Dongfeng Chengli truck mounted Changwei 6.3 ton crane


Dongfeng Chengli truck mounted Changwei 6.3 ton crane

Guide: Dongfeng Chengli 6.3-ton truck-mounted crane, the official guide price is 207,000 yuan, you can order the car in full, or you can buy the car in installments, with a down payment of 58,000 yuan, you can pick up the car and go home. The preferred model of the small yellow card, with high cost performance, a 6.3-ton crane with a 4.5-meter cargo box, a small wheelbase, good turning, suitable for mountainous areas and construction sites, very perfect.

Dongfeng Chengli truck mounted Changwei 6.3 ton crane

Dongfeng Chengli truck mounted Changwei 6.3 ton crane

Dongfeng Chengli truck mounted Changwei 6.3 ton crane

Chassis configuration Dongfeng Chengli truck mounted Changwei 6.3 ton crane

Dongfeng D912 new cab appearance, the color is Chinese red, the row half cab can be turned over, Yuchai 180 horsepower engine, Shaanxi tooth small eight-speed gearbox with auxiliary transmission, 3950mm wheelbase, 3.6 tons front axle, 8 tons rear Bridge, 250mm girder, 825 steel wire tire, electric glass, clutch assist, air conditioning, ABS, lower protection, exhaust brake.

Crane parameters Changwei 6.3 ton crane

Chengli Changwei 6.3-ton four-section straight arm crane, 360-degree full rotation, planetary rotary reducer, neutral operation, with single-chamber hydraulic rear outrigger, to enhance the safety performance of the vehicle operation. The crane has a maximum lifting height of 13 meters and a working radius of 11 meters. Among the cranes of the same tonnage, the longest boom length is XCMG's 6.3-ton crane with an arm length of 11 meters. Sany 6.3-ton crane with a boom length of 12.5 meters.

Crane options: This model can be equipped with a new Feigong 6.3-ton four-section boom crane, which is 7,000 yuan more expensive. The four-section boom crane is 11 meters long, and other configurations remain unchanged.

Model advantages Dongfeng Chengli Changwei 6.3-ton truck-mounted crane

Dongfeng D912 chassis, quality and after-sales guarantee, long cargo box, large tonnage, the most important thing is that the price of the car is nearly 20,000 yuan cheaper than other Dongfeng models. Really good value for money.

Chengli Truck-mounted Crane Professional Factory provides free training services. If you do not know how to use truck-mounted cranes, our factory will arrange on-site guidance for senior engineers to learn theory and practical operations, master the basic performance and functions of truck-mounted cranes, and be able to carry out normal daily maintenance. Troubleshoot general technical faults.

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