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Product Introduction

DF docking station DLK D9 compacting garbage truck chassis with Dongfeng D9 cab, wheelbase 4500, 180 horsepower Cummins, 1000 steel tire, air conditioning, electric glass, tachograph, butt garbage truck, Wuhan Iron and high box body operated integrally with flashlight, bold type cylinder, supporting the use of compressed garbage station, Dongfeng DLK D9 compacting garbage garbage truck vehicle docking station model: CLW5164ZDJD5 compressed docking garbage truck chassis type: EQ1161LJ9BDE, total weight: 16,000 (Kg), load weight: 8060,8520 (Kg), curb weight: 7745,7285 (Kg), the Euro five Dongfeng DLK D9 garbage compression station docking garbage truck vehicle dimensions: 7970, 7770, 7220x2500x3200 (mm), Fuel Type: Diesel.

Special chassis: Meng Dongfeng generation of ultra wide-body D9 Founder cab front face, beam 250, pull much run fast.Wheelbase 3.95 m with a front axle 3.9 tons, 8 tons rear axle, six-speed gearbox.Wheelbase 4.5 m with the front axle 4.5 tons, 10 tons rear axle, Shaanxi 8-speed gearbox.the 120,000 km vehicle reliability test, the engine the 1000 hours of continuous bench testing, safe and reliable.

Dongfeng D9 butt garbage truck, also known as garbage compression station docking garbage truck, garbage is garbage for urban transport in the compression station, special vehicles unloading operations.The truck operating system is a hydraulic control system to complete the manual lever control, garbage collection and transportation mode is currently widely used in domestic waste transfer station compression mode, you can achieve a multi-truck station, with a greatly reduced cost and space.

component: Dongfeng D9 butt garbage truck by the well-known brands Dongfeng original chassis (Genius), box (sealed), PTO, multi-valve, hydraulic system, operating system, etc..Compartment: using the No. 16 channel high- truck bon steel low-alloy steel plate welded sealed, and a connecting plate 8 group fused special vehicle chassis frame, design appearance, reasonable structure, easy loading and unloading.


The feed structure: Garbage compacting garbage station compressed into garbage block the block lifted vertically, and open the compressed drain tank door, when the back door is rotated upward garbage truck box open, compressed garbage truck door and the rear door abutting box, then the box is compressed garbage block level of the push plate to push cabinets garbage truck, garbage truck rear door to close the the completion of the loading of garbage, the garbage into the rubbish dump performed.Discharge structure: DF D9 docking garbage truck s, for unloading the tank with two direct hydraulic lifting truck riage unloading, and bottom angle of the ground is not less than 45 degrees, in order to achieve waste rely on their own special detachable weight dump truck.


main feature: Dongfeng D9 docking station for large compressed garbage truck garbage collection is simple, efficient.Environmental protection and good (no secondary pollution), highly efficient vehicle use, reliable, convenient, low failure rate, maintenance, and low operating costs.


operating system: Dongfeng D9 large garbage compression station docking vehicles can be achieved by converting the functions of the system.By manipulating the valve handle multiple loading and unloading work can be done.(Multi-valve operation should put the oil pump driven by the power take off)


Hydraulic system: The tanks, pumps, multi-valve, hydraulic cylinders, filters and lines, the garbage handling system can achieve specific functions.


Comfortable driving: Wide 2.32 meters cab interior simple and comfortable, spacious, better visibility, central locking, a key control, four multifunction steering wheel, adjustable damping seat width adjustment enjoy driving experience Yu.The seat may be scheduled large, large storage space and wide berth.High twice reading lights, anti-spherical outlet side Dongfeng ow frosting, fogging, automatic air conditioning standard.Thoughtful stepping down, the maintenance of the system of provincial Dongfeng, worry, effort, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce labor intensity.



Side mounted compression type garbage truck special dockingpoint:

1, simple operation– two sets of manual and automatic operating systems, may be a single cycle or continuous loop operation with emergency stop means;


2, clean environment– with 2 water tank, before the garbage and trash compartment below the filler are mounted beneath the sewage collection tank, and to avoid water leakage refuse or dripping phenomenon during transport compression, avoid secondary pollution;


3, high compression ratio– intermediate belt scraper ribs, of the branches may be crushed, the bottle, the compression ratio of 2.5: 1;


4, two-way compression– with a peristaltic compression, to move forward into the compartment the the front of the case with waste, filled up, so that more refuse loading capacity;


