Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser


CLW5251GPSD5 green spray vehicles: authentic Euro V emission standards, Shaanxi fast small eight-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 4350 + 1350mm, 280mm beams, 10 tons 5 tons front axle / rear axle, 11.Steel tire 00, with the original ABS, the tank is a tank volume of 22 cubic meters meters when the cans, the can body is oval when volume of 20 cubic meters meters.Artillery range of 25-35 meters, in strict accordance with the size of the production announcement, does not exceed the size does not exceed the weight, environmentally friendly, fully exempt from.(New regulations)

Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser

Original chassis old Dongfeng, the Dongfeng EQ1250GD5DJ1 Euro s five 6x4 D913 bottom chassis designed commercial DF series, white fat jade, wheelbase 4350 + 1350, a half row inversion hydraulic cab, Cummins engine authentic Euro five ISB220 50, 220 hp Kang (Yuchai 240 hp) Fast transmission 8JS75C gearbox 8, the front axle 5T / 10T double rear axle, a double frame 280, 11.00-20 tires, the direction of power, breathe brake, electric Dongfengows, under protection, ABS, air conditioning.

Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser

Tank volume of 20-21 cubic meters sprinkler, steel tank having a wave preventing effect is 4mm Q235 steel material, a separator tank, in order to reduce the impact when the liquid tank truck s, tank and vehicle dimensions according announcement.With dedicated sprinkler pump power, the pump self-priming from the row, the vehicle pediment, sprinkle, side spray, with fire interface 65, after the platform with green water spray gun, the gun may be fully rotating sprinkler, straight into a continuous tone shaped, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle; headband water level before the closure, after the main line with a 1-inch platform interface to water the flowers, the ladder.Rear platform with a small truck d security told: "stop at any time, pay attention to safety", with two water pipes and end yin and yang.Tank Color: White upper / lower small , silver / silver small , spray tank both "sprinkler, green spray vehicles" words, reflective tape or label.After the installation of the sprinkler can sprinkle pediment pneumatic valve control cab, the installation of the mist generator units gun spraying device, can be installed push snow snow front shovel, snow roller means streets, roads snow removal, etc..

Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser

Truck list: hand tools, service manuals, warranty booklet, motor vehicles households invoice, environmental protection list, five Euro vehicle certification.

Dongfeng 6x4 sprinkler pump flow 50m3 / h, the vertical suction pump can reach 7 m.Prior absorbent sprinkler should first four-way ball valve (usually located below the left side of the tank body, and its main role is to control the water out of the tank) into the ground water supply hose connected, above the valve with a wrench counterclockwise twist screw resorted outlet closed, and then started the engine, the power take hung, after pump starts irrigation water over switch return.Abnormal eye-catching red ball of fire, mainly for fire hydrant on the connecting roads for the use of emergency water needs.When the sprinkler pump to work, the work can be truck ried out watering.Round downfield from the pipe joint, consisting of a nozzle, sprinkler width up to 14 m on the road from the main scouring cleaning action, can be manually adjusted direction of the nozzle itself, can change the direction of the punch width and a sprinkler sprinkling. Both sides of the tank further is welded a cylindrical suction hose storage depository slot, using a fixed latch is attractive and durable manner, the main role is to prevent the leakage of the outer suction tube, subjected to Dongfeng and sun, greatly increased by the use of suction pipe life.


DF 6x4 sprinkler tank can be loaded 20 tons of water, greater than 12 tons of vehicle manufacturers will install the two rear right upper showerhead body, on both sides of the main road to the trees and plants for irrigation.After the installation of sprinkler has a simple truck ladder on the work platform to facilitate climbing up and down the staff.Working platform pattern mainly made cleat, the cleat 5 mm thickness, internet 50-70 cm wide, 60-80 cm high, mainly to facilitate safe operation staff sprinkler gun designed.The left and right sides of the working platform with the sprinkling head 2 cylinder, and duck-shaped nozzle, the spray width can reach seven meters, it is generally used for street flushing.When QL45 enhanced water cannons, water spray guns, the maximum range of ≥ 28m, adjusted into a column, a range of ≥ 28m, can be adjusted into a fog, range ≥5m.In ordinary sprinkler gun pressure increased about twice, the same sprinkling or pouring operations, save more than half the work time, work efficiency is greatly increased.Working platform between the tank and is also connected to a "H" type ladder for easy cleaning and maintenance workers who are up and down, simple and practical.

Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser

Solid and durable dust hero - Dongfeng Dragon after Shuangqiao sprinkler, I believe read the above article, we have a deeper understanding of it.Of course, it is not just a single to dust, but also for the back of the artillery poured green garden, the installation of more sprayer, a large area of the garden shed medicine, a multi-purpose vehicle, really was a true hero!


Dongfeng 20 tons sprinkler vehicle issued:

★ chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified Euro invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.Vehicle quality performance to win, but to get more details on the advantages recognized by people, is sprinkler annual sales champion.

★ From the outside does not lose its generous overall feeling uncomfortable, coupled with suet white and small of the perfect combination of looks comfortable a grade.Factory where travel is bound to face value than the other two types of vehicles, small and delicate and functional.

The safety of air brake brake brake system guarantees the safety and reliability to ensure the operation; ★ atmosphere and fluent in sprinkler who has been a perfect show, Cummins engine power on the full; easier when the direction of resistance so that the job.Dongfeng sprinkler quality, quality, strength to see.

Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser

Dongfeng 20 tons sprinkler Additional information:

Tank body can be used for anti-corrosion treatment, the outer tank can be used rockwool or urethane foam insulation, with 1.Outsourcing 2mm thick cold rolled plate, and overflow tank installation, configuration and other personalized water level gauge.

☆: This section models the company has been declared Euro special sprinkler announcement, households may apply for exemption from purchase tax using the tax-free, due to special sprinkler part, different engine configurations, different vehicle prices.You can contact us before purchase, we will give you the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best according to your needs sprinkler price.

Dongfeng 20 tons sprinkler truck must see:

Our basic sprinkler Dongfeng 20 tons have been exempt from environmental bulletin announcements and declarations by the Euro , may apply for exemption from legal to tax procedures and greatly reduce the cost of our customers truck .Special Vehicle part due to different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.You can purchase please contact us before then, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.

Comprehensive recommendation: 20 tons sprinkler Dongfeng Dragon is a Dongfeng in the end product, selling for 20 years, its configuration is also very to the force applied to road maintenance, road green belt irrigation, sanitation choice for the majority of business sectors!

Dongfeng D913 20 cbm water bowser

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