Dongfeng 153 dry powder water foam combined fire truck


Dongfeng 153 dry powder water foam combined fire truck

【The main technical parameters Dongfeng 153 dry powder water foam combined fire truck
product name JDF5150GXFPM60/A foam fire truck Product ID ZMT4U5DW01K
Total mass (Kg) 15300 Tank volume (m3) 5.716
Rated load mass (Kg) 5750 Dimensions (mm) 8235×2500×3450
Curb weight (Kg) 9100 Number of occupants in the cab (person) 3+3
Approach angle/Departure angle (°) 19/13 Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1440/2095
number of axes 2 Wheelbase(mm) 4500,5100,4700,5600
Axle load(Kg) 5600/9700 Maximum speed (Km/h) 90
other The total volume of the tank: 5.716 cubic meters; the liquid carrying capacity of the water tank is 4000kg; the volume of the tank: 4.0 cubic meters; the size of the tank (length × width × height): 2130 × 1450 × 1340 (mm); Class B foam tank The liquid volume is 1750kg; the tank volume: 1.716 cubic meters; the tank size (length × width × height): 915 × 1450 × 1340 (mm); the density of Class B foam liquid is 1.02g/mL; Human calculation; ABS model is ABS-E 4S/4M, the manufacturer is WABCO Automotive Control System (China) Co., Ltd.; Material material of side protection and rear lower protection device: Q235, integral structure; rear lower protection device is off the ground Height: 440mm.
【Chassis technical parameters Dongfeng 153 dry powder water foam combined fire truck】
Chassis model EQ1160GD5DJ Chassis name Truck Chassis (Class II)
brand name Dongfeng brand manufacturer Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) 8390,7560,8160,7990,7760×2500×3030 Number of tires 6
Approach angle/Departure angle (°) 21/18, 23/19, 21/18, 23/19, 21/15, 23/14 Tire specifications 10.00R20, 10.00-20, 9.00R20, 9.00-20
Number of leaf springs 9/12+10,8/10+7,8/10+8,7/9+6 Front track(mm) 1900, 1880, 1810, 1940
Fuel type diesel fuel Rear Track(mm) 1860,1800,1800,1860
Emission Standards GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(Kw)
ISB190 50 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 5900 140

Dongfeng 153 dry powder water foam combined fire truck is modified with Dongfeng special chassis, double-row four-door passenger compartment, water tank volume 2000L, foam volume 1000L, dry powder volume 1000L, Dongfeng 153 dry powder foam water combined fire truck is mainly used for dry powder fire extinguishing agent Therefore, it is suitable for extinguishing flammable and flammable liquids, flammable gases and live equipment fires. In addition, there are dry powder water combined fire trucks and dry powder foam combined fire trucks, which can also be used to extinguish general material fires.

1. Vehicle model: JDF5150GXFPM60/A foam fire truck
1. Outer size: 8235×2500×3450 mm
2. The number of occupants: 2+4
3. Volume: water tank volume 2000L, foam volume 1000L, dry powder volume 1000L
4. Water pump: flow 40L/S 1.0MPa
5. Water cannon: flow rate 40L/S 0.8MPa, range ≥55m.

2. Chassis choosen of Dongfeng 153 dry powder water foam combined fire truck
1. Chassis model: Dongfeng EQ1160GD5DJ chassis
2. Chassis manufacturer: Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.
3. Drive form: 4×2
4. Wheelbase: 4700mm
5. Engine model: ISB190 50 rated output power is 140KW or 190 horsepower
6. Displacement: 5900ml
7. Engine type: in-line four-cylinder, water-cooled, high-pressure common rail, supercharged and inter-cooled diesel engine
8. Emission standard: National V emission standard (GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005)
9. Gearbox: Mechanical manual gearbox
10. Steering system: left, hydraulic power steering, steering wheel height and angle adjustable
11. Maximum speed: 95km/h
12. Power take-off: full-power sandwich power take-off, solenoid valve control, splash lubrication, forced circulating water cooling.

3. Cab:
1. Structure: overall steel frame welded flat head cab, fixed type.
2. Layout: double row and four doors, the crew cab is connected with the cab, and the number of occupants is 2+4.
3. Structure: four-door overall flat-head double-row cab, all-steel frame welded structure, 4 6.8L air breathing apparatus fixing brackets behind the rear seats
4. Equipment: In addition to the original car equipment, it is also equipped with warning lights, siren switches, power take-off switches, side marker light switches, side lighting switches, etc.

