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Dongfeng 10 tons fire sprinkler

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng 10 ton fire sprinkler

DF 10 tons fire sprinkler fire pump is installed in a dedicated fire sprinkler on the basis of general, fire monitor, sandwich power take off. There is a working platform at the rear of the tank, and a green sprinkler can be installed on the platform. The sprinkler can be rotated in all directions, with front flush and back spray, with side spray, which can be continuously adjusted to direct current, fog, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, and safety guardrail . A fire water monitor is installed on the top of the tank, and the fire monitor has a range of 55-60 meters. With fire-fighting interface, water can be fed through a fire hydrant and self-flow valve.

The effective volume of the Dongfeng 10-ton fire sprinkler tank body: 9.45 cubic meters, the overall dimensions of the oval tank body (mm) long × long axis × short axis: 5100 × 2130 × 1300. It is made into a fire sprinkler because the front of the tank is empty 1.1 Meters to install the fire pump, so the actual volume of the tank is: 4000×2130×1300×3014÷4=8.6 cubic meters.

Product trademark Chengliwei brand
Vehicle name Sprinkler
Vehicle model CLW5160GSSE3
Engine model B170 33
Engine manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Engine displacement 5900
Engine power 125
Dimensions (length/width/height) 8250×2480×3050
Total mass (Kg) 15600
Curb weight (kg) 6405
Rated load (kg) 9000
Front passenger (person) 3
Wheelbase (mm) 4700
Axle load 5700/9900
Number of axes 2
Number of springs 9/10+8
Number of tires 6
Tire specification 9.00-20
Maximum speed 80
Chassis model EQ5160GKJ
Emission Standard Euro Three (EGR)

Dongfeng 10-ton fire sprinkler, also known as fire sprinkler, sprinkler, forest fire sprinkler, school fire sprinkler, airport fire sprinkler. It is a dual-purpose vehicle that integrates a fire truck and a sprinkler. It is between the fire truck and the sprinkler. It has the integrated purpose of fire fighting and sprinkling. Compared with the fire truck, although it lacks the equipment box, it has the range of the fire truck. Same, with the same fire protection function. Compared with the sprinkler, it inherits all the functions of the sprinkler, and also compensates for the small range and low pressure of the sprinkler. In addition to being equipped with fire-fighting water pumps and equipment, fire-fighting sprinklers are also equipped with larger capacity water storage tanks, water guns, and water cannons. Water and firefighters can be transported to the fire scene to fight the fire independently. It can also draw water from a water source for direct fire fighting, or supply water to other fire trucks and fire-extinguishing spray devices.

I also can be modified according to the needs of users with Truck crane sprinkler, suction truck with a sprinkler, sprinkler and other aerial work with a variety of special models. Before you buy, communicate clearly with our salesperson: +86 18872992009(Wechat&Whatsapp) +86 722 7113456 , we will design and customize products that you are satisfied with according to your needs.

Dongfeng 10-ton fire-fighting sprinkler is suitable for landscaping, road sprinkling, firefighting, mine dust suppression, residential area firefighting, power plant firefighting, and can also be used as water supply and water delivery vehicles in water shortage areas. It is suitable for fighting general fires and is a public security firefighting Fire-fighting vehicles standing by fire brigades, schools, forest fire departments, airports, factories, and mining areas.

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