Dongfeng 6X2 12-ton XCMG truck-mounted cranes


The real shot pictures of Dongfeng's front four and four 12-ton XCMG truck cranes

Dongfeng 6X2 12-ton XCMG truck mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
Dongfeng special chassis, 6X2 axles, new D913 cab, Yuchai 220 horsepower Euro five engine, Shaanxi Fast 8-speed gearbox, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons, 300mm direct access to two floors and local three floors Frame, 11.00 steel wire tires for the whole truck , with original power take-off, ABS, air-break brake system, brake with automatic adjustment arm, headlight with adjustment function, mudguard with anti-splash device.

Crane parameters:
Dongfeng 6X2 12-ton XCMG truck mounted cranes are equipped with XCMG 12-ton four-section telescopic boom cranes as standard. The maximum working radius of the crane is 12.5 meters, the maximum lifting height is 14.5 meters, 360-degree full rotation, and XCMG brand front and rear four are standard. Support hydraulic outriggers, high-altitude seats. Optional XCMG 12-ton twin pump crane with longer boom, up to 13.5 meters, and 15.5 meters in height. The double pump crane has a large oil supply, faster lifting speed and higher efficiency.

Configuration parameter table of XCMG 12-ton truck-mounted crane for the first four and four rear of Dongfeng
Vehicle name Dongfeng XCMG 12-ton truck-mounted crane
Vehicle model EQ5250JSQGZ5D1
Vehicle size 12000×2500×3800mm
Cargo box size 8500×2300×550mm
Chassis introduction Dongfeng special chassis, 6X2 models, equipped with Yuchai 220 horsepower engine, EuroV emission, is a very cost-effective special chassis for truck-mounted cranes
engine model YC6JA220-50, Yuchai 220 horsepower
Emission Standards EuroV emission standards
Gearbox Shaanxi eight-speed gearbox
Front and rear bridge Front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons
Beam thickness 300mm local three-layer beam
Tyre model 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Crane brand XCMG 12-ton four-section telescopic boom crane, single pump, high-altitude seat (optional double pump, longer boom)
Lifting capacity The boom extends 4.5 meters, the maximum lifting capacity is 5.5 tons, the boom extends 7 meters, the lifting capacity is 3.2 tons, the boom extends 9 meters, the maximum lifting capacity is 2.3 tons, the boom extends 12 meters, the maximum lifting capacity is 1.5 tons ,
Total mass 25000kg
Curb quality 14800kg
Tonnage 10070kg

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