Dongfeng 10 wheels fire sprinkler truck


Overview: Dongfeng 10 wheels fire sprinkler truck is also called Dongfeng rear double bridge fire sprinkler and Dongfeng rear eight - wheel forest fire truck. 2 to 3 people, the tank volume is 15 to 20 cubic meters .

Dongfeng 10 wheels fire sprinkler truck is a dual-purpose vehicle that integrates fire protection and sprinkler functions. Water cannon with fire interface. The fire sprinkler has all the functions of a fire truck and a sprinkler. It is equipped with a special fire pump for the fire truck. The range and pressure can reach the same level as the fire truck. Vehicles for fire fighting, mine dust suppression, residential area fire fighting, power plant fire fighting and other departments.

There is a fire monitor installed on the top of the tank body of the Dongfeng 10 wheels fire sprinkler truck , which can be used for fire fighting and water spraying in the green belt. The fire monitor has a range of ≥50m. A small amount of equipment can also be placed for protection operations.

Optional: front flushing and rear spraying function, optional tank body with a working platform behind, you can choose to put the fire pump in the tank body, Dongfeng rear eight-wheel fire sprinkler truck without equipment box.

Chassis model EQ1251/EQ1258 engine model Optional Cummins 210, Yuchai 240 horsepower engine
Tire specifications 10.00-20 wheelbase 4350+1300mm
Emission Standards National Three, National Four, National Five Dimensions 10260X2500X3490mm
Environmental Notice without Tank volume 15 tons-20 tons
power takeoff Sandwich PTO equipment compartment Three door structure
fire pump CB10/40 fire monitor PS40
Self-priming height ≤ 7m range ≥ 60m

Functions superior to fire trucks : Because there is no fire truck equipment box, the tank volume is larger than that of fire trucks, and the chassis height and vehicle width are more suitable for road conditions in mountains, towns, and villages, which are favorable for forest fire fighting, township and rural fire fighting. fire fighting tools.

Dongfeng 10 wheels fire sprinkler truckDongfeng 10 wheels fire sprinkler truck

The difference between fire sprinkler and fire truck :

1. Appearance : The fire truck is a square tank with a steel frame. According to functional needs, multiple clear storage compartments and aluminum alloy rolling doors are allocated. The fire sprinkler is a square-shaped tank with a pump room and equipment compartment at the rear.

2. Configuration : Fire trucks are equipped with fire-fighting equipment (19 items of fire-fighting hoses, fire-fighting axes, etc.) in accordance with national standards. Fire sprinkler fire equipment is optional (water absorption hose and special wrench are standard).

3. Function : The fire truck can only fire extinguishing and water supply. Compared with fire trucks with similar chassis, the fire sprinkler has a larger tank body, the same range of fire cannons, and has all the functions of the sprinkler (equipped with front flush and rear sprinkler functions).

4. Purpose : The fire truck can only be used for fire fighting and emergency water supply. The fire sprinkler can be used for fire fighting, greening sprinkler, mine dust reduction, emergency water supply, spraying and insecticide, and realizes multiple functions in one vehicle.

5. Price : The fire truck is a standard fire truck. Compared with the fire sprinkler truck of the same tonnage, the price has doubled.

6. Scope of application : The fire truck is a standard special fire truck, mainly equipped with fire brigade and full-time fire brigade of large enterprises.

The fire sprinkler is a multi-purpose vehicle, mainly equipped with: enterprise fire fighting, township fire fighting, community fire fighting, large markets, docks, highways, forest fire fighting, etc.

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