Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm) water truck


Hubei Chengli Automobile: Dongfeng D9 (12-15 square) water truck (National VI) product model and parameter configuration, Dongfeng D9 (12-15 square) water truck (National VI) high-definition pictures, Chengli automobile series Dongfeng D9 (12) -15 party) Please call the customer service hotline for the latest quotation of the water truck (National VI) Vehicle technical parameters: tank volume: 10 cubic meters; water spray width: 14 meters; water cannon; lift: 28 meters; vertical suction: 6 meters; total mass (Kg): 11995kg; rated load (Kg); 7170kg; curb weight (Kg); Parameter Chassis name Dongfeng Dolica…

Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm ) water truck ( Euro VI)

Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm) water truck

Vehicle technical parameters
product name Dongfeng D9 Dolica Water Truck Vehicle model CLW5180GSSD6
Tank volume 12 cubic meters Sprinkler width 14 meters
Water cannon lift 30 meters Vertical suction 8 meters
Total mass (Kg) 18000kg Rated load quality (Kg) 10385,10320kg
Curb weight (Kg) 7485kg Dimensions (mm) 7650×2500×3200mm

Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm) water truck

Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Dolica D9 Chassis model EQ1185LJ9CDE
Number of passengers (person) 3 people Number of tires 6
Wheelbase (mm) 3950mm Tire specifications 9.00R20
Maximum speed 89km Fuel type Diesel oil
Emission Standards Euro Six engine model B6.2NS6B210
Model advantage
Vehicle advantages: The exterior of the cab is stylish and beautiful. The tank body is made of high-quality truck bon steel from Wuhan Iron and Steel. The sprinkler pump, power take-off, and ball valve are all nationally shaped products with good performance, reliable work, high pressure, large flow, and low fuel consumption.
Chassis configuration: Dongfeng 2315 row semi-cab, Dongfeng D9 Cummins 210 horsepower engine, 4500MM wheelbase, Dongfeng DT0690 gearbox, 295 tubeless tires, 5 tons front axle, 10 tons Dana rear axle, 250 double-layer girder, steam brake, exhaust system Power, original air conditioner, power windows, ABS
Upload configuration: The tank volume is 12 cubic meters meters, the tank body is made of national standard Q235 truck bon steel material, the thickness of the tank body is 4MM, the front and rear heads are 5MM thickened, the double-layer partition in the tank body has the anti-wave effect to reduce the impact of the liquid in the tank when the truck is driving; The whole vehicle and its external dimensions are manufactured in strict accordance with the Euro Motor Vehicle Announcement; it is equipped with high-power special sprinkler pumps, front flush, rear spray, side spray, and rear platform with green sprinklers. The sprinklers can be rotated in all directions and can be continuously adjusted. Straight, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle; equipped with fire interface, gravity valve, filter, with self-priming and self-draining function. The front head is equipped with a water level gauge, the rear platform main road has a 1-inch watering connection, and the rear ladder is equipped with a fire-fighting connector, a self-flow valve, a filter device, and the rest are standard.
Scope of application: Suitable for road washing and maintenance, construction and construction of factories and mines, high-altitude building washing, landscaping watering, etc. It has the functions of watering, dust reduction, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, water transportation, etc.
After-sales service: There are 1,300 after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the service is thoughtful, allowing you to worry-free after-sales!
Quality Assurance: Big brand, high configuration, good service
Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm) water truck
Dongfeng D9 (12-15 cbm) water truck

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