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Fire trucks are vehicles specially used for fire fighting or other emergency rescue purposes. The fire trucks currently produced by Hubei Chengli are mainly water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks and dry powder fire trucks; the main brands are: Dongfeng Xiaobawang 2 ton fire truck, Dongfeng 140 pointed fire truck, Qingling 2 ton water tank Fire truck, Qingling 8 ton fire truck, Qingling Isuzu 12-15 ton fire truck, Dongfeng 145/153 Feuerwehrauto, Dongfeng Tianjin fire truck, Sinotruk Steyr, Howo 8-15 ton fire truck.

China Fire Fighting Trucks sales directly from factory, like Dongfeng Fire Fighting Truck, Isuzu Fire Fighting Truck, Howo Fire Fighting Truck, Shacman Fire Fighting Truck

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