4. Tops
(1) Tank
1. Volume: water tank volume 2000L, foam volume 1000L, dry powder volume 1000L
2. Structure:
Built-in welded structure, built-in anti-sloshing clapboard and anti-wave holes.
2 sets of manhole and manhole cover, diameter φ500 mm.
2 overflow pipes with a diameter of DN65.
2 liquid level indicators The fire hydrant water injection pipes are located in the pump room, one on the left and one on the left, and the diameter is DN65.
There are 2 sewage pipes, located at the bottom of the tank, with a diameter of DN40.
3. Material: It is welded with high-quality carbon steel material, the thickness of the side plate is 4mm, and the thickness of the bottom plate is 5mm. All the inner walls are treated with anti-corrosion, which is durable.
4. Equipment:
Manhole cover: with quick locking and opening device, opening quickly and safely.
Sewage valve: manual control (2) Equipment box
1. Structure:
The skeleton and the outer skin are welded structures, and the inner skin is a light alloy patterned aluminum plate.
According to the needs of equipment fixing, the equipment fixing frame which can be adjusted up and down is lapped up by aluminum alloy profiles.
2. Material: The skeleton and outer skin are made of high-quality carbon steel.
3. Rolling shutter door:
The material is light alloy rolling shutter door, which is light in weight and has good anti-corrosion performance.
The special structure of the rolling door ensures that the external rainwater is difficult to penetrate and the sealing performance is good.
Each equipment box is equipped with lights, which are controlled uniformly on the control panel.
4. Top: The checkered plate with anti-slip effect is adopted to ensure the safety of personnel.
(3) Pump room
1. Location: At the rear of the vehicle.
2. Structure and material: It is welded with the equipment box, and the structural material is the same as that of the equipment box.
3. Tail: Equipped with non-slip ladders and stainless steel handrails for firefighters to get up and down.
4. Top: The checkered plate with anti-slip effect is adopted to ensure the safety of personnel.

Five, fire pump and water system
1. Fire Pump Model: CB10/40 Vehicle Fire Pump Installation Location: Rear Flow and Pressure: 40L/S@1.0MPa
Water diversion time: ≤35 seconds (when 7 meters deep)
2. Fire monitor Model: PL32 water and foam fire monitor Installation location: the top of the pump chamber Flow and pressure: 32L/S Working pressure 1.0Mpa
Range: water ≥ 55m foam ≥ 45m
Rotation angle: 360°
Pitch angle; -15°~45°
3. Proportional mixer ①, model: PH48
②, manipulation: manual adjustment ③, mixing ratio: 6%
4. Power take-off ①, type: sandwich type ②, control: solenoid valve control ③, cooling method: forced adjustable water cooling.
④, Lubrication method: splash oil lubrication.
5. Fire-fighting pipeline ①, inner water inlet pipeline: 1 Φ125mm rear water inlet, enter the fire pump from the tank, install 1 Φ125mm manual butterfly valve, connect the liquid tank and the water pump, and install a filter at the water inlet end ②, external water inlet pipe Road: There is an external water inlet on the back of the pump, the diameter of which is Φ125mm, which is connected to an external suction pipe, and the pipe tooth interface (sealed by the stuffy cover); Filter ③, water outlet pipeline:
※There are 2 water outlets controlled by Φ65mm ball valve on the back side of the water pump (sealed by the stuffy cover);
※1 Φ100mm gun pipeline adopts Φ100mm flexible joint and is controlled by Φ80mm ball valve ④, water injection pipeline:
※One Φ65mm inner water injection pipeline can directly inject water into the tank through the water pump, and one Φ65mm manual ball valve is installed. Ball valve, install a residual water valve at the lowest part of the ball valve ⑥, cooling water pipeline: in order to make the power take-off cope with various complex situations during work, it is equipped with a cooling water pipeline ⑦, pipeline material: high-quality welded steel pipe, cooling The water line is a rubber hose

1. Dry Powder - Nitrogen System:
①, Dry powder tank: Quantity: 1 ②, Nitrogen cylinder group: Nitrogen cylinder Working pressure: 13MPa
③. Dry powder gun reel: Quantity: 1 set of hose diameter: ∮ 25mm hose length ≥ 30m Dry powder gun effective spray rate: 2.5kg/s Range ≥ 12m
④. Dry powder gun: Model: FP40 Quantity: 1 set Opening pressure: 1.4MPa Dry powder gun Effective injection rate: ≥40kg/s Range ≥30m Residual powder rate: 10~15% Dry powder gun rotation angle: 360°Dry powder gun elevation angle: ≥60°Dry powder gun depression angle: ≥15°

6. Electrical system
1. The top of the cab is equipped with 100W red long-row strobe warning lights and sirens, and the control panel is located in the cab.
2. Two red and blue strobe warning lights, two 5W surround lights and side and sign lights that meet national standards are installed on both sides of the vehicle
3. Each equipment box and pump room are equipped with 5W lighting.
4. The tail is equipped with sidelights, combined taillights and license plate lights that meet national standards.
5. Control system: various instruments and switches are centrally arranged on the instrument panel at the rear of the pump, , chamber, including instrument power supply, tachometer, shock-resistant pressure gauge, shock-resistant vacuum gauge, liquid level indicator, equipment box lighting switch, Pump room lighting switch, side lighting switch and water pump diversion switch, and the working principle and operation instructions of the fire water system are attached on the dashboard.

Seven, equipment and layout
1. Equipping principle
l When customers have special needs, they will be equipped according to customer needs
l When the customer has no special needs, it is equipped according to the company's corporate standards
2. Layout principles
l Reasonable layout to ensure that the space utilization rate of the equipment box reaches more than 80%
l Arrange equipment according to the order and frequency of use to ensure quick access
l Arrange equipment according to the size of the weight to ensure that the left and right loads are balanced
l Arrange equipment according to functional classification to ensure easy access
l Use special fixtures that are anti-rust, anti-vibration, anti-dropping and anti-scratch to fix the equipment

Eight, vehicle painting
l The exterior of the fire truck is sprayed with R03 red;
l The fire pump outlet pipe is sprayed with R03 red;
l The water inlet pipeline of the fire pump, the water delivery pipeline from the water tank to the fire pump and the manhole cover of the water tank are sprayed with G05 dark green;
l The rear fender and rear bumper are painted white.

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