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Dongfeng 5cbm high pressure cleaning vehicles

Also known as high pressure cleaning vehicles drain vehicles, strong pressure generated by the impulse to open the high pressure water pipe is blocked.The main part of the tank, high pressure pump, hydraulic systems.High pressure cleaning vehicles mainly used for cleaning the city sewer, pipeline sediment, dead mud ditch dredge, can also be used to clean industrial drain pipes, wall, etc., clean roads, cbms ground.High pressure cleaning vehicles can also be fitted sprinklers, sprinkler installation green gun, pediment, sprinkle, cbm spray, may be green watering, spraying, pressure dust, high pressure washing road surface, it can be used for emergency fire fighting.

Dongfeng 5cbm high pressure cleaning vehicles Duolika

Chassis configuration: Use of small wind D6 DLK chassis, a single row of white may be turned before the cab, 3308mm wheelbase, optional Chaochai 102 horsepower diesel engine Yuchai machine 115 Mali Guo five, five-speed gearbox, 3.5 tons rear axle, 7.00 steel tires, brake air brake, with the original ABS, power steering, air conditioning.

Dongfeng 5cbm high pressure cleaning vehicles Duolika

Tops Configuration: Dedicated portion of the power take off, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage pump, pressure tank, the hydraulic part, systems, and vacuum gauge, depending on the dung window, hand washing and other components, vehicle configuration and power vacuum sewage pump quality hydraulic systems, die casting tank closure for the first time, the tank can be opened, the top of the dump-bis.Dirt directly poured through the tank cover, having a high vacuum (greater than suction truck suction), large tonnage, high efficiency, and so more versatile.Water separator, moisture separator, the hydraulic dump means dedicated vacuum sewage pump, the volume of the pressure gauge, suction catheter material, gravity valve, a vacuum tank, connected (depending on the dung window), automatic anti-overflow valves, hydraulic kit.Italian original inlet pressure pump HPP ESL122 / 130, pressure: 16MPA, flow rate: 130L / min, pressure; shaped tip 10 with a 60 meters high pressure pipe.Leading technology using a dedicated sewage suction pumps, suction, suction away, particularly suitable for sucking in sewer sludge municipal sanitation, factories, mines, and other cells, shipping and disposing, in particular sewage sludge smokable , mud, stones, bricks and other larger objects, less water content and other substances.Full pumping sewage (feces) tank Time: ≤5min, suction: ≥10m.Since absorption self-discharge, long life, work fast, easy to transport.

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东风多利卡5方清洗吸粪车 (11)

When using high pressure cleaning vehicles rivers, ponds as a water source, all attention suction pipe end portion submerged.In order to avoid inhalation of stones or more sediment, floating debris, suction pipe end portion is generally provided with a filter means, the filter means is removed during non-absorbent.If the water is shallow, it is necessary to advance at deepened some of the water-absorbing, and to ensure that debris does not contain the air into.

Before each centrifugal pumps water absorption, have a certain amount of water into the pump, add water mouth must be closed after.Self-priming pump for the first time, you need to add water, plus water after you do not need.

Into the plumbing system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum water absorption, in order to draw the water tank.Be sure to seal the inlet pipe system reliability, the hose can not be damaged, the tube can not be cracked and will cause air leakage, thus causing no water absorption case.

High pressure cleaning vehicles, whether or before the job, power take-offs are performed in-gear parking before water absorption.

Before winter, you should pump the water in the pipes and venting to prevent the cracking.General construction in northern China is no longer winter, so at the end of construction, as soon as the water in the pumps and pipes emptying to prevent future trouble.

High-pressure cleaning vehicle storage tank with sewage, the inlet tube is the lowest point of the tank.After a period of use, the switch should be opened periodically outfall, the accumulated debris exclusion tank until the water runs clear.

Before cleaning, the surface temperature of the body to be cooled to below 60 ℃, ambient temperature is maintained at 0 ~ 40 ℃.Body paint from the gun 15 cm or more.Flushing sequence to both cbms from the roof.When flushing the grid portion of the front of the truck, should use water mist, not facing the heat sink tank with flushing water column or a condenser, mounted fender plastic arches, cleaning should be removed, and thoroughly wash the fender , the inner fender.

1.Is the coercive remove residual traces of the vehicle body can be used with the all-round cleaning water to scrub clean cotton truckefully, then wrung free cotton cloth dampened with a washing liquid, dry paint on the vehicle body along a direction perpendicular to the trucks the washing liquid.

Finally, with sufficient water to completely clean washing liquid, and in a timely manner with a synthetic sheepskin towel dry moisture.Dry the entire vehicle to reach the water mark, no stain glass

2.High-pressure water cleaning, high pressure water jets is from top to bottom in the contaminated sediment will wash away the body surface, followed by washing the rear, lower portion of the last washing.This step should be noted that the comprehensive chassis rinsed thoroughly cleaning edge portion, a curved portion, fenders and other parts.In particular should the wheel and brake disk portion, and a front fender portion grid truck parts, truck door frame and around skirt sediment, dirt rinse thoroughly.

3.Is wiping, dipping a sponge shampoo wash with washing liquid, again wiping the body, if not easy to remove the contaminants, can be repeated wiping, wiping sponges attention to the use of separate upper and lower body, a lower body in order to avoid scratching the body paint sand.Spray rinse followed by a high pressure, in particular truck To seams, like the corner of a foam residue rinse.

4.The liquid, shampoo washing liquid spilled on the vehicle body.There are two methods, one using a high-pressure foam multifunctional cleaning machine, spraying should be uniform, to shake up and down regularly head; Second manually prepared, i.e., according to a certain proportion shampoo washing liquid can not use detergent, soap, washing dewaxing.

Dongfeng 5cbm high pressure cleaning vehicles

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