Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck


Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truckCleaning suction sewage truck also called multifunction joint suction sewage truck, is a clear, washing, sewage suction, dewatering, anti sewage discharge, recycling of sewage and other functions as one of the joint operation of the vehicle.Adoption of the European advanced technology, optimized and upgraded to meet the domestic and complex network environment, is currently the most advanced sewer to clear the truck.The truck power reserve rich, combined with multi-stage sewage water system optional, the high-pressure washing, and vacuum functions sewage wastewater recycling systems simultaneously, uninterrupted continuous operation.All tanks, pipes, valves, and the coupling member are made of truck stainless steel products, good corrosion resistance, so that corrosion will not occur during use, extend the life of.

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

East 18 cbm sewage suction cleaning chassis configuration:

Dongfeng special chassis before the turn of the new row of semi cab, 4350 + 1300mm wheelbase, 220 horsepower Cummins six-cylinder engine, Fast speed gearbox 8, 11.00R20 steel tire, front axle 5 tons, 10 tons after Shuangqiaoshan, air brakes, ABS, power direction, the clutch booster, electric glass.

Dongfeng18 cbmCleaning smoke pollution vehicle configurations:

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Dongfeng18 cbmSewage truck cleaning effect and suction attachments:

Suction sewage truck cleaning mop:Wuhan 4mm cleaning tank using truckbon steel, volume of about 2 cbm with water depending on installed high-pressure cleaning pump TOJET Tianjin, 21Mpa pressure, flow rate of 135L / min, washed with 60 m inner diameter of 19mm hose wire, standard ten different caliber alloy head, force of 1800N roller tube, the roller tube speed 0-25m / min, efforts to promote greater than 180N, 10-80 cm in diameter can pass water and sewer pipes.

Sewage truck suction sewage suction cleaning part:6mm Wuhan sewage suction tank using truckbon steel, a volume of about 4 cbm with dirty window view, hand washing, is attached to the spill valve, SK-6 water ring vacuum pump (optional pump) with 8 m 4 inch sewage suction wire rubber tube, with the end of the tank 100mm discharge valve, the tank with a hydraulic lifting system, hydraulic rear cover open, close, with dump function, strong emission can be pressurized.Tank body plate with spacers, to prevent deformation tank sewage suction.

Optional suction cleaning sewage truck parts:Water tanks, sewage tanks communicate suction, alarm spill, solid-liquid separator, tank corrosion, watering function.

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truckDongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Cleaning sewage suction trucks for occasions and it works:

Cleaning suction sewage truck flushing set, clear, smoke pollution, anti-handling functions, sewage suction portion which is used for various liquid, semi-liquid (such as: septic tanks, sewer, water wells, inspection wells, wells precipitated sludge and 10mm emergency pumping medium around stones), and various trench below the sludge, manure, waste water, shipping, unloading discharge purposes, but also for emergency pollution incidents.It can also be used with a cell septic tank, engineering, schools, farms and other places, suction sewage sewer work, or clean transport, refinery crude oil transport and so for a variety of mud site work.

Cleaning suction sewage truck high pressure portion main role is to clear the cleaning of sewer pipes, dead mud ditch, also be used for cleaning industrial pipe discharge, wall surface cleaning roads, cbms ground, its working principle is: by a high pressure spray nozzle to water (super-pressure, high-flow) reaction is formed in the sewer, so that the spray nozzle is moving forward duct obstruction punch pieces, a top opening, cleaning, to achieve a clear role in rational design of the vehicle structure, excellent performance, flexible and easy to operate.

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck models Photos:

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Dongfeng 18 cbm Cleaning sewage suction truck

Cleaning sewage suction trucks feature highlights:

1, powerful: dredge, suction functions pollution, clean-up, etc., a vehicle roof 3.
2, the sandwich power take: full power output, low noise, and are supplied to the engine from the chassis power take vacuum pump, a high pressure pump.Multi-point high-power PTO, power consumption is small.
3, pump: Ultimate vacuum degree: 33mbar, the maximum exhaust volume: 1400m3 / h.Maximum working speed: 1300r / min.Water ring vacuum pump, Siemens technology, domestic production.
4, the high pressure pump: Rated Pressure: 24MPa, rated flow: 212L / min, maximum speed; 1450r / min.High pressure piston pump, Sino-German joint venture.
5, sewage suction pipe: PVC wire reinforced hose with rotating boom or steel braided hose, rotating the 230 ° horizontal, -15 ° ~ + 53 ° vertical amplitude, 1.3m telescopic length.3 1.8m extension pipe for sewage suction pipe joint length.

6, a variety of nozzle matter what you select:
A, triangular head: forward and backward while injection.Completely blocked suitable conduit.
B, mushroom-shaped nozzle: a nozzle disposed at two angles, a greater thrust for grease duct.
C, the bomb-shaped nozzle: a nozzle head and the axis of 15 ° or 30 ° angle, usually using.
7, the reel water: hydraulic drive, rotating, variable speed.Attached to the back of the recovery tank, the hose may be wound dedicated storage DN25 not less than 600m.
8, dedicated hose: imported dredge sewer ND25 dedicated hose, high pressure, light weight, small friction resistance, scratch resistance and strong.Standard tube length: 20m.
9, cleaning water pipe reel: manual pull the pipes, automatic recovery, imported hand-held spray gun.For cleaning vehicle and jobsite.Hose length 15m.

10, since the row self-absorption: the rear cover can be opened and the dump tank impurities, long life, work fast, easy to transport.

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