Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck


Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck , vehicle model: JDF5073GXFSG20/E6 water tank fire truck , modified with Dongfeng EQ1075DJ3CDF chassis. The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman's cabin and the body. The cabin is an original double row, which can take 2+3 people. for the pump room. The liquid carrier tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, elastically connected to the chassis, carrying 2350kg of water, equipped with CB10/30 low-pressure fire pump with a rated flow of 30L/S, and a PS30W vehicle fire monitor installed on the roof. The vehicle has a compact structure, complete configuration, and strong mobility. It can respond to fires in enterprises, communities or key firefighting units in a timely manner, and can form a small combat force for initial fire fighting and personnel evacuation. It can be widely used in fire rescue stations, government full-time fire brigade, enterprise full-time fire brigade, etc.

Main parameters of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck

Outside dimensions 6330×1980×2880mm
maximum total mass 7100kg
liquid carrier Water tank car water 2350kg
top speed 90km/h
Fire pump rated flow 30L/s 1.0MPa
Fire monitor rated flow 30L/s 1.0MPa
Fire cannon range ≥55m
specific power 90/7.1=12.67
Approach / departure angle 24°/13°

Main parameters of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck chassis

model EQ1075DJ3CDF
manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Engine rated power 90kw
engine capacity 2000ml
Engine Emission Standards GB17691-2018 euro VI
drive form 4×2
wheelbase 3308mm
Maximum allowable gross weight 7360kg
Minimum turning radius ≤7m
gearbox manual
power takeoff

Crew room of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck

structure Flat head, four doors, original double row
number of passengers 2+3 people
driver's position left
equipment The instrument panel of the original car is equipped with a fire operation instrument panel and a warning light control box.

1. Alarm;
2. PTO control switch and indicator light;
3. Additional power switch;





High-quality carbon steel with a thickness of 3mm ( stainless steel and PP material can be used according to user needs )


The built-in tank body is equipped with vertical and horizontal wave-proof boards, and there are manholes in the middle. The head, side plates and partitions have trapezoidal folded ribs to increase strength. The top plate is reinforced with angle iron. The water tank can withstand 0.1 MPa of still water. After the 0.1 MPa hydrostatic strength test, there is no obvious residual deformation on both sides of the tank, and the overall anti-corrosion treatment

Tank fixing

Elastic connection with chassis frame

Tank Setup

Manhole: 1 manhole with a diameter of 460mm, with a quick locking/opening device
Overflow port: 1 DN65 overflow port
Residual water outlet: set up a DN40 water tank to discharge residual water, with ball valve
Water injection port: connect 1 DN65 port on the left and right sides of the water tank
Water inlet and outlet: set 1 water tank to the water pump inlet pipe, DN100 valve, manual control, set 1 water pump to the water tank filling pipe, DN65 valve, manual control

water pump  of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck

model CB10/30-XZ type low pressure vehicle fire pump
form low pressure centrifugal
Limited Data 30L/s @1.0MPa
outlet pressure rating 1.0MPa
maximum suction depth 7m
water diversion device Piston Vacuum Pump
Diversion time Maximum suction depth≤50s

piping system of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck

Pipe material High quality seamless steel pipe
suction line There is a DN100 suction port on the back of the pump room
water injection line There is a DN65 water injection port on the left and right sides of the water tank, and a DN65 water pump is installed in the pump room to inject water into the tank
outlet pipe There is a DN80 water outlet on the left and right sides of the pump room, with a stop valve and a cover
Cooling water pipeline Cooling water line and control valve with cooling power take-off

vehicle water cannon of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck

model PS30W
manufacturer Chengdu West Fire Machinery Co., Ltd.
Rotation angle 360° horizontal rotation
Maximum pitch/depression angle Depression angle≤-15°, elevation angle≥+60°
flow 30L/S
range ≥55m

Equipment (standard) of Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck

1 straw 100×4 meters 2 root threaded


water filter FLF100 1 piece threaded


Trap FII80/65×3-1.6 1 piece Internal button


water collector JII100/65×2-1.0 1 piece Internal button


hose 13-65-20 8 plate low pressure; internal button


Reducer KJ65/80 2 piece Internal button


Hose wrap DT-SB 4 piece


Hose hook 4 piece


above ground hydrant wrench QT-DS1; length 400 1 piece


underground fire hydrant wrench Long 860 1 piece


Suction wrench FS100 2 piece


DC switch water gun QZG3.5/7.5;65 1 branch low pressure; internal button


DC Blossom Water Gun QZK3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button


fire extinguisher 3kg




fire waist axe Length 390; GF-285




rubber hammer




Rechargeable Portable Lights


Dongfeng 2.5 ton water tank fire truck


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