Dongfeng all wheel drive fuel tank truck to Kenya


Description: Dongfeng all wheel drive fuel tank truck to Kenya

Other names we call it Dongfeng fuel tank truck, Dongfeng fuel truck, Dongfeng tanker truck, Dongfeng fuel tanker, Dongfeng all wheel drive truck, Dongfeng awd truck, Dongfeng 4x4 truck, Dongfeng diesel truck, Dongfeng gasline truck, Dongfeng fuel transport truck, ...

All 3 units Dongfeng fuel tank trucks to Kenya for this time, all right hand drive & awd off road tanker.

Fuel tanker is also a basic truck using in construction & mining, which is for the supply of fuel / oil to the machines or trucks where there are far from the fuel station. And always there are bad road conditions, so off road trucks are the best choice. Dongfeng off road fuel truck is their best choice as high cost effective & low after sales maintenance cost.

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