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Dongfeng D6 Furui Ka 5 tons sprinkler

Dongfeng D6 Furui Ka 5 tons sprinkler Chassis Dongfeng Furui Ka, 3308mm wheelbase, 7.00 nylon tires, ABS, authentic five clouds Euro within 95 horsepower, Miles Young 5-speed gearbox, driving forward, steam brake, there is evidence-free, in strict accordance with the size of the production announcement.Pediment sprinkling, after work platform with a gun, shower right position, side spray.Hubei force truck Ltd. to provide long sprinkler Video, sprinkler pictures, sprinkler price how much money sprinkler factory outlets.Sprinkler specification models: 5 tons sprinkler, sprinkler eight tons, 10 tons sprinkler, sprinkler plus fence cleaning vehicles, sprinkler 15 tons, 18 tons sprinkler, fire sprinkler, sprinkler drought, water truck.

DF Duolika cab / Kaipu Te / DLK belt reversing cab, engine options: Xichai, towards diesel, Yuchai, cloud, all wood Euro five diesel engines, five-speed gearbox, nylon tire 700-16 with the direction of power, ABS, air brakes, with a warm air without cooling.The truck has exempted from announcement, in 2016, the first 03 515 Total No. 50, environmental protection has been compliance.Wuhan 4mm using a high- truck bon steel plate rolled molding, seamless molded completely done.Tank equipped with multi-channel anti-wave partitions, high pressure gas leak detection, the tank has high strength, focus steady, safe and stable vehicle.Cheng Li sprinkler sprinkler factory has automated paint shop, the tank can not rust guarantee 5 years.Body and bumper stickers red white reflective tape, spray “sprinkler” words can body sides (according to customer specific requirements of inkjet words), one white body color choice small or silver Yinlan.

DF Kaipu Te single row with flip cab, Yuchai 115 Mali Guo five diesel engines, five-speed gearbox, 700-16 nylon tire with the direction of power, ABS, air brakes, with a warm air without cooling, electric Dongfengows, Central locking.

DF Furui Ka band single row inversion cab, Xichai FAW cloud 95 or 87 horsepower diesel engine Mali Guo five, five-speed gearbox, 700-16 nylon tire with the direction of power, ABS, air brakes, with no heater with refrigeration.

DF DLK single row with flip cab, Chaochai 102 115 horsepower or all diesel engines the diesel Mali Guo five, five-speed gearbox, 700-16 nylon tire with the direction of power, ABS, air brakes, with a warm air without cooling.

4MM can body made of truck bon steel plate, a separator tank having an anti-wave in order to reduce the impact when the liquid tank truck s.Vehicle with a dedicated sprinkler pump (the maximum suction vertical 6 meters), a width of sprinkler 14 meters, 28 meters range.Watering with 2 downfield (jet) (capable of mud road, dust, waste rinse); sprinkling (uniformly sprayed with water on the road, a sprinkler width 14 m) 2, the two side spray (shower) (-street uniformly green belt watering), with a rear work platform, mounting a green water spray gun (gun sprinkler rotating platform can be full, continuous tone into a straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, fog adjustable flushing tall trees), water time <5min, flow rate of 90m3 / h.With a fire connection with a gravity valve, a filter device, and humanized ladder side fence installed sprinkler music horn.

It can be equipped with air conditioning, pneumatic control valves, and other professional spraying equipment configuration.

Yuchai 115 horsepower; Xichai FAW 87 horsepower; cloud 95 horsepower; Chaochai 102 horsepower; full 115 horsepower diesel

Sprinkler manufacturers according to customer requirements modified various Watering: fight drugs with a barrel-type spray unit (spraying) sprinkler, dust fall fog haze truck with a gun | dust suppression truck with fire pumps and fire water cannons fire sprinkler, the sprinkler with lorry cranes, truck hot water tank with insulation layer with a sprinkler rail cleaning, snow shovel with a sprinkler, watering function with high pressure cleaning, suction truck with watering function, hook arm garbage truck with a sprinkler and much more.


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