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Dongfeng 6×4 3 axles dust suppression truck

Dongfeng 6×4 3 axles dust suppression truck

In addition to fog machine gun Applications: open-air yard materials, coal logistics park, open-air mining, open-air blasting dust, closed discharge area, discharge port truck, dump truck unloading dust, dust large loader work, the coastal port of shipment, transport coal, ore, bulk powder handling and other dust pollution; construction demolition dust control, construction waste or waste discharge waste shipment transport, machine operations, local dust control, road dust pollution of heavy vehicles in transit; airports, high-speed highways, railway stations, docks, public places, sports venues, the venue and other hot dust moisturizing cool sterilization.

Dongfeng 6×4 3 axles dust suppression truck

Dust dust of the truck when not in use can be used as conventional sprinkler, because dust suppression sprinkler truck not only has all the features, even more than the sprinkler spray more of a feature, this is the advantage Dust vehicles, road watering, washing road surface.

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Dongfeng 6×4 3 axles dust suppression truck

Dust truck picture seen below there downfield chassis function, the rear platform and green function sprinkle antiaircraft function, two middle sub-cbm spray function, so that dust suppression truck with full functionality of the sprinkler, pediment, sprinkle, spray cbm, green artillery, but really only do these features?There is also a function of not spraying dust, fog machine gun, which is the core function of dust suppression truck.

Standard configuration: Car Air –Sprayer, By supporting the independent power generators, three-phase 380V can also be connected to the mains, strong wind, long range, good penetration, widely used in pest control spraying dust and water jet mining, agriculture, forestry pediment, water gun, cbm spray and sprinkle, self-priming system, general-purpose interface fire 98

1.Downfield head portion arranged on both cbms of the front, can be washed dirt road garbage

2.Installation work platform dedicated monitor may be rotated 360 degrees, and a cylindrical mist adjustable nozzle for fire and watering

3.Tail mounted work platform, and the sprinkled cbm arranged on both cbms after the spraying, the road surface can be achieved sprinkle cooling and dust

4.Self-priming system configuration, driven by an engine mounted power take special pump and filter system may draw water from

5.Model 65 with universal interface fire, fire hose can be connected, to achieve emergency fire function, can also be used water tank

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Dongfeng 6×4 3 axles dust suppression truck

Fog machine gun accessory device features:

1, nozzle: the effect of dust particle diameter is closely related with the spray, the spray gun company developed a soul member – the nozzle, the more professional a suitable water into mist dust particles, dust faster speed, more uniform spray;

2, pump: pumps are in addition to dust clouds heart machine gun, the main achievement of the water from the tank to the nozzle, high pressure water through the water atomized, so a simple structure and easy maintenance of three bars piston pump;

3, fans: fan’s role is to generate a high-speed air stream.When the fan impeller rotates, the high-speed air stream discharged from the air outlet, the fine droplets formed by atomizing nozzle flow area blown to the required.Meanwhile, under the action of gas flow, foliage produce disturbances, facilitate access to the interior droplets crop, improved control effect.In addition to using convenient driving fog machine gun, high pressure, wind speed, air penetration and strong centrifugal fan, so that in addition to ensure that the spray range, but also to enhance the atomization effect.Blades made higher total pressure efficiency backward curved vanes;

4, the positioning means steering: the steering positioning means is provided in the fan and the connection duct, an outlet duct resorted direction can be rotated 360 ° in a horizontal plane, to accommodate changes in the operation direction; while the other tube in the wind It provided with a steering positioning means can adjust the elevation of the outlet, to accommodate the needs of different heights of the spray.


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