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Dongfeng 153 road sweeper

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng 153 road sweeper

Dongfeng 153 road sweeper

The chassis of the Dongfeng 153 road sweeper has a 190 horsepower Cummins engine, and the auxiliary engine is equipped with a Jiangling diesel engine. The whole vehicle control box of the Dongfeng 153 road sweeper is in the cab. All systems are electrically controlled and easy to operate. The four sweeping discs are combined with the suction nozzle to sweep and suck, and the sweeping and sucking ability is excellent. Both sides of the sweeper can work at the same time or work independently on one side. The sweeping device of the Dongfeng 153 road sweeper has a simple and reliable structure and is difficult to damage; the Dongfeng 153 road sweeper adopts all stainless steel trash bins and clean water tanks; the core components of the hydraulic system are imported from the original; Computerized appearance design, high side skirts, curved surface transition, overall coordination and symmetrical;
Vehicle model Dongfeng 153 road sweeper
Dimensions (mm) 7650×2480×3200 Total mass (Kg) 14490
Cargo compartment size (mm) ×× Rated load quality (Kg) 6800
Approach/departure angle 25/20 Curb weight (Kg) 7495
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1250/1900 Maximum speed (km/h) 85
Vehicle identification code LGHXEGHL××××××××× LGHXEDHL××××××××× LGHXEHHL×××××××××
Chassis Dongfeng 153 model
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement power
B190 33 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 5900 140kw 190 horsepower
Fuel type Diesel oil Emission Standards GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro III
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase 4500 Tire specifications 10.00-20
Axle load 5200/9290 Front track 1940
Number of leaf spring 8/10+8 Rear track 1860
Sweeping width m 3.3-3.5
Cleaning speed km/h 3~15
Cleaning efficiency >96%
Trash bin volume m3 5-8
Clean water tank volume m3 2-3
Fuel consumption for cleaning operation L/10000 m2 <5.5
Maximum driving speed km/h 80

Dongfeng 153 road sweeperDongfeng 153 road sweeper
Dongfeng 153 road cleaning sweeper has a variety of styles and colors for optional
Dongfeng 153 road sweeper
Dongfeng 153 road sweeper
Dongfeng 153 road sweeper
Dongfeng 153 road sweeper can be equipped with snow shovel/ snow blade


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