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Dongfeng 5 cbm sprinkler fog artillery disinfection vehicle

5 cbm sprinkler fog artillery disinfection of vehicles are trucks factory direct home delivery

If the owner spraying dust at the site during demolition work required cbm spray cbm, when the removal of construction waste, but also need to first pouring wet garbage, and then loaded on the muck trucks, prevent dust everywhere.Demolition site in order to reduce dust pollution, the municipal government will purchase a large number of professional truck spray dust, dedicated to the demolition site dust control, spraying dust per vehicle farthest sprinkler spraying operation distance of 60 to 100 meters, storage capacity of nearly 10 tons, the main role is to spray dust suppression, along with sprinklers and road flushing function can effectively suppress the generation of dust; also be used for green pest to fight drugs.


The vehicle front portion with a rinsing spray apparatus and the road surface, the rear fan dust spray device, the spray device cbm surfaces, small wind Duolika green spray vehicles with rear work platform installation green sprinkler gun (gun adjustable spray shape) on the platform, adjustable straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, continuous adjustment, east Duolika small trucks using green spray dust suppression of independent patentSprayer, Which patent No. 201 630 487 869.3.Companies manufacturing of spraying vehicles, also known as multi-purpose spray sprinklers landscaping, green multifunction spraying trucks with the new wind into the spray system is a high range, high efficiency, good maneuverability new generation of plant protection machinery, with a spray device, can be moved up and down, the pressurized liquid by the pump and fan can be a secondary atomization of garden trees, green belt, landfills, collection point or the like insecticide spraying, atomizing distance up to 50 m ; strong penetration and chemical adhesion to the object, can effectively save dosage and reduce pollution, to solve the conventional mechanical spraying plant protection range is not high, atomization is poor, working loose, a serious loss of liquid, only affects insecticidal dissipation rate, but also the problem of pollution of the living environment.


After-sales service commitment: Where the Company modified product sales, the implementation of three bags of service a year or thirty thousand kilometers, after-sales service 48 hours in place processing, life-long maintenance.Free maintenance program and the time limit: time tracking service: life; from the date of delivery of the customers, within the normal range, traveling 10,000 kilometers or repaired free of charge within one year (not including wearing parts and electrical parts).



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