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DLK D6 Dongfeng suction sewage truck

Suction truck Function: Vacuum suction truck configurations: a dedicated portion of the power take off shaft, the vacuum suction pump manure, moisture separators, oil separator, multi-valve, boom, fecal tank, put manure valve, fecal suction gun, the solution tank, depending on the dung windows, vacuum gauge, a network of pipes consisting of.The product is suction truck for sucking manure, sewage, sludge, and pulp mixed with small debris suspended liquid having a high pumping efficiency, self-absorption, self-discharge and direct irrigation, etc., widely used in large, and small towns sanitation, municipal, agricultural, chemical, industrial enterprises, recbmntial property use, vacuum suction pump manure can self-absorption since the row.Suction truck mainly for urban and rural sanitation sector suction and delivery of manure and other waste water.Suitable for pumping manure, sewage, sludge and slurry mixed with small debris suspended in the liquid, used in municipal sanitation, small medium and large industrial and mining enterprises, communities, schools, transport septic tank cleaning, pipe cleaning dredge the city, marsh plant liquid digestate clean-up.

DLK D6 Dongfeng suction sewage truck

chassis configuration: D6 wind DLK original chassis, the cab before the turn may be a single row, the whole Euro five 115 horsepower diesel diesel engine with a supercharger, five-speed gearbox, 3308 wheelbase with the direction of power, the clutch booster, steam brake brake , breathe brake, ABS, 7.00R16 steel tires, brakes automatically adjust arm headlight adjusting distance, reflective vests, triangular wedge, Wuhan Q235 high-quality truckbon steel plate production, depending on the dung with windows, a gravity port (DN100 ball), hand washing, the anti-flooding, send a transparent fecal suction pipe, a vacuum pump, with a water separator, a boom base (360 degree rotation), the rest of the factory standard.

Dongfeng DLK high pressure cleaning sewage suction trucksWhich tank 1.8m, sewage tank 3.8m, sewage suction tank 5-6mm thick high-quality steel plate, the thickness of the tank body 4mm, Germany products floating high pressure pump (16Mpa) or Tianjin TOJET (24Mpa), Yifeng vacuum pump, oil water separator, anti overflow valve, hand washing, multi-valve, vacuum gauge, or 7 meters depending on the dung window view soil pipe.

Vehicle body of 6cm thick high-truckbon steel plate, the inner tank compartment is provided with two welded sheet of corrugated board, and reduce the fluctuation of the impact of the liquid incbm the tank, and improve driving stability suction sewage truck.Gravity tank wall is also provided with outlet for pumping sewage sludge, clear fishing, handling.After the tank can be opened, the top of the dump-bis.Artesian Koujin next Guankou at the vehicle using a large-caliber tank port, loading and unloading easy, faster and more thorough.Measured vehicle jar thickness 6cm, with a thickness of 3cm Guankou.After the tank door and the tank material as truckbon steel plate, a one-time press molding.Opening the inner cover is provided with gravity, 100cm diameter of the two-way ball valve to connect the inner and outer gravity gravity port opening.After sealing the glaze tank door small white paint, the color of the vehicle and each other.Vehicle means has a total of two three-way ball valve, a two-way ball valve 100cm diameter rear cover, the body cbm are provided with a diameter of 60cm and 100cm diameter two-way ball valve, sealing the glaze small paint, the color into the tank is one.Vehicle door hydraulic cylinder is one of a hydraulic control system, light weight, good dynamic performance, low noise, can automatically open the rear cover sewage disposal.All elements of the hydraulic ports installed sealing plugs, to prevent dirt intrusion.Dump hydraulic cylinder is also one of the vehicle hydraulic control system.High pressure hydraulic galvanized steel, hardness Haonai pressure, corrosion and rust, durable and beautiful, imported hydraulic cylinder is rigidly connected to the bite type head, and greatly reduced oil leakage phenomenon interfaces oil, synchronized with the life jacket.

DLK D6 Dongfeng suction sewage truck

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DLK D6 Dongfeng suction sewage truck

Provide for the procedure: chassis certification, vehicle certification, vehicle conformity certificate, VAT invoices on the truckd, the vehicle shall be exempt from vehicle purchase tax.

To suction truck can work continuously (running), must continuously, not only supplied to the engine fueling, air supply, but also that they are properly mixed, but also over the combustion exhaust gas can be discharged smoothly.To do this, need to be stored in a fuel tank, the fuel tank into the engine, pumps and pipes must have.In order to prevent fuel contamination, the filter needs to be filtered.Air outcbm air containing dust, into the engine’s air filter needs to be filtered.How to clean the air and fuel preparation needed, you need not be a part of a de broken down, that is, suction truck truckburetor

Suction truck vacuum pump to work we must first understand how it works, works the more important to concbmr the source of power and stability.The pump power from the engine to the chassis.The engine through a gearbox, power take off shaft is transmitted to the vacuum pump.Tank vacuum seal out air when suction sewage work, so that a negative pressure, atmospheric pressure using external tank by suction of dirt into the sewage pipe pressure tank.A vacuum pump outcbm the tank when the atmospheric pressure into the sewage tank, the dirt discharge by air pressure outcbm the tank (vacuum pump continuous working time is generally less than 30 minutes).

Sequence gas flow path for the stream: the vacuum tank with a certain air intake humidity moisture separator when sewage suction, back into the tank where the water is separated, the gas along the conduit through the four-way valve into the vacuum pump intake port.The lubricating oil in the pump discharge and the mixing chamber from the compressed air outlet, in particular, the resulting mixture was seperated on a strainer, pump the separated oil flows back.Still further mixed gas separated by the oil separator and then into the four-way valve into the atmosphere.The four-way valve can be manually operated to change the direction of airflow, suction freely.

Suction sewage tank with high 5-6mm thick truckbon steel plate, the thickness of the tank body 4mm, Germany products floating high pressure pump (16Mpa) or Tianjin TOJET (24Mpa), Yifeng vacuum pump, oil water separator spill valve , hand washing, multi-valve, vacuum gauge, depending on the dung window or view soil pipe, the rear body 100 to the outlet valve, fecal suction tube 7 m.

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