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Dongfeng DFAC Furuika road sweeper

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Furuika road sweeper

Dongfeng Furuika road sweeper

Dongfeng Furuika Road Sweeper is a new generation of medium-sized, environmentally friendly, combined sweeping and suction special road sweeping vehicles developed by our company. The vehicle has high operating efficiency, advanced and reliable technical performance, and beautiful appearance.
1. Performance characteristics ◆The control box is in the cab, and each system is electrically controlled centrally, which is convenient for operation.
◆The four sweeping discs of Dongfeng Furica Road Sweeper are combined with the suction nozzle for sweeping and sucking. The sweeping and sucking ability is excellent. The sweeping disc has an anti-collision function.
◆ Both sides can work at the same time, or one side can work independently. ◆ The cleaning device has a simple and reliable mechanism and is difficult to damage;
Dongfeng Furuika road sweeper adopts all stainless steel trash cans and clean water tanks;
◆The core components of the hydraulic system are imported with original packaging;
◆Appearance modeling computer design, high side skirts, curved surface transition, overall coordination and symmetrical;
Main technical data of Dongfeng Furica road sweeper products
product name: Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper
Total mass (Kg): 7360 Dimensions (mm): 6200×2000×2590
Rated quality (Kg): 2190 Cargo compartment size (mm): ××
Curb weight (Kg): 5040 Approach/departure angle (°): 20/12
Emission Standards: Euro five Top speed (km/h): 99
other: 1. Protective material: Q235A truck bon steel, connection method: the left and right side protective devices interfere with the special device, so it can be exempted; the rear lower protective device is connected with the beam bolt, the rear protective section size (mm): 100×50, rear protection Ground clearance (mm): 380.2, optional front cover and front fog lamp with the chassis; optional vacuum box and single sweeping brush device, and optional new shape for the top. 4. The text spraying position and vehicle color can be changed. 5. The corresponding relationship (mm) of vehicle length/wheelbase/rear overhang is: 6200/3308/1852, 5950/3308/1602.
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. FAW FAWAutomobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory 3298
85 (115 horsepower)
72 (98 horsepower)
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: EQ1070SJ3BDF Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase: 3308 Axle load: 2640/4720
Item Parameter
Sub-engine model


Auxiliary engine power

57 kW 77.5 horsepower

Maximum total mass


Maximum speed


Sweeping width

≥2.8-3 m

Clean water tank volume


Trash bin volume

4 m3

Operating speed


Maximum operating capacity

45000 m2/h

Maximum suction particle size

120 mm

Cleaning efficiency


DFAC road sweeper
Side view of Dongfeng Furika road sweeper

Dongfeng DFAC road sweeper

Back view of Dongfeng Furika road sweeper
Dongfeng DFAC road sweeper
Back view of Dongfeng Furika road sweeper

Optional new style and painting
DFAC Furuika road sweeperDFAC Furuika road sweeperDFAC Furuika road sweeper

Dongfeng DFAC road sweeper
Can be equipped with snow shovel and top greening antiaircraft gun

Dongfeng Furika Road Sweeper
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