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Dongfeng 3000 liters sewage suction & cleaning truck

Cleaning sewage suction trucks, also known as multi-functional sewage suction trucks or in combination to clear the truck.A dedicated portion of the power take off, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage pump, moisture separators, multi-valve, water tank, windows, vacuum gauge, a network of pipes consisting of: means for pumping sewage, sludge slurry and sludge mixed with suspended debris, small bricks, gravel and other: a high pumping efficiency, self-absorption self-scheduling and direct irrigation and other characteristics, widely used in large, medium and small towns sanitation, municipal, chemical, industrial enterprises , recbmntial property use. And increase the suction sewage truck on the basis of a high-pressure cleaning truck features a dual-purpose vehicles, money and effort, cost-effective.



Dongfeng 3000 liters sewage suction & cleaning truck

A full range of vehicle Pictures:


东风多利卡3方清洗吸污车 (4)

东风多利卡3方清洗吸污车 (2)

东风多利卡3方清洗吸污车 (5)

Dongfeng 3000 liters sewage suction & cleaning truck

1) a suitable number of revolutions of the vacuum pump to maintain

Pump speed is too high, heat increase data rotor; rotational speed is too low, causing the shipping unit, the additional impact member, affect the life.In order to achieve the best position suitable working speed, in advance depending on pump type throttle adjustment players.

⑵ in turn can dump a flat ground;

Twisted in turn can dump the inclined road surface deformation will lead to failure of the components, and may lead to a rollover accident.

⑶ dump to open the door when the tank after the tank turn can:

Dumping dump turn can be preceded locking bolt loosened, the door can be lifted to the required angle, the lifting body is prohibited in the closed tank when the tank is full when the door to avoid the risk of rollover.

⑷ pump and the vacuum pump when the engine is idling power take off, and a depression of the clutch pedal completely, slowly open the power take-off clutch-pedal release switch after.

⑸ when trucks, vacuum pumps and oil pumps stop working in state.

⑹ not have the truck suction hose diameter than the large material and transporting waste oil and hazardous materials.

Entering the bottom of the tank or access ⑺ turn can dump lift state, and the support rod must be safety stopper.

When ⑻ transport dirt, and the vehicle speed must be slow speed, and braking can not be a sharp turn, due to the gravity tank no higher swash plate.

Dongfeng 3000 liters sewage suction & cleaning truck

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