitate suction, having a high vacuum, suction away, and can be used to meet the different users in different environments using.Suction truck according to customer requirements to install sprinkler function, water, manure can be independent points can fecal suction can be watering, a dual-purpose vehicles.

★ sanitation models.Help and trucke has long been associated Euro support policies, such vehicles without having to pay purchase tax.

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck tops configuration:

Dimensions of this announcement: 6mm tank material; tail defecation port ,, sk-6 water ring pumps, the four-way valve operating

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck chassis configuration:

classical wind DLK suction truck chassis 4 cbm , Yuchai 115 hp, 102 hp Chaochai Xichai 98 horsepower, 3308 wheelbase, 7.00R16 steel tire.Dongfeng chassis, the wheelbase 3308mm, front axle 2.1 ton rear axle 3.5 tons.

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck Vehicle Description:

DLK classical wind suction cbm truck 4 is highest with double beam Yuchai 115 horsepower, with the original air conditioning, central locking, electric glass.Market share is very high on a model.

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

Suction truck urban and rural sanitation sector suction and delivery of manure and other waste water, clean up the transit transport sludge, sewage, sanitation vehicles to avoid new secondary pollution, suction truck can be self-priming from the row, work fast, high-capacity transport easy to use for collecting aspirant feces, sludge, and pulp mixed with small debris suspended liquid, transportation manure, sewage, crude oil and other liquid substances.For municipal sanitation, small medium and large industrial and mining enterprises, communities, schools, transport septic tank cleaning, pipe cleaning dredge cities, factories, rural biogas digesters biogas slurry residue clean-up.Since self-priming discharge.

To principle truckburetor suction truck suction truck can work continuously (running), must continuously, not only supplied to the engine fueling, air supply, but also that they are properly mixed, the combustion exhaust gas can also be finished smoothly discharged.To do this, need to be stored in a fuel tank, the fuel tank into the engine, pumps and pipes must have.In order to prevent fuel contamination, the filter needs to be filtered.

Air outcbm air containing dust, into the engine's air filter needs to be filtered.How to clean the air and fuel preparation needed, you need not be a part of a de broken down, that is, suction truck truckburetor.Currently suction truck on a conventional single-stage rotary seals are a vacuum pump by the pump, and the formation of the rotor, the pump housing, rotary vane, slip ring, and a sealing device consisting of a bearing cap, rotor wearing parts, in order to facilitate Removing repair, rotor offset from the turning center to the center of the pump.

Its working principle is eccentric rotor operating in PTO drive, the tank into the compression chamber, when the pressure exceeds a predetermined value of the exhaust port, the compression chamber automatically open, the compressed air is discharged, so that air is drawn incbm the tank, repeated cycle, the vacuum is formed incbm the tank.In order to ensure normal operation of the vacuum pump and avoid contamination, while also producing suction truck mounted oil separator and a moisture separator to filter the compressed hydrotruckbon gas and water vapor.

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

Water truck tank process measures:

1.Correcting the first stamping member separate units, and then assembled in order from a start point of the solid;

2.Tooling sequence: upper wing web → → → block tank after the tank before plugging → → the intermediate diaphragm blade.Tack weld size of 50 / 200mm, tack welding to fill the crater at the end, to prevent microcracking;

3.After the first fixed point on the blade and the web take by fillet welds, and then finished before welding, after welding can block production, after the upper blade *** weld seam;

4.In order to control the deformation, to take truckve reverse welding, namely: two in the same manner, consistent energy control line;

5.Welding operation to be standardized, especially welding sequence with the welding speed, which can effectively control the problem of excessive local deformation;

6.Tack welding is completed, the whole tire, to release all the Taiqian jig, and the good tack Guankou.

Dimensions suction tank truck quality requirements:

1, a buckling ± 3mm;

2, the axis difference ± 5mm;

3, the local ± 5mm recess;

4, roughness ± 2mm;

5, the height difference between the weld machining + 1mm;

6, vertical and horizontal cross-seam is not less than 200mm;

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

Unloading row

(1) towards the suction hose manure pits within the accumulator.

(2) The four-way valve handle pull parallel to the ground, opening the spill valve, so that it is parallel to the axis of the handle and pipe.

(3) linked to the transmission into neutral, and then start the engine, the disconnect clutch, the power take off switch that is pulled rearward-gear power take off, the vacuum pump starts to operate.

(4) discharging liquid manure tank body emptied, the driver should be the power take-off operating handle is pushed forward gear i.e., the vacuum pump is stopped.

(5) The fuel tank through cocks rotation handle plate parallel to the axis of the intake mailbox i.e. closed, after rinsing hose, which go back into the table box, cbm door shut, and the boom upward cab.

(6) The suction truck to leave the job site.

Dongfeng DLK 4 cbm fecal suction truck

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