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Dongfeng 10 m aerial work platforms

Ladder truck configuration:

  • D9 altitude wind ladder truck (38-45 m) is the wind D9 half row chassis with power, air conditioning, reverse image, imports hydraulic legs, imported aluminum bucket, hydraulic inlet radiator 100 meters wireless remote control (German system ),
  • Remote control function:
  • 1: Control vertical hopper,
  • 2: remote ladder angle,
  • 3: remote ladder rotation,
  • 4: remote telescopic ladder can accelerate, decelerate, Korea latest technology arm ladder ladder arm, the arm using special aluminum ladder, a separation pattern, with end pulley.

D9 altitude wind ladder truck (38-45 m) panorama

product description:

(1), using the original ladder arm ladder Korean arm, key components such as: a hydraulic rotary motor, a brake, hydraulic lock, multi-valve, balancing group, reducer are imported original monolith Korea.

(2), hydraulic telescopic leg, the vehicle with four hydraulic horizontal scaling, vertical telescopic leg, a total of eight hydraulic cylinders.H-hydraulic legs, two horizontal leg sections large span, to ensure the stability of the ladder arms can be operated simultaneously or individually.

(3), a wireless remote control, may be within 100 meters of remote operation, easy to observe the work space, safety and reliability.Remote, manual dual mode operation, greatly improving work efficiency.For workers exposed to it, no longer have to worry about the job under the sun, more convenient work.

(4) High sensitivity of the photoelectric switch used with wireless remote control, to ensure the accuracy of the ladder arms, according to the actual situation of operation, the flexibility to adjust the stroke of the elevator arm, ensure the stability of operation.

(5), horizontal scaling increases the towline tubing, tubing and ensure a smooth stretch life.

(6), self-unloading hopper, made improvements on the original design to ensure the flexibility of portable products, but also to maintain the original truckgo weight, increase the service life of the ladder arm.Self-unloading hopper size: 1160x900After x370mm, mainly for the vertical conveying of the sand stone, from the discharge hopper installed below after feeding, to a set position with the remote control, automatic unloading, convenient and save time and effort.

(7), a radiator, a heat sink is mainly used for the hydraulic tank to the hydraulic oil cooling, when the truck for a long time in a working state, the hydraulic oil tank will gradually increase, when the oil temperature rises to 40 ° C when radiator will automatically open.

(8), 220V power supply lorry (optional), can be connected to an electric power supply 220V attendant work tool at the job site, facilitate the work .

  • D9 altitude wind ladder truck (38-45 m) of n-side view
  • Features:38 m ladder truck Korean original ladder arm, the arm is telescopic section 7, and remote control operation of the electric double turret work stations, may be plus or minus 120 degree rotation, four hydraulic legs, the maximum working load 400 kg bucket, non-slip walking pattern Platen.Vehicle formulated bidirectional hydraulic lock, with lock bidirectional balance valve, the flow valve, the engine start and stop, emergency pump, operating system, and other major components are imported.For the smooth, flexible and easy to operate; leg and arm work interlock, safe and reliable, to prevent misuse; H / H type leg span, good stability, telescopic legs can be used independently, but also interlocking ladder reported flash arm equipped, for illustrating the job profile, emits light alarm signal.
    • D9 altitude wind ladder truck (38-45 meters) FIG tail
    • Dongfeng D9 aerial ladder truck (38-45 meters)The ladder arms ready to import from Korea, because Korea’s move earlier service development, already has a very high quality service and sophisticated technology ladder.The biggest advantage is that stable quality imported brands, experience, technical clearance.Combined with domestic usage were properly adjusted and optimized to make it more suitable for China’s Euro conditions.Moving truck ladder ladder single load can be up to 400 kg, working height of 28 meters, 30 meters, 38 meters, 45 meters range.Leasing can be used for engineering, curtain wall construction, solar roof, roof waterproofing operations, advertising artillery, electrical maintenance, installation of air conditioning outdoor unit, ship maintenance, moving companies, cement sand transport, road and bridge repair and other functions. small license, C driver’s license, no special operating license.Non-commercial vehicles, long-term use.

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