Dongfeng commercial flatbed truck


Dongfeng commercial flatbed truck

Dongfeng Commercial's front four-rear-eight flatbed transporter adopts Dongfeng Commercial's new 2019 front four-rear eight-cab chassis, Yuchai 310-horsepower diesel engine, 10-speed Shaanxi gear with high and low speed, 1950+3300+1350mm wheelbase, 300mm double-layer girder, 457 double rear axle, 11.00R20 steel wire tire, four-point suspension cab, air shock-absorbing seat, LCD display MP5, GPS Beidou driving recorder, aluminum alloy air tank, aluminum alloy fuel tank, Yuchai remote car connection system. Vehicle size: 10700*2500*3150mm, the flat plate is 7.8 meters long, it is the first choice for transporting large excavators.

Picture of Dongfeng commercial flatbed truck

Dongfeng commercial flatbed truck

Dongfeng commercial flatbed truck

The driving building of Dongfeng commercial flatbed transporter with front four and rear eight adopts brand-new design elements. Four-point suspension ensures the comfort of driving and riding. Yuchai 310 high-horsepower engine and Fast 10-speed gearbox can meet the use of various road conditions, 13 tons Reinforced rear axle, air shock-absorbing seat, LCD display MP5, GPS Beidou driving recorder, electric doors and windows, ABS, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy air storage tank, Yuchai remote vehicle connection system. With all kinds of safety configuration and comfort requirements, this Dongfeng four-axle flatbed truck is not only high in configuration, but also very affordable! It will surely occupy a place in the similar models!

Dongfeng commercial flatbed truck Plate modification material

the beam square tube is 145X120mm, the thickness is 8mm, the beam spacing is 25cm, the density is high, and the tiled pattern plate is 10mm thick, which is very solid and difficult to use. The spring manganese steel ladder will not deform for many years. Hydraulic ladders and sprinkler devices are optional!

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