Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler


Dongfeng D3 sprinkler  It is a new chassis, vehicle appearance more beautiful, more high-end chassis configuration more refined workmanship.Cheng Li sprinkler sprinkler dedicated power plant with internal pumps, self-priming from the row, comprehensive standard, pediment, sprinkle, side spray, the work platform, 360 with an adjustable monitor green, vertical pump suction ≧ 7 m, m ≧ 14 forward setting sprinkler width greening water gun range ≧ 35 meters, gravity valve, filter, fire interface (connectable hydrant water, can be used for emergency fire).Tank before metering tube (observation tank level), the ladder can, with simple guardrails Guankou tank, the tank-side double barrel, double tank surface painting process, rust, corrosion, automatic welding process tank, corrosion resistant metallic paint.There are also a variety of optional installation configuration: Hangzhou Veyron sprinkler pump, sprinkler automatic remote control gun, tank insulation corrosion, dust suppression spray fan, front shovel snow roller brush, working to meet the needs of a variety of work environments.


Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler



Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler Chassis D3 using the new row of semi cab luxurious interior wheelbase 4500, 190 horsepower Cummins electric Dongfengows central locking, Shaanxi fast 8JS85E gearbox, 5 / 10T front and rear axles, double beam 250mm (7 + 5), 10.00R20 steel tire, brake breathe.Dongfeng Motor adhering to the "Technology for Life" brand philosophy. To better attitude, the perfect embodiment of the micro truck go solid chassis, sheet metal rugged, reliable quality of the bearing capacity of strong traditional advantages, unique, structural optimization, greater truck rying capacity. Quality improvement within the real value, make us run faster way to get rich.


Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinklerTops Configuration: Tank volume of 15 m3, a 4mm-time high-quality rolled steel sheet molding, seamless molded completely done.Tank equipped with multi-channel anti-wave clapboard suction large range far: with dedicated sprinkler pump, with a pediment, sprinkle, side spray, after the work platform installation green sprinkler water cannons on the platform.Sprinkler pump with self-absorption function, vertical suction 6m interface with the fire sprinkler vehicle width of 14 meters, 28 meters maximum range of the monitor, may be rotated 360 ° into a continuous tone straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, rain , such as different status drizzle.


Product multi-faceted real shot chart




Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler has two front face for customers to choose

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler



Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler features:

First, the pediment features, mainly used for road cleaning work, pediment head height can be adjusted, the maximum it can wash 10 lane.Cab mounting location may be selected at a front end, a rear end or tail body.

Second, the side spray features, mainly used for green belt maintenance work, installation height can be customized according to the actual needs of the customer.Alternatively duckbill-side head, showerhead, fire interface.

Third, sprinkle features, mainly for road dust and road maintenance work, and sprinkle fan can rotate 360 degrees debugging based on the actual needs.

Fourth, the high point of shower functions, mainly for green conservation, maintenance and engineering work dust.Alternatively high shower installation height, density optional showerhead.

DF special bottom side 15 can choose to install sprinkler drugs, pneumatic ball control (control for driver chamber each spray nozzle), spraying equipment, etc.-can preservation.



Dongfeng D3 15 cbm sprinkler

Dongfeng sprinkler D3 advantages

First, the solid chassis []

1, the end of sprinkler Dongfeng Dongfeng special EQ1160GZ5DJ types of truck chassis, chassis solid and strong, strong bearing capacity, reliable quality.

2, Dongfeng Cummins ISB190 50 models of the 190-horsepower diesel engine, maximum engine power is 140KW, powerful, 5900ml displacement, the Euro V emission standards, energy saving, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

3, Dongfeng original battery, power supply to electrical equipment on board, ensure that the vehicle functions properly, take a good protection, install a protective cover to extend the life.

4, the vehicle fuel tank made of metal, and corrosion resistibility of strong, high-atmosphere appears black figure.Fence tank placed inside the tank to ensure the safety of.

5, urea tank Euro V emission standards is the most common, Guankou better sealing, opening moderate size, easy to raise urea solution, more environmentally friendly.

6, the protective fence installed inside the tank, tank, battery, etc..Red and white is particularly eye-catching, while ensuring the security body of whom also adds a sense of beauty.

7, the tire 11 using Aeolus.00R20 steel tire, good wear resistance and long service life.The vehicle also has a spare tire, the tire change at any time convenient to the driver.

8, Dongfeng sprinkler D3, solid chassis strong, well-equipped, powerful, good safety performance, is an ideal model.

Second, the interior ride comfort []

1, the end of sprinkler Dongfeng Dongfeng special D3 luxury cab, space large, well-equipped, smooth body lines, to take the feelings of those who ride the main, more warm and comfortable.

2, open the door, the safety handrail that is pleasant to the eye on the door, on and off more secure door also comes with a small storage box, pick a more convenient.

3, high Dongfeng D3 cab chassis design using two hollow-type pedal, on and off more easily, more rain slip hollow design, but also to avoid the accumulation of dirt rain, keep clean cab.

4, Dongfeng Special D3 luxury cab, more spacious, there are two rows of front and rear, front row to do three, the rear is a seating area, used as a temporary resting.High chassis, more open view.

5, the console on the right side of the steering wheel, radio play button, a spin button air conditioning, air conditioning vents and other regular key arrangement,

6, using two Dongfeng D3 sprinkler steering wheel, for damping terms like poor stability.The middle east is a classic logo logo.

7, the instrument panel is a multi-dial combination design, the disk speed and disk speed scale clear, legible.

8, the left and right main function of the left lever below the steering wheel, clearance lamp, whistle button, knob light near Guangyuan.The right front Dongfengow operation lever main water flush switch, the front and rear wipers, etc..

9, the vehicle is equipped Shaanxi fast small eight stalls (8JS85E) gearbox, easy shifting, climbing comfortably, to meet the different needs of the driver's driving.A right cup has two grooves and storage tank, practical and convenient.

10, there is a front passenger front storage box and air outlet, with the Dongfeng direction adjustment function, cooling and heating effect is very good.

11, cab sunroof comes standard, easy ventilation, ensure good ventilation, the truck in front of mirrors is essential to the standard, the driver's rearview mirror field of vision broader, improve security.

12 D3 sprinkler Dongfeng cab, well-equipped, convenient operation, exquisite design, open space, a nice view, to those who ride and experience-based, is a nice and comfortable models.

Third, the appearance of fine appearance []

Dongfeng D3 15 tons sprinkler, 4500mm wheelbase,Luxurious interiors and a half row cab ,Cab larger width, at first glance domineering powerful, white appearance of the cab, adds a steady gas, full security.



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Dongfeng 15 tons sanitation sprinkler mainly suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler, pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truck eer.


Dongfeng sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage:Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler, 10 tons sprinkler east, east sprinkler 5 tons, 8 tons sprinkler DF, DF 140 DF 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler, sprinkler and other Dongfeng Duolika d9.


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