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Dongfeng 16m aerial operating truck

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng 16m aerial operating vehicle

Dongfeng 16 meters Aerial PlatformTruck

1. The basic parameters of the vehicle:

Serial number name Model and specification
1 Vehicle brand Chengliweiaerial operating vehicle
2 Product number CLW5060JGKD5
3 Chassis model EQ1070DJ3BDF
4 Vehicle size 7400×2000×3100
5 Total mass 5775kg
6 Curb quality 5450kg
7 engine To be determined
8 Wheelbase 3308mm
9 Maximum working height 16 meters
10 Work bucket The height of the platform from the ground≥14.3m

Maximum operating range of the platform≥6.92m

Operating range at the maximum operating height of the platform≥2.26m

Operating height at the maximum operating range of the platform≥9.2m

Rated load of working bucket 200kg

Outrigger Method: H-shaped outrigger

Quantity: 4

Control: Individually adjustable or linked.

Transverse span: 2680mm

Longitudinal cross play: 3050mm

Hook The maximum lifting weight is ≤1000kg, and the safety value is 800kg.

Maximum lifting height 6.3m

Main operation Operating position: double working position operation of turntable and hanging rail.

Control mode: manual hydraulic or electronic control operation.

11 Hoarding and platform board Steel tool box and hoarding, pattern anti-skid platform
12 Boom structure Three-section folding arm
13 Slewing device Two-way 3600 continuous rotation
14 Environmental protection / exemption Yes/Yes

Dongfeng 16 m Aerial PlatformTruck
2. Introduction and performance characteristics of aerial work trucks:

1. Function introduction:

Dongfeng 16m high-altitude operating vehicle adopts a folding crank structure, the operating arm is three-section folding, the working bucket and the turntable have double working positions, up and down operation, hydraulic manual control, 360-degree rotation, four hydraulic outriggers, with 1 ton hook , The maximum load-bearing capacity of the working bucket is 200 kg, the steel tool box and hoarding, and the pattern anti-skid platform.

The main components of the vehicle are equipped with two-way hydraulic lock, two-way lock balance valve, hydraulic flow valve, hydraulic cylinder and other domestic well-known brands, with stable reversing, flexible and convenient operation; outriggers and working arms are interlocked, safe and reliable, and prevent misoperation; H-shaped outriggers have large span and good stability. The outriggers can be stretched independently and linked together. The rear outriggers are equipped with outrigger warning lights, which are used to outline the outriggers and send out light alarm signals during operation.

Dongfeng Aerial PlatformTruck

2. Product overview:

1. The working bucket adopts mechanical self-balancing design, its function is that the working bucket is always in a balanced state when working.

The maximum extension angle of the forearm is up to 65° for adjustment to the best working position. (The measurement method of forearm extension angle is different, some manufacturers mark it as 90°)

2. The upper and lower operating systems can complete various operations on the work bucket and the turntable.

3. Night work lights, operation lights can be installed on the console according to the customer’s operating environment, making night work safer.

4. The outriggers are individually adjustable, and each outrigger can be adjusted separately according to the working ground environment. Even if the ground is uneven, the whole vehicle can be adjusted to a stable state.

5. The outrigger adopts front and rear H-shaped structure, which has larger stress surface and higher stability; it can prevent the truck beam from deforming or breaking (Note: If the outrigger adopts front V and rear H-shaped models, it will be used for a long time. After the front is upside down, it is easy to cause the truck beam to deform or break).

6. The four vertical outrigger cylinders and the upper arm, lower arm, and forearm cylinders are all equipped with two-way hydraulic locks. The function is to lock the cylinders in place after reaching the required position to prevent accidents. A two-way balance valve is installed on the working arm to make the working arm run more smoothly.


3. Details of onboard accessories:

1. A manual for a truck.

2. A copy of the vehicle chassis certificate.

3. A manual for aerial work trucks.

4. Warranty for trucks.

5. Truck-mounted tools.

Dongfeng Aerial PlatformTruck

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