Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck


Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng8 cbmLarge HuancavelicaFIG side of the vehicle before refueling CLW5115GJYD5

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Hubei Cheng Li Group plant aerial view


Cheng Li Group is a truck, education, investment as the mainstay of the company, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is an important part of the process of the Group, is the way of the main pillars of the Group's auto sector enterprises.In 2010, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. covers an area of 500 acres, in the book more than 2,000 employees, production and marketing of various types of special purpose vehicles of more than 10,000 units, the output value of one billion yuan, export 15 million yuan, 20 million yuan turned over to state tax.

ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd., NDRC designated professional production of various kinds of special-purpose vehicles manufacturers, large dedicated truck factory.Well-known landscape, petrochemical, municipal sanitation special vehicle manufacturers.The company has the right to export their own products occupy a large number of foreign markets, leading varieties sprinkler, tanker, truck mounted crane, refrigerated trucks, wrecker trucks, flatbed trucks, suction truck, sewage suction trucks, garbage trucks, sweep bus, truck, dump truck, coach trucks, semi-trailer, fire truck, chemical trucks, powder material truck, concrete mixers, pressure vessels and other 18 series over 300 varieties of models.Registered trademark "Cheng Liwei" brand, won the well-known trademarks in China, Dongfeng, FAW of the company's important cooperation partner, dedicated primarily engaged in various types of vehicle manufacturing business, while sales of all major vehicle manufacturers and accessories.


Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Tanker truck features:Self-primingOil,Since theOil, computer tax refueling, fuel flow and other functions..Tanker truck (tanker) is used as the main oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil) transport and storage.Mobile tanker truck is the equivalent of a mobile gas station, whenever and wherever required to supply vehicles.

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck front picture

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck side of the vehicle before refueling CLW5115GJYD5

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck FIG rear CLW5115GJYD5 bowser

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck FIG rear CLW5115GJYD5 bowser

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck FIG bowser positive side CLW5115GJYD5

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

DDongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck FIG bowser positive side CLW5115GJYD5

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truckDongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck FIG side of the vehicle before refueling CLW5115GJYD5


Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck


Dongfeng8 cbmLarge HuancavelicaCLW5115GJYD5 tanker truck structure


Tanker can body sheet thickness:

Tanker typically oil loading 8 cubic meters meters or less tanker truck used GB Q235 steel plates press, oil loading than 8 cubic meters tanker truck Euro standard 5 mm Q235 steel plates press, with more than 30 cubic meters tanker truck Euro standard 6 mm Q235 truckbon pressed steel.

First, the tanker truck chassis:

Dongfeng tanker truck chassis usually,FAWFoton, Shaanxi gas, heavy truck, Qingling, Jiangling, JAC and other large automobile manufacturers of fuel trucksdedicatedChassis.

Second, the tanker's tank parts:

Tanker tank requires sufficient strength, is provided inside the tankImpingement plate, Tank fittings are providedManhole, The liquid valve and the like, also need some insulation body disposedFlowmeterAnd so on, a truck-mounted two kinds of fuel for the truck, the tank can beSub-warehouse.

Third, the tanker tanker:

TankerIs the use of automotive power, can move the tanker lorry, urban or rural mobile shops to meet oil demand.To the features of ordinary tanker for petrol,Diesel fuel,Ethanol gasoline, Safe and reliable compact structure, small volume, easy to operate.The type of tanker brands: the Hai Seke tanker, Guangdong Hengshan tankers, Beijing Sanjin tanker, Beijing Jia Li Jia tanker, Zhengzhou is Star tanker, beads Hai Beilin tanker, the tanker HIPRA.

Fourth, the tanker automatic back reel:

Automatic back reel 10 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters optional.

Fifth, the tanker fuel truck pump:

Fuel trucksPumpUsuallySelf-priming pump,Gear pumps,Chemical pumps, Stainless steel pumps,Centrifugal PumpHeavy oil pump.

Six tanker operating system:

To be driven by the engineGearboxInstalled on the gearboxPTOdrivePump, Power generation fuel pump, the liquid inside the pump into the tank through the pipe network or to pump.

