Dongfeng 12m aerial operating truck


Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng 12m aerial operating vehicle

Dongfeng 12m aerial operating truck
product name Dongfeng 12m aerial operating truck
Vehicle model CLW5041JGKD5
Dimensions 5998,5490×2000×2950
Wheelbase 3308,2800
Working height 12 meters
Operating radius 3.5 meters
Rotation amplitude 360 degrees
Rated load 200KG
Lifting quality 1000KG
Chassis model Dongfeng Dolica/Furica/Capte
engine model Dongfeng light engine 102 horsepower
Tire specifications 700-16, 7.00R16
Emission Standards Euro five

Dongfeng 12m aerial operating truck
Highlight configuration

Chassis highlights:
★Dongfeng Duolika high-quality truck go chassis is selected, and the integrated design of the whole vehicle saves 10% fuel than similar products
★Beautiful and atmospheric appearance, all-metal enclosed double-row cab, panoramic curved windshield, quasi 2+3 passengers
★Riveting through the beams with equal cross-section and equal width, large-tonnage one-piece cast rear axle, equipped with larger tires, more guaranteed truck go capacity
★Dongfeng light 102 horsepower economical engine, economy, low emission, compact structure, small size, light weight, core components adopt inter Euro leading CAE analysis technology, safe, reliable and durable! The use of high-torque geared motors and high-efficiency glow plugs makes it easier to start in low-temperature environments!
★The cab adopts Baosteel or Wuhan Iron and Steel's special cold-rolled steel plate for automobiles, with strong impact resistance
★Good quality, fewer failures, the best warranty mileage and maximum warranty range in the industry, and low maintenance costs
★1050 Dongfeng service stations are spread all over the Euro , providing 24/7 service, making maintenance more convenient

Top highlights:
★The upper body uses the classic folding arm design, the working arm is a two-section arm, and the working height is 12 meters
★Using the main control valve imported from Germany Hawe and the balance valve imported from Denmark, the reversing is stable, the operation is flexible and convenient, the hydraulic system realizes the interlocking on and off the vehicle, supports overload protection, and the oil cylinder is safe and self-locking
★Double station operation of turntable and working bucket, convenient and quick
★360-degree rotating base, no dead angles for high-altitude operations
★The outrigger is interlocked with the working arm, which is safe and reliable to prevent misoperation
★Using H-shaped outrigger structure, with large span and good stability, the outriggers can be stretched independently and linked together, which is convenient and safe.
★The rear outrigger is equipped with a warning light, which can effectively warn the passing pedestrians and vehicles when it is turned on during operation to ensure the safety of the operation
★The working bucket is automatically leveled, and the external tie rod is forced to balance, which is safe and stable
●Optional automatic protection system to prevent misoperation
●Optional emergency power source, ignition and flameout devices

●Optional electronic control system with electro-hydraulic proportional speed regulation, stepless speed regulation, stable operation/electric control system optional ground wireless remote control operating system

Dongfeng 12m aerial operating truck

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