Dongfeng 10-11 ton sprinkler


Dongfeng 10-ton sprinkler adopts Dongfeng Yuhu chassis, white row semi-turnable cab, Yuchai 160 horsepower Euro VI engine, Jiangkai 5-speed with auxiliary gearbox, wheelbase 3950mm, 9-ton rear axle, 9.00R20 original factory Steel wire tire, original abs, with direction boost, clutch booster, air brake

Dongfeng 10-11 ton sprinkler picture

Dongfeng 10-11 ton sprinkler

Dongfeng 10-11 ton sprinkler

Dongfeng 10-11 ton sprinkler

Dongfeng 10-11 ton sprinkler Dongfeng 11 ton sprinkler top-mounted configuration

Dongfeng Yuhu's 11-ton sprinkler tank body adopts machine pressing plate one-time forming technology, adopts advanced edge rolling machine, and tank body wrapping machine technology to ensure the precision and beauty of the tank body production. Euro unique baking paint process, anti-corrosion and rust removal, multi-layer primer and top coat spraying. Complete functions, such as irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spray dust suppression, antiaircraft gun injection, etc., use high-quality water pumps, rationally design water pipelines, air-controlled power take-offs, and strong operation capabilities; enlarged tank design can be used as 11.5 cubic meters water, Improve the efficiency of the vehicle.

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Comprehensive evaluation of Dongfeng Yuhu 11.5 ton sprinkler

Environmental issues have always been the most concerned issues of the public, ranging from air pollution and global warming to clean roads, landscaping, and environmental protection. Today, I would like to introduce a new friend-Dongfeng Yuhuguo 6 11.5-ton sprinkler. It is a vehicle used to wash roads, irrigate trees, and dust and sprinkle various construction projects to beautify the environment.

The front of the Dongfeng 11-ton sprinkler uses black and white classic colors, which is quite the style of Dongfeng’s high-end chassis Dongfeng Tianjin and Tianlong series; the front face is equipped with a diffuser to properly modify the front face contour; the black air intake grille opening is relatively small. Large, convenient for air intake when the engine is working; segmented front face, novel headlight design, with white, yellow, and purple matching, the lower part of the protective fence is black painted, solid and firm, and has strong anti-collision ability.

The effective volume of the Dongfeng 11-ton sprinkler tank body is up to 11.5 cubic meters meters. The 5mm-thick WISCO plate is used for one-time coil forming, which reduces welding spots and enhances transportation capacity. It is suitable for operation in construction sites, gardens, factories, and municipal sanitation. There are rectangular grooves on both sides of the tank, which are of moderate size and width. They are mainly used to store the pumping pipes. There are also 2 locks when shipped with the car. Remember to lock the water pipes after putting them in to prevent loss of tools. The rear working platform is fully equipped. The sprinkler is located above the guardrail of the working platform. It is made of aluminum alloy. The columnar or misty water flow can be adjusted by the rotation of the head part. The range can reach 30-35 meters; there is also an additional one on the platform. Fire-fighting valve, used to adjust the water flow, play the role of diversion, diversion and overflow; the rear sprinkler is equipped with a manual control valve, which can efficiently perform sprinkling operations; the Y-type bracket can be used to hold the head of the high-pressure water monitor , It is convenient to determine the direction of sprinkling operation and assist in sprinkling; there is a ladder device at the rear of the tank body, and the top of the tank body is opened with a manual inlet, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance of the tank body. In the chassis structure, equipped with Yuchai 160 horsepower engine, the power configuration is not inferior to competing products; the addition of mudguards can ensure that the body is clean even when driving on rainy or muddy roads; the original factory comes standard with a large-capacity extended fuel tank , Even if you drive long distances, you don’t need to worry about insufficient fuel. The red and white protective fence is very eye-catching, which can protect the facilities on the chassis. The standard Fengshen 9.00-20 nylon tires are suitable for walking on general roads.

Dongfeng 11-ton sprinkler is a sprinkler that is widely used in landscaping and municipal sanitation. It is a greening messenger of nature, and even a greening messenger of urban roads! I believe that after being put into practical use, it will green the environment We will continue to build our beautiful home!

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