Seven tanker fire extinguishers:

An onboard refueling vehicles typically sodium bitruckbonate 2Dry powder fire extinguisher,Sodium bitruckbonateDry chemical fire extinguisher for flammable,Flammable liquids, And the beginning of the fire gas charging equipment.

Eight tanker breathing valve:

Breathing valveIt is fixedTankOn top of the ventilation device, in order to ensure the tankpressureofnormal statusPrevent tank overpressure orvacuumEnabling the tank from being damaged, the liquid tank may be reducedVolatilizeloss.

Nine, tanker fire cover:

Car fire domeusuallyvortexValve structure, without using any tools, by means of four trucksexhaust pipeThe tail pipe is connected directly, without a fixed connection or switchScrew, Simple and quick operation, to complete the installation and removal within a few seconds.inFlammableLower firing places greater concentration, exhaust pipes can be completely extinguishedexhaustEntrained spark.

X. tanker anti-static facilities

Come on board anti-static facilities are divided into static and electrostatic bonding wireGroundTwo kinds.

⒈ static tankerwireTo before unloading oilTankerAnd oil handling equipment with static wire jumper together (DepotInside are equipped with static wire and tanker phase crossovers).Action are: ① electrostatic induction turned down tank, to avoid the occurrence of the flashover outside material; ② the potential of the oil tanker loading and the entire holding device and the like, to prevent a potential difference; ③ to speed up the charge oilGive wayRole of.When connecting the electrostatic wire must select None on tankerRustAnd the exposed metal portion, it can not be connected in place severe corrosion or paint.

Data show that only when the entire static grounding system resistance is less than 10 in Europe, in order to achieve good performance static conductive.The ideal approach is to install a tanker in a copper contact plate portion dedicated specifically for electrostatic connector wires.

Further, the static ground wire can not be used as the electrostatic wire tanker unloading oil, because oil tanker loading and unloading, typically parkedcementOr tighter on hard ground, the electrostatic resistance of the ground line 10 can not less than Europe, it is difficult to ensure that the potential of the oil with the handling device holding the like.

⒉ tanker with a chain-static grounding wire and two kinds of the electrically conductive rubber strip holder.Since the former is easy to produce sparks impinge drag, after a lapse of time when the ground is a through, plus the bleeder resistor may be increased easily corroded and other shortcomings, the use of rubber are manufactured tanker grounding strap.Static ground wire should always be adjusted to ensure that good contact with the ground and to be usedmultimeterExamination is smooth, with or without fracture, identify problems and timely replacement


Dongfeng8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large tanker truck use


Tanker truck features:Self-primingOil,Since theOil, computer tax refueling, fuel flow and other functions..Tanker truck (tanker) is used as the main oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil) transport and storage.Mobile tanker truck is the equivalent of a mobile gas station, whenever and wherever required to supply vehicles.


Dongfeng8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large tanker truck production process


Tanker tank production:

⒈ using tanker tankWuhan Iron and SteelGenuine truckbon steel plate or stainless steel manufactured according to inter Euro standards, using 9.5 m largeBendingForming a higher intensity, safer and more durable, high-pressure gas tank leak detection after molding, the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, smooth and safe vehicle, and so on;

CNC plasma ⒉ tanker longitudinal tank head with an equalCutting MachineCutting, the use of imitation line from a spinning machine side spin, to increase the strength and does not allow artificial percussion;

⒊ tanker tank using gas welding at the welding station tooling automatic welding, the weld to ensure quality of the can body as.The length of the body side member using welding integral forming, the strength of the can to ensure.To make the whole body peening treatment in order to eliminate welding stress and overall rust;

⒋ tanker using inter Euro advanced technology, the use of truck paint processing techniques to enhance paint adhesion,UniformityDurability; the most advanced large-scaleDrying Equipment, Strictly to dust, pollution-free, the tankBrilliant;


Dongfeng8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large tanker truck testing standards


Share tanker truck tires and other five major items will be seized

1 tire maintenance projects

In addition to regular holiday hot line, some truck owners more choice of alternative moon trip, involving off-road or mountain road, leading to the groove position of the tire surface of gravel mixed with grain, if not cleared up, will affect the normal life of the tread.At the same time, the harsh outdoor road, is likely to affect the dynamic balance of the tire.Therefore, traveling by truck, as the case should return for each tire balancing re-do.

