Dongfeng Changxing with XCMG crane


Dongfeng Changxing with XCMG crane

Introduction: Dongfeng Changxing D7V + XCMG 14-ton 5-section boom truck crane, Yuchai 350-horsepower engine ( euro VI), Fast 12-speed gearbox, arm length 18.5 meters, carriage length 8.5 meters, market price ¥527,000, Car purchase in installments is supported, please inquire for details.

Dongfeng Changxing with XCMG crane

Dongfeng Changxing with XCMG crane

Dongfeng Changxing with XCMG crane

Chassis configuration Dongfeng Changxing with XCMG crane

Dongfeng Changxing D7V series, Yuchai 350 horsepower 6-cylinder engine, euro VI emission standard, Fast 12-speed gearbox, high and low gears, with synchronizer, front axle 5 tons, rear axle 10 tons, 300mm straight through three layers Girder, 11.00R20 steel wire tire.

Crane parameters  XCMG 14 tons crane

XCMG 14-ton 5-section boom crane, the latest G series, model G-SQS350-5, large flow double pump system, fast working speed, multi-action combined operation, high-altitude seat operation, the largest crane The lifting height is 21.5 meters, the maximum working radius is 19.6 meters, and the crane can rotate 360 degrees.

Crane configuration: The latest XCMG G-type 14-ton 5-section boom crane is equipped with radiator, one-button flameout device, night work light, limit alarm, automatic hook retraction, 6.9-meter long-span double-section front outrigger , 4.8 meters long-span double-chamber rear outriggers, etc.

Compartment Specifications: Compartment size 8500×2450×550mm, two sides and five bottoms, 8mm through sub-beam structure, cold riveted carriage with Dongfeng original technology, anti-corrosion, anti-distortion, anti-cracking, anti-deformation, high strength, high bearing capacity.

Parameter configuration of Dongfeng Changxing D7V XCMG 14-ton truck-mounted crane

vehicle name Dongfeng Changxing D7V truck crane
Emission Standards China VI emissions
Crane brand XCMG 14-ton 5-section boom, GSQS350
Dimensions 12000×2550×3980mm
Car size 8500×2450×550mm
engine Yuchai 6-cylinder 350 horsepower, China VI
gearbox Fast 12 gears high and low gear, synchronizer
Comprehensive fuel consumption Average fuel consumption 38.6L/100km
Girder Specifications 300mm three-layer straight beam
Front and rear axles Front axle 5 tons, rear axle 10 tons
wheelbase 2150+4400+1350mm
tire model 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Hoist configuration The maximum lifting height is 21.6 meters, and the working radius is 19.6 meters
total mass 31000kg
curb weight 18600kg
Upper household tonnage 12270kg


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