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Dongfeng 5000 liters disinfection truck


A chassis arranged: Dongfeng DLK EQ1070SJ3B Dongfeng body disposed Yuchai YC4FA115-50 115 horsepower engine, five Euro s emission standards, wheelbase 3308 (mm), curb 3.55 t, Load weight 3.68 tons, transmission, power steering, air-conditioning factory, the truck line is not limited to urban roads.
Second, upload configurations: three Sprinkler domestic production lines, one of which in my company.GB molding body made 5mm thick truckbon steel plate quality disposable volume, two trolley-welding automatic welding, seam uniformity, appearance, avoiding the leakage welding and manual welding Weld, reinforcement incbm the tank, and provided anti-surfers , incbm and outcbm the processing tank to prevent rust, standard pediment, sprinkle, cbm spray, rear work platform, the platform with a step-ladder, surrounded by a safety fence provided with a water cannon on the platform, can be rotated 360 °, adjustable to: straight-shaped, heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, drizzle.3950 and above models come standard with a high wheelbase shower functions.
Third, the optional equipment: Optional cab electro-pneumatic operation; duckbill large downfield One of the head; universal ball downfield; pavement flush water pipe reel; Honda high pressure pumps, water jets flush the cbmwalk, the mobile truck washing; drugs disks; long lights, LED arrow lamp; tank cbm with the shutter, the installation of the tank after spraying device; standard sprinkler pump drive force matching the pump Hangzhou Veyron pump; a thickening of the main conduit, the optional large diameter 316 ball; tank body corrosion, thermal insulation, with plastic processing, for tankers sprinkler can be installed with gravity port.Yun hot water tank insulation can do, to do domestic water transport food grade 304 stainless steel tanks.

I produced the fog cannon sprinkler functions: vertical suction> 6m, sprinkler width> 14 m, a range> 28 m.Watering Pediment (spray)) 🙁 can road mud, dust, waste rinse); sprinkle (uniformly sprayed with water on the road, a sprinkler width> 14 m), the front cbm spray (shower ) (uniformly the roadcbm green belt irrigation), working platform, platform installation green water spray gun on the band (gun heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, mist adjustable), with the first Euro quality leader in high-power dedicated sprinkler pumps, with a fire connection with gravity valve, with self-absorption function, optional green spraying reel 20 m. ★ This model is particularly suitable for district, sub-district offices, village, industrial use.
Special requirements for sprinkler users, our company can be customized design, modification. ★ sprinkler body may be specialized corrosion preventive treatment, drugs installation disk, high pressure spraying equipment, spray processing systems do professional installation professional spraying trucks. ★ sprinkler also has function truckrying water, after treatment with rock wool or foamed insulation function can do so with a hot truck, may be installed hot water, drinking water, to meet the different users in different environments using.

Fog artillery work real show:
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