Meanwhile, the owners need to check whether the tires have obvious trauma, scratches and pinned.Especially the tire sidewall, the sidewall if significant flaws, the tire should be replaced, or easily puncture hazard now.Also, to detect whether the target tire pressure.When measured tire pressure, tire pressure should be kept the same four, if a tire pressure is abnormally low fetal, will have to truckefully observe whether the tire is punctured, and timely repair and replacement.

2 brake pads maintenance projects

Had traveled in the mountains of the vehicle, due to the road through the rugged, trucks not smooth, relatively large impact on the brake pads.In fact in the mountains or on the outskirts of travel, due to the frequent use of the truck's braking system, sensitivity is vulnerable to the ups and downs of the road.

Especially after a long downhill, should be checked brakes and brake pads.Because, for a long time slam the brakes will cause high temperatures, the brake discs and brake pads wear face serious.If the brake pedal is too loose and weak, reserve stroke is too small, then there is a leak or brake failure, the need for timely repair exclusion.

3 battery maintenance projects

When traveling by truck to each component of the vehicle using more frequent, and sometimes inevitable long-distance driving at night, which also requires a higher battery.Instrument display to convey to the driver is driving data, anohorse poweres may appear if there are hidden dangers.

So after returning to check the battery power is sufficient, the lighting is intact, the instrument display is normal, etc..The vehicle is placed not exceed one week was not any head Remove the battery will discharge or leakage current natural phenomenon.Battery electrolyte level be higher than the plate 10-15m m, distilled water should be insufficient to maintain adequate power to charge the battery, if necessary.

Maintenance items 4 oil

Holiday travel by truck vehicle selection of various auxiliary substantial loss of liquid oil.Therefore, the best return attention to the oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and other liquids to check to see whether their oil leakage and consumption.Especially in the north of the Euro Day of vehicles, there is likely to face north-south temperature difference is large, poor quality plastic tubing, easy to become brittle in the cold burst difference between the larger environment, will lead to antifreeze, oil leaks.Moreover, in rural and other roads may also occur scratched case, if the cause of the oil leak, must be solved in time.

In addition, the uneven quality of oil around the gas station, if too much oil in the gum level, vehicle use around backward valve will produce a lot of gum, so that poor intake valve movement, will increase fuel consumption caused by severe, the engine is not easy start up.In this regard, a slight truckbon deposition cleaning agent available, serious coke can be removed to clean the cylinder head, in addition to cleaning oil.

5 glass maintenance projects

There are people who complain, finish high-speed return to the town and found a variety of small cracks or scratches marks appear on the glass.Usually on the highway, trucks or other vehicles already beyond their own when trailing big truck, the other splashes of gravel may cause the occurrence of this phenomenon.


Dongfeng8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large tanker truck Notice


(1) prevent physical vehicle charging.When loading and unloading, is bound to the human body, in contact with the working substance work object (bowser) friction, which will easily generate static electricity, and it is possible to form an electrostatic discharge, if at this time Qiayu flammable oil vapor, explosion occurs.The operator must wear the overalls antistatic and antistatic footwear during operation, the purpose of the ground body.Furthermore, the shoes should be thin nylon stockings or socks and other conductive, non-insulating paste film on the antistatic soles, and should be regularly checked.

(2) the vehicle static grounding can not be ignored.From the point of view tanker truck, the static electricity is produced mainly pumps, filters and pipes.Static electricity generated than ground pipeline tanker truck filling system is much higher.For electrostatic hazards, we must take the following measures:

① oil loading vehicle front to connect the ground line, and frequently check the grounding resistance is in good condition and the standard anti-static compliance.

② vehicle when the crane must be mounted extending to the bottom of the oil tank, the tank from the bottom of the spout should be maintained at about 375px, and strictly control the filling within the muzzle velocity 1m / s, until the oil outlet is submerged and then gradually increase the flow rate, but the maximum flow rate must not exceed 4.5m / s, in order to prevent static electricity caused the accident splash;

After the vehicle ③ oil loading, it must be stable in order to disconnect the ground after oil 5min.Because it installed after oil, due to the flow of oil in the tank, causing the oil potential but also to maintain a few years.