5, choose from a variety of tilting mechanism– hanging the tub with a conventional reversing mechanism, which can flip GB 2 240 for flying drum, or flip a 240 liter plastic bucket and a 300 l drums, barrels or 660 flips for flying, this optional turning mechanism means sealing cap, flip trash can design customized special specifications; optional (semi-closed) loop flip bucket floor, sealed inverted bucket, arm flip bucket, and the like without inverting mechanism


Compression butt garbage truck Encyclopedia


Butt garbage truck, also known as garbage compression station docking garbage truck: for urban garbage garbage transfer stations in the compression, a dump of special vehicles.The truck operating system is a hydraulic control system is completed, the control mode may be controlled manually or electrically start.Standing garbage compacting garbage the compressed into the hopper body mass vertical lift, compress and open the drain tank door, when the back door is rotated upward garbage truck box open, compressed garbage truck door and the rear door abutting box, the being compressed garbage block level inside the push plate to push cabinets garbage truck, garbage truck rear door to close the the completion of the loading of garbage, the garbage into the rubbish dump performed.


Docking garbage truck is widely used in domestic garbage compression station garbage transport mode, you can achieve a multi-truck station, with a greatly reduced cost and space, and so on.Its dedicated function means are powered automobile engine, achieved by a manual or electric hydraulic mechanism, pneumatic.Vehicle box sealed high quality truck bon steel plate welded structure, having a high strength, light weight, no secondary pollution.


Hubei Cheng Li butt garbage truck manufacturer to provide you with docking garbage truck quotes, sealed docking garbage truck how much compression butt garbage truck offer large butt garbage truck how much money seal butt garbage truck quotes, Fuyang docking how much a garbage truck, butt garbage truck Guangxi how much money one,

Tangshan butt garbage truck, etc. How much money a.


At the same time production of different tonnage and brands to meet the different needs of users, 12 cbm butt garbage truck, 25 tons butt garbage truck, 153 docking garbage truck, eight tons of municipal butt garbage truck, a small compression docking garbage truck, FAW j6 docking garbage truck, Dongfeng butt garbage truck, Dongfeng model butt garbage compressing truck, heavy truck trump docking garbage trucks.

Factory Corner


The company is located in Hubei Cheng Li Yan Emperor Shen Nong, the ancient music of bells Township, historical and cultural city – Suizhou in Hubei Province, where there are eight wonders of the ancient world – bells, now has a dedicated domestic auto manufacturers – Hubei green special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd..”In exclusive licensing clean truck ” for five consecutive years were rated as “consumer satisfaction with products in Hubei Province”, Hubei Province to obtain “Credible Enterprise” title, was the tenth of Hubei Province, “customer satisfaction” title, passed Commercial Bank of China AA corporate credit rating.Special Purpose Vehicle Company products throughout the 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and repeatedly exported to Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Burma, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Congo, El Salvador, Iraq and other countries.Higher market share.Companies adhere to the “quality of survival, reputation and development, technological innovation road, a service brand” business philosophy, “integrity, pragmatic, innovative, progressive” for business purposes, and constantly improve their product quality, develop to meet market demand Wumart price Lim versatile special Purpose Vehicle.



购买garbage truck 只需要五步

garbage truck 厂家分期方案

garbage truck 厂家分期流程

garbage truck 厂家售后服务综指


Service commitment:


We follow quality policy is: “products is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our commitment.”To this end, we make the following commitments:

Free maintenance program and the time limit

1, free warranty: one year.

2, time tracking service: life.

3, customers pay from the date of the vehicle’s use, in normal use, free repair within one year, more than six months, and only pay part time charge.

4, 24-hour service: Our customer is always right for the purpose of service, customer truck e, truck e for each trolley service.


Service Guarantee:


I hereby solemnly promise: Where the sale of the Company’s products, are guaranteed the Euro on the truck d, such as a company truck because I can not issue the license, a full refund and compensation for loss of customers.All models are made of original chassis, the company strictly on product quality, the -sales by the company responsible in the end.Upload part free one-year warranty, the -sales service within 24 hours to reach outside the province 48 hours to arrive, to provide technical guidance for life, lifetime cost of parts supply.


Repair service mode


First, the chassis by the chassis part of a joint warranty service stations in the Euro , are lorry chassis warranty booklet, contact directories and other service stations nationwide.

Second, the upload part borne by the company or thirty thousand kilometers a year of free home repairs.All tops questions directly coordinated to send staff home maintenance and workshop of the plant by the company.

Third, for users in remote areas can not be timely home maintenance, we will authorize a special service point in the vicinity of the user, all warranty repair costs paid by the company.

Fourth, for a small customer’s own broken down can handle, I can first pay maintenance costs, like maintenance by the customer to the point of processing solutions.


success case

湖北程力厂家其它车  Model 成功案例

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