Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane


Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane

Dongfeng D1 single-row Sany 8-ton truck-mounted crane, Chengli truck-mounted crane factory price is ¥317,000, the length of the cargo box is 6.1 meters, the upper body can be equipped with an 8-ton (4/5) crane, and the arm length varies from 14-17.7 meters , users can choose to pay in installments, down payment of 30%, only 95,000 yuan. Our company fully assists in the registration and installment business, so as to relieve users from the worries of purchasing a car.

Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane

Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane

Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane

Chassis configuration Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane

It adopts Dongfeng Changxing D1 single-row cab, the body color can choose engineering yellow, China red, 9.00R20 steel wire tire, engine Yuchai 200 horsepower national VI emission standard, Fast small 8-speed gearbox, 5T/9T (speed ratio) 5.57), 280mm split-type three-layer special frame, standard hydraulic suspension shock absorber in the cab, airbag seat, comfortable driving, central control multimedia LCD screen, original air conditioner, electric doors and windows, multi-function steering wheel, driving record instrument, cruise control, four-in-one central door lock.

Crane parameters Sany 8 tons crane

As shown in the picture, the car is equipped with a 318-ton four-section boom straight-arm crane. The crane can be selected 360 degrees. When the cargo box is full of goods, the boom can be rotated to the front of the cab . This crane has a lifting height of 16 meters and a working radius of 14 meters. When the boom is fully extended and the elevation angle is 45 degrees, it can lift 1 ton. The plunger pump system, the manufacturer promises, the crane is guaranteed for one year, and the warranty period Only spare parts are charged.

Cargo box parameters Dongfeng D1 truck mounted Sany 8 tons crane

the empty size of the compartment is 6100x2400x550mm, the cold riveted compartment is optional, the side is three and the bottom is five, the sub-beam is connected, the beam is encrypted, the side beam frame is strengthened, corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform, and durable.

Product advantages: The maximum length of the carriage can reach 6.1 meters, the whole vehicle is not too long or overweight, and it is normally listed in the whole euro (except Beijing).


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