(3) tanker accident "Transitional Loading of Oil" caused enough attention should also be.When such an accident occurred in a gasoline tank installed over the package to the diesel flash point of gasoline and diesel below, if the tank contains a diesel injection gasoline vapors, fuel vapor by being poured into a diesel absorption Save small pressure, whereupon the air is sucked into the tank, and somewhere between the liquid surface and the air intake point to form a combustible mixture, i.e. in case of accumulation of static electricity discharge explosion is generated.Thus, when the need to "convert oil loading" must be cleaned first fuel tank body, and strictly follow the rules for operations.

(4) Tank To use the device meet the technical specifications and safety requirements.Controls hair oil station, remote control, measuring instruments, valves and other equipment must be regularly tested and calibrated, and the development of relevant management systems, especially for materials made oil equipment can not be ignored.While the static grounding device can not improvise, we must act in strict accordance with specifications, truckeful installation, periodic inspection.Universal joint using a clip and a magnetic ground, should not be casually caught in or adsorbed random site refueling vehicles, even on the surface of the paint.This is extremely detrimental to the anti-static, but also a big risk.All for the sake of a moment when many users of cheap truck, not knowing what you pay, poor equipment can easily lead to accidents, such tankers for dangerous goods vehicles should pay attention.


Tanker Troubleshooting


Fuel trucks common small problems, to teach you how to solve

People tanker use and maintenance, there are some false beliefs, false beliefs means in the form tanker manufacturing, repair, backwardness, lack of these low-level test of a long era of.False beliefs sometimes seem to be correct, is not the case, great harm will be truck damage, personal safety is threatened, and thus more likely to be buried in the risk of accidents or cause vehicle performance, accelerated wear and shorten life expectancy, etc. Wait.

1 remove the engine thermostat blind

If the engine temperature is higher due to removal of the incubator blind, coolant may be more appropriate in a work cycle, can not adjust the intensity of the cooling, it is difficult to ensure that the engine temperature, but often low-temperature working of the engine, resulting in reduced engine power, accelerated wear, increased fuel consumption.If the engine fails incubator repair or replacement, other portions of higher engine temperatures, the cooling system should be repaired it impossible to remove the incubator.

2, the engine temperature is low high fear fear

Some people think that driving a low engine temperature is high fear fear.In fact, the engine temperature is low, the risk is huge.Should according to the instructions provided for the use of normal driving temperature, in order to guarantee engine life.

3, water pump fan belt tension, the belt tension is not good possible.Not only will it stretch belt too tight or broken down, shortening the life of the conveyor belt, and because of excessive stress, resulting in deformation of the generator shaft bearing, pump shaft and bending the early damage.Tanker engine fan belt tightly should meet the technical needs, 10-15mm is normally compiled suitable belt deflection.

4, heated to the engine lazy

Temperature at idle, since the low speed friction pump in a dry or semi-working state impossible.


Tanker maintenance methods


Summer truck trucke tips

Scorching summer, the owners should be diligent in daily vehicle inspection and maintenance.
Summer, heavy rain to visit at any time, driving rain safety issues require special attention:
First, the truck is slow to steady running;
Second, to avoid the tire pressure is too low, because the truck after the rain many irrigation might be the performance of some parts of the truck have an impact, serious enough to cause the truck does not start.
Rain water easily lead to headlight.If you find within the headlight mist that can be opened and the high beam headlamps also open, watching the mist within 10 minutes after the lights began to disappear, whether we can completely disappear in an hour, do not worry if lost, but if there is fog, it is necessary to professional service station for processing.


Tanker useful life


2013 issued a "compulsory motor vehicle scrapping the new required standards" in Article eighth: three trucks, low-speed trucks fitted with a single-cylinder engine using a nine-year, multi-cylinder engine fitted with a low-speed trucks and mini trucks use 12 years, the transport of dangerous goods truck used for 10 years, other trucks (including semi-trailer tractor and trailer truck) for 15 years;

Tenth Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck x) trailer, semi-trailer transport of dangerous goods used for 10 years, 20 years, container semi-trailer, semi-trailer other 15 years;

From the above two, we know, the new provisions, hazardous chemical tankers, dangerous goods tankers, oil tankers and other models from the original useful life of seven years became 10 years.The tank semi-trailer, chemical semi-trailer, tank semi-trailer is 10 years.

