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Dongfeng D9 Euro six multi-functional dust suppression truck

Dongfeng D9 Euro six multi-functional dust suppression truck

(50-100 cbm meters can -CLW5180TDYD6 type mist gun)

Buy multi-purpose vehicle fog dust suppression artillery epidemic prevention disinfection of vehicles, look for the director Zhou!

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Dust wind DLK D9 east six new countries using vehicles Duolika D9 series production chassis, the wheelbase 4500mm, chassis 210 horsepower Cummins engine, vacuum tire 295, gear box Dongfeng 6, six Euro s emission standards, tank capacity: 10 cubic meters , Q235 truckbon steel tank using a steel sheet, a cbm corrugated design, beautiful appearance of the atmosphere, the work platform vehicle installation efficiency formula breeze Sprayer, Spraying gun atomization effect, remote spray, dust suppression Dongfeng Duolika D9 truck with pediment sprinkle, cbm spray, internet gun, gravity valve and fire the respective joints 1, Yifeng standard pumps or pumps dragon , 50-100 meters optional sprayer.

Dongfeng D9 Euro six multi-functional dust suppression truck

Tops configuration: tank volume of 10 tons, a cbm tank body, incbm the tank do corrosion, galvanized main line, flush with the front portion of the road spray device, the spray device rear fan dust, both cbms of the spray device, with the rear work platform, platform installation green sprinkler gun (gun adjustable spray shape), adjustable straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, continuous adjustment, with the use of only good high flow pumps, fire interface gravity, music speakers, 50-100 meters high spray unit.

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Spray machine configuration: TDM-M08 type, may be a wireless remote control, and manually.According to the atomizing effects of fog machine guns ranging from demand matching 60-120 meters (static wind indoor distance) 🙁 actual range will be affected by a range of atomization humidity, temperature, wind speed and other aspects of weather factors, in addition to dry weather in the region a portion of the air is evaporated).

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Dongfeng D9 Euro six multi-functional dust suppression truck


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