Dongfeng 6X4 XCMG 10-ton truck-mounted crane


Real shot pictures of Dongfeng Sui post 6X4 XCMG 10 ton truck crane

Dongfeng 6X4 XCMG 10-ton truck-mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
It adopts the appearance of high-end, majestic and top-grade Qixing cab, luxuriously upgraded interior, and the engine adopts Yuchai 240 horsepower engine, Shaanxi gear large 8-speed gearbox, 300 local three-layer through beams (thickened steel plate), 11.00R20 The steel wire tire and the figure eight tail beam are more solid and durable. The crane adopts the most well-known XCMG 10-ton crane in China, and the length of the truck go box is 8.5 meters. It is produced in strict accordance with the announcement standard and is listed in the Euro .

Crane parameters:

XCMG, XCMG, I wish you success. XCMG 10-ton crane, upper operation (high-altitude seat), 360-degree full rotation, full hydraulic operating system, maximum lifting height 14 meters, working radius 12 meters (optional dual pump operating system, arm length 13 meters, The price is 10,000 yuan more expensive). The operation method of the hoist can be equipped with four-position operation in the middle position. The price is 3,000 yuan. Users can choose hoists with different configurations according to their own preferences.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Dongfeng Suizhong's 6X4 XCMG 10-ton truck-mounted crane
Vehicle model: EQ5258JSQZMV
Truck Size: yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 12000×2500×3850(mm)
Cargo box size: 8500×2400×550mm
Chassis brand: Dongfeng with the rear eight wheels
Crane brand: XCMG 10-ton four-section straight-arm crane
Cargo box length: 8.5 meters
Engine: Yuchai 240 horsepower
Gearbox: Shaanxi Gear Large 8-speed gearbox
Emission standard: EuroV
Wheelbase: 5900+1300(mm)
Optional configuration: four-way operation in the middle of the crane, double pump operating system
Total mass: 25000kg
Curb weight: 16970kg
Registered tonnage: 9835kg
Model advantage: Qixing cab, more luxurious interior
The truck-mounted crane manufacturers strictly follow the requirements of the announcement. The whole vehicle is not overweight or oversize. It has fuel announcements and environmental protection announcements. It can be listed on a nationwide scale (except Beijing). Please feel free to buy.

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