Also note that the Euro would be based on dangerous goods tank truck mileage guide scrap: transport of dangerous goods truck traveling 40 million kilometers.


Other relevant tanker


The flow of fuel to the truck door, can not be nominally private households, the need to find units on Wei Yun qualified household contact of dangerous goods chemical companies, households on linked units.

To be issued on the tanker households purchase invoices (purchase tax), vehicle certificate (proof test bulletin), the chassis certificate, need Dongfeng and Foton chassis chassis certificate issued by the company, tank inspection report (usually take the traffic Operations truckd when used).Then the driver to go to the Vehicle Administration "dangerous goods transport qualification certificate" of the handle.

Open tanker driver, apart from handling driving license, operating permits than needed for "dangerous goods qualification certificate".

The vehicle is operating permit vehicles engaged in road transport operations of the legal documents, if the vehicle is not operating permits, then that is operating without a license, also known as the "black truck".

Dangerous goods qualification certificate is engaged in hazardous materials (such as fuel, explosives, chemicals, etc.) transport drivers, in addition to a driver's certificate, but also to local transport authorities after appropriate training issue transport of dangerous goods qualification certificate, can engage in dangerous goods transport.


Tanker on households forhorse powerties

1, a motor vehicle invoice.

2, the vehicle certificate.

3, tank inspection reports.

4, organization code linked units.

Apply for operating permits required fuel trucks: guards evidence of dangerous goods licenses for general truckgo work license


Household requirements on tankers

Refueling the truck households qualification requirements:

The truck must holdTransport of Dangerous GoodsQualification documents, transport staff haveDangerous GoodsQualification certificates and escort truckd.Anchored dangerous goods transport companies.

Refueling the truck door procedural requirements:

1, the chassis certificate

2, vehicle certificate

3, tank test report

4, a motor vehicle invoice

5, dedicated pump warranty truckd

6, tanker maintenance manual.

Car buyers Please note that the above procedures are indispensable in the procurement of vehicles, please note truckefully check.

Refueling the truck household expenses

Traffic Insurance 3710 yuan

Commercial insurance 6700 yuan (200,000)

Liability insurance truckrier 1400 yuan

Management fee 60 yuan per ton

GPS 1200 Yuan

On the family vehicle under ten percent

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck


1.Where your company?How do I order?

Answer: Our company is located in Suizhou, the majority of Dongfeng8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large tanker truck customers can come to our factory visits, satisfaction reorder; can also communicate good product, details and other issues through telephone sales staff, contract directly by fax.

2, your company with us there is no point of sale?We want to see how to do truck?
Answer: special trucks is different from trucks like the 4S shop set up sales companies in the Euro, which is decided by the special nature of the special vehicles.I use the company is now well-developed business network, customer orders as long as the call letter, truckried out in accordance with the truck purchase process announced.

The company will contract within the stipulated time frame will wind8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large fuel trucks and vehicles complete forhorse powerties hands of the customer.We will be based on the actual needs of users, create high-quality, personalized private truck for each user, you are welcome to visit our company and product technology manufacturing strength, we will provide you with the best service!


3.Your production cycle to be long?

Answer: depending on the specific wind8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large tanker truck complexity and the number may be, under normal circumstances our production cycle is 10-15 days, customers in urgent need of such a vehicle, you can also consult the vehicle sales customer service is in stock.


4. Users outside your door you can send trucks?

Answer: Yes, my company truck flow requirements of customers can order online, signed a purchase contract.My company has a wealth of specialized transport fleet, is the experience of older drivers, the availability of skilled driving skills and professional special vehicle operations, delivery vehicles within the specified time to the designated locations, vehicle inspection qualified customers pay the full amount.Shipping costs shall be borne by the customer down payment.


5.Your payment is kind of how?

Answer: The two sides signed a formal contract, advance payment of 30% of the total under-production, post-paid balance vehicle inspection.Of course, Dongfeng8 cbmDLK CLW5115GJYD5 large fuel trucks do after we will inform customers to the company vehicle inspection, if the customer is not convenient since the mention of our team ap model by the driver to take the truck, our house it delivered to the hands of users through confirmation and then pay.


More tanker vehicle and tanker offer, please call us, we will provide you with the best service and the best price!

Dongfeng 8 cbm DLK fuel tanker truck


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