Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler


D9 12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng chassis configuration: 12 Dongfeng cbm sprinkler DF D9 half row cab, ISB180 50 (6-cylinder) engine, cab 2315, frame 250, air brake, clutch air power, air conditioning, electric Dongfengows, central locking, an exhaust brake assist, dryer, fracture air brakes, ABS, LG axle 3.9/8 ton, six-speed gearbox, 9.00R20 steel tire.Wheelbase 3950, 5900 displacement, output of 132, the total mass of 15995, the amount of load weight 9140, curb weight 6660.

Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler

Dongfeng D9 12sprinklerTops Configuration: Dongfeng D9 12-15 tons sprinklerTank with time molding machine platen technology, advanced rotary machine, the machine tank body bag making process to ensure the accuracy and aesthetic body.Paint technology, anti-corrosion rust, multi-layer primer, paint spraying. Full-featured, irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spraying dust, spray and other anti-aircraft artillery, high-quality water pumps, reasonable design water pipes, gas control PTO, strong operational capacity; increase the tank design, you can pretend to 12-15 cbm water, more efficient use of vehicles.



Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler

Dongfeng DLK sprinkler D9Dedicated Function configuration: 4mm Wuhan using a high- truck bon steel plate rolled molding.After sprinkling with dedicated pumps, before spraying, side spray, and after the work platform sprinkler pressure gun.Sprinkler pump self-priming height of about seven meters, a width of about 14 meters sprinkler vehicle, the monitor adjustable work platform to: straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, rain, drizzle, the effective range of 25-28 m.Vehicle connection with a fire, and the gravity valve self-priming function.3 m 2 supplied water, a ladder, the sides and rear bumper.

Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler

Dongfeng DLK sprinkler D9The truck look powerful and domineering, its chassis is solid and sturdy, powerful engine, ISB180-50 Dongfeng Cummins engine, maximum power of 132KW, maximum horsepower 180PS.

Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler

Vehicle metal tank, and corrosion resistibility of strong, high-atmosphere appears black figure.Fence tank placed inside the tank to ensure the safety of the tire using a 9.00R20 steel tire, two tire front axle, rear axle four tires of the vehicle to support the entire weight of the tread pattern is printed, the tire with the ground better adhesion properties, increased grip, preventing rain and snow, the road surface of the tire skid.


Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler

Dongfeng D9 10 tons sprinkler


D9 12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng vehicle advantages


1, spraying long range coverage area:Front width 16 m or more spray rinsing, Sasa side width of 12 meters above the water, the water cannon in a range of more than 30 meters.Since self-priming pump capable of discharging, continuous sprinkling 8 hours, a large tank volume, long duration time.


2, fully equipped advanced technology:Quasi configuration and attachments arranged with pediment, sprinkle, green watering apparatus such as a remote monitor.The use of lightweight aluminum alloy, and is provided with multiple security devices and alarm system.Sprinkler tank Q235 - 4 mm using a cast molding, the tank volume 12 cubic meters meters.


3, comfortable driving experience:Everything's safe and comfortable configuration.Standard dual-circuit brake and a pneumatic exhaust brake, continuous use adequate protection of the brake system; cab seat airbag disposed adjustable damping, ride more comfortable; large curved dashboard design, with features such as tachograph so that occupants more comfortable driving.


4, powerful bearing capacity is excellent:Select ISB5 equipped with Cummins.Dongfeng DLK 9 engine or Yuchai YC4E horsepower engine D9,170-210 freedom of choice, while the eight-speed gearbox or the optional Fast double-cone synchronizers using technology in the east six-speed gearbox, excellent power match so that Dongfeng DLK D9 become the go-getters like to truck ry the tripod Nukiyama.Dana Axle mounted, has a new high-tension steel axle, bearing capacity of more than 20% of other brands.



5, oversized cab:The biggest change comes sprinkler Dongfeng D9 is nothing more than its large cabin, when small series first saw this truck when shocked.D9 sprinkler Dongfeng cab has been redesigned and optimized, its width has reached 2315mm, are outstanding in similar models.Car door first impression is a big door opening angle, close to 90 degrees, with two pedal pedal, the driver will get off relatively easy.Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that, although the door is a two-stopper adjustment, but the stopper is positioned not allowed in the door when there is a loose feeling.


6, cab more humane:D9 sprinkler Dongfeng cab just wide, still high.In front of the cab front bumper design very truck efully to the two pedals and two thick front cover handle, easy to clean glass driver, a relatively humane light truck similar in design.There is also a more humane design is the cab of the front panel can be flipped up, the air conditioning system, glass tanks, and so it is convenient for maintenance.


7, the interior is simple, buttons within reach: This is not accompanied by large cab and seat airbags are now mainstream, choosing instead to lower-cost mechanical damping seat.Cab seats designed a total of three seats, but the middle seat can not be reversed.In the back seat of a sleeper, sleeper below the toolbox, just need to flip from the sleeper cab mat can easily pick tool.Dongfeng sprinkler D9 center console is relatively simple, a variety of buttons at a glance.Headlight adjustment, ABS switches, emergency switches, etc. are all concentrated in a center console panel, various keys fingertips.


8, solid chassis, powerful: D9 Dongfeng sprinkler is not only spacious cab, as well as a solid chassis and strong power.DLK D9 DF series mounted engine and Cummins ISD Yuchai YC4E engine 160 horsepower and 180 horsepower available.


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Dongfeng sprinkler main D9 is suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler, pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truck eer.


Dongfeng sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage:Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler, 10 tons sprinkler east, east sprinkler 5 tons, 8 tons sprinkler DF, DF 140 DF 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler, sprinkler and other Dongfeng Duolika d9.


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