Dongfeng D9 flatbed truck


Dongfeng D9 flatbed transporter configuration, new excavator flatbed truck, real high quality and low price, real cost-effective, Yuchai 170 horsepower engine, Fast eight-speed gearbox, airbag seat, original air conditioner, driving recorder, 900R20 Steel wire tires, rear axle 8 tons, plate length 6.8 meters, and the national Dongfeng service station joint insurance, is a very cost-effective flatbed truck!

Dongfeng D9 flatbed truck

Dongfeng D9 flatbed truck

Bodywork configuration Dongfeng D9 flatbed truck

Standard configuration is 100x100mm square tube, 5mm thick checker plate, double spring ladder and rear outriggers.

Optional configuration 120x120mm square tube, 6mm or 8mm thick check plate, hydraulic ladder, folding ladder, lightweight material and water spray device.

Installment payment can be paid in installments nationwide, with low interest, simple procedures, and fast lending!

The complete vehicle factory includes: chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, national unified motor vehicle registration invoice, on-board tools, instruction manual and national after-sales service manual.

Due to the different configurations of special vehicles, there are also certain differences in prices. For specific requirements and prices, please call the factory direct sales phone.

Advantages of Dongfeng D9 flatbed transporter

1. The length of the whole vehicle is 5950mm, the effective length of the flat plate is 3640mm, and the width is 2360mm. It can carry Type 80 excavators or combine harvesters.

2. The car adopts Dongfeng's brand-new B07 body. The heavy front face and unique style bring people a sense of fashion, modernity, power and technology, and realize the perfect combination of power and beauty, making driving more comfortable.

3. Single-layer, equidistant hole frame (strong bearing capacity, release stress and heat, improve torsional performance, eliminate hidden dangers of frame breakage, and greatly improve frame strength).

4. The European-style clutch booster reduces the partial wear of the booster cylinder, and the reliability of the clutch system is greatly improved.

5. Large-bore steering gear (the steering gear is one size larger than the chassis, and the steering is light and safer).

6. Lower the driving center of gravity of the whole vehicle, making it easier to get on and off the vehicle, and the vehicle runs more stably.

Dongfeng D9 flatbed truck

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