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Dongfeng Furuika high-altitude operation truck mounted crane (blaue Karte)

Real shot pictures of Dongfeng Furuicar’s high-altitude operation truck Kran (blaue Karte)

Dongfeng Furuika high-altitude operation truck mounted crane (blaue Karte) Aufbau

Dongfeng Furuika light truck chassis, Yunnei 130 PS-Motor, Wanliyang 8-speed gearbox, 750 Reifen, Lenkhilfe, Abs, Klimaanlage, etc., Dongfeng company warranty for one year or 30,000 Kilometer. Cranes can be installed: XCMG, Shimei, Sany, Haoyi and other brands, and can be installed with a maximum of 4 tons of cranes. The maximum cargo box length is 3.3 Meter. Gleichzeitig, the car can also be equipped with remote control operation, and the staff standing in the gondola can carry out operations such as hoisting and rotating by remote control. If you are an electric power repair and Werbung installation company, you can go out to work with only one person, which greatly saves labor costs.

Dongfeng Blue brand high-altitude operation truck-mounted crane is equipped with XCMG 3.2-ton three-section straight-arm crane, die drehen kann 360 degrees and is operated downward. The full boom is 7.56 Meter lang, and the lifting height is 9.5 Meter. The horizontal lifting parameters are: Die Auslegerlänge beträgt 7.56 Meter, Heben 0.5 Tonnen, 3.36 Meter, 1.8 Tonnen, und 2.1 Meter, 3.2 Tonnen. The high-altitude gondola has a maximum bearing capacity of 250kg and can only carry the weight of two